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ZenMate Free Trial Review

Zenmate is a highly popular VPN service that offers anonymous access atop a blazing fast connection while trespassing all location-based restrictions. ZenMate makes use of advanced encryption protocols and masks users’ IP addresses, resulting in total privacy and anonymity.

This VPN service offers 30+ server locations spread all across the globe including countries in America, Australia, Europe, and a few in Asia.

Fortunately enough, ZenMate offers a free 7 days trial version allowing you to enjoy all the premium features for free after verification.

ZenMate Free Trial: Overview – is it worth your time?

The ZenMate free VPN trial is definitely worth your time considering the fact that you get to enjoy all the premium features for 7 days. These premium features include:

  • WebRTC protection: This is the prime feature of ZenMate VPN which masks your IP address thus preventing any leaks.
  • AlwaysOn toggle: This toggle feature will keep your VPN connection turned on, for as long as you are connected to the internet.
  • Encryption: Just like the free version, the free trial ZenMate will also make use of a military-grade TLS encryption to protect your user activity from getting spied on.
  • Smart Location: This option allows users to customize the connection to your favorite websites by switching your locations based on your user activity.
  • NATFirewall: NATFirewall is an advanced feature that provides protection from getting your system scanned by hackers.
  • Tracking protection: The tracking protection is an otherwise paid feature that can be found in the ZenMate trial free. It prevents third parties from trailing and collecting your user information.

Do note that since it is a trial version, it will only be available for use once. After your trial period has elapsed, you will lose all access to the premium features. In case you wish to continue enjoying the VPN without any limitations, you will have to pay for a premium subscription.

ZenMate Free Trial vs. paid subscription

Technically, there is no difference in features between the ZenMate free trial and the paid subscription. This is because the free trial version comes tagged with similar attributes as the premium plan itself. These also include exclusive premium features such as tracking protection and NATfirewall.

As far as the server amount, speed, supported apps, and server locations go, there is no difference between the paid subscription and the trial version. All in all, the free trial version is identical to the paid plan in terms of both performance and features.

How to get ZenMate free trial

  1. First, go for a ZenMate free trial download.
  2. Sign up for an account on the website.
  3. Once done, you will receive a verification link in your email inbox. This verification will make you eligible for a 7-days free trial without the need for billing information.
  4. After clicking on the verification link, you will be prompted to a confirmation page that will begin your free 7 days trial.
  5. After an elapse of 7 days, your account will lose the premium trial status and will only remain eligible for free limited use until you a buy a premium package.
  6. To continue using either of Zenmate premium subscriptions (ZenMate Premium or Ultimate), you will have to provide your billing information and purchase either of the two subscriptions.


The ZenMate free trial boasts all the features that the premium plans offer without any differences in performance, hence certainly worth your time. The 7 days free trial is especially helpful for those who want to test the service out before paying for it. However, the trial period is quite short, i.e., 7 days. After the trial period ends, your account will remain eligible for free limited use only. Unless of course, you choose to buy the premium plan which is definitely worth the money.

We are glad to have provided you with all the information regarding the ZenMate free VPN that you were looking for. In order to read more about VPNs, feel free to check out the other sections of our website.

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