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ZenMate VPN for FireStick

Internet users who love streaming videos, TV shows, music, and other content are often worried about their online security and privacy. It’s long been known that third parties can and do observe the web activities of people who browse the internet.

Thanks to virtual private networks, people can browse the internet safely.

What is ZenMate?

ZenMate is one of the leading VPNs in the market today. The German-based VPN boasts highly secure encryption and robust protocols, guaranteeing that your information is protected from prying eyes when streaming content from platforms such as the Amazon FireStick.

The FireStick is a USB-like device that connects to HDTVs, allowing users to access a vast selection of movies and TV shows.  With a reliable VPN like ZenMate, FireStick users can enjoy the platform safely from a wide variety of locations.

Should you use ZenMate for FireStick?

For most users of FireStick, speed, privacy and safety are essential. Any VPN that is used with the platform, therefore, needs to meet these requirements, among others. The four top reasons many internet browsers choose to use FireStick with ZenMatewhen streaming content through the platform include:

Safety and Privacy

To ensure users stay safe, ZenMate implements IKEv2 and IPsec protocols for Mac devices. These protocols are some of the safest and fastest at the moment.

Windows devices can access the two protocols as well but have an added option of L2TP/IPSec. Subscribers to the premium plan can upgrade to the OpenVPN tunneling protocol which is maintained by the cybersecurity community.

Download speed

All VPNs inevitably slow down internet speed, even if it’s by a little bit. That said, ZenMate’s speed is well within the acceptable levels. Download speeds, in particular, are rather strong, reaching well over 60Mbps in EU and over 57Mbps in the US.

Server location and numbers

At the moment ZenMate has over 298 servers that are located in 31 countries. This is a massive improvement as, just recently, their servers were less than 100. The VPN easily bypasses censorship, which is a big plus for users in places with strict restrictions on internet use.

User interface + compatibility

One of the things you’ll love when using ZenMate for FireStick is the VPNs super easy user interface. All their protocols are incredibly simple to install.

ZenMate FireStick important features

There are several specific benefits that users of ZenMate VPN FireStick stand to enjoy. The VPN comes with a built-in kill switch, which provides an added layer of security.

The kill switch promptly ends your browser session the moment your signal is weak, preventing information leaks from your browser. Users also stand to enjoy unlimited P2P torrenting in the ZenMate’s servers, which is notable considering that some VPN companies have recently started banning P2P torrenting.

When it comes to viruses, ZenMate FireStick users have no reason to worry as the VPN is entirely clean of any viruses. It is noteworthy that ZenMate works across different web browsers, mobile platforms, and desktop computers.

ZenMate FireStick Servers

Users of the VPN are guaranteed two ZenMate FireStick Servers located in the UK and the US. Of course, it would be nice if ZenMate allowed access to FireStick on more servers, but on the plus side, FireStick ZenMate VPN users are guaranteed high-connection speeds in the locations they are available. People can thus access content on FireStick on these locations without any limitations.

FireStick with ZenMate – prices and plans

Users of the ZenMate Premium plan stand to enjoy higher speeds when streaming content. The plan also allows one to access all the servers in the full set of locations the VPN is available in.  The monthly plan for premium subscribers is available for $5.99, while those who subscribe for the 6-month plan need to pay $5.49.

The yearly plan, on the other hand, is available for $4.16. There’s also a 14-day risk-free refund policy to allow users to test ZenMate and see whether it suits their needs. Those who wish to make payment can do so using their credit card and PayPal.

So, should you use ZenMate for FireStick?

FireStick opens up an entire world of entertainment for people who love movies, TV shows, music, and other content. However, to enjoy the platform to the fullest, one needs a reliable VPN. First of all, there are stringent geo-restrictions that exist in some countries that would bar one’s access to content on FireStick.

ZenMate easily unlocks servers in the countries it covers, allowing users unrestricted access to the content they want. Moreover, ZenMate is one of the most secure VPNs in the market, which is an essential feature if you are keen on protecting your sensitive information from third parties.

Finally, the VPN’s impressive download speeds, coupled with its user-friendly interface; make ZenMate the VPN of choice for FireStick users.

So what are your thoughts about using ZenMate with FireStick?  Head to the comments section of our website to let us know, as you look forward to reading more great such like content.

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