Zipper Mobile

Zipper is a mobile platform that is designed to simplify blockchain-based operations for smartphone users. This idea is borrowed from the Sharmir`s Secret Sharing; whereby, you turn your smartphone into a blockchain powerhouse. Your smartphone serves as a wallet where you can confirm different blockchain based transactions easily. Every transaction that you make reflects on Zipper and you can access it by simply logging to your phone. The company aims at safeguarding and enhancing the use of cryptocurrencies and dapps for daily smartphone users.

The ICO Team

Antti Saarnio


Besides Zipper, he is currently is the chairman of the board at Jolla, Finno Group and Managing Partner in East Partners Oϋ. Previously, he has worked with Macring Group and Partner. He graduated from the Lappeenranta University of Technology, majoring in Industrial Engineering and Management, and has a doctoral degree in Tech., Strategic Investment.

Carsten Munk

CTO & Co-founder

Has been instrumental in helping Linux and, Jolla and NOKIA develop their projects. He is the team leader of the ICO. Computer science graduate with a Masters degree.

Pasi Rusila

COO & Co-founder

Has worked as Business Development Manager, and later as the Head Products and Business Development in Jolla. Rusila has been a research assistant in the Lappeenranta University of Technology for Industrial Management.

Antti Enqvist


Has been the CLO in Jolla, worked at Legal Counsel (in the Netherlands, Finland, and the UK), and as a Contract Specialist at Noika. Enqvist has master’s degrees in Law and Science, Information Technology from University of Helsinki and University of Jyväskylä, respectively.

Tom Swindell


Has worked as a software engineer at Jolla, Basyskom GmbH, and Tyco Integrated Systems. Swindell has a good experience in middleware, hardware adaptations, VolP, C++ etc.


Capitalization Potential


Business model

Market Research

Compatible Wallets & Exchanges

Scam check

Coin Supply/Purpose

Potential/Use Cases

Rules, Laws, Tax & Regulations


The information will be announced after the final launch, due to legal restrictions.

The goal of the company is to ship the device around the world; however, they might be some restrictions, which will be clarified in the near future.

The founders of the company provide their LinkedIn pages and are even ready to hang out with people in Hong Kong who have some kind of doubts or questions.