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WindScribe For Torrenting – is it Safe?

Torrenting has grown into a sharing beast over the past couple of years. It is based on P2P technology. Internet users use it to download media files containing images, movies, applications, games, audios, and videos.  But despite its popularity, some people have gotten into trouble for using it.

Here is the thing: torrenting is not illegal. What makes it illegal is downloading copyrighted material and accessing illegal sites. Those who have learned to differentiate copyrighted material from free material may never have a problem with the law. But for the newbies, the copyright infringement consequences are dire.

And unfortunately, governments and ISP providers are constantly monitoring these P2P networks and using IP addresses to track down individuals. But here is the good news. You can save yourself the trouble by torrenting anonymously. VPNs are the best tools to offer you protection and anonymity. And while there is a sea of VPNs available, WindScribe is popular courtesy of its free plan. But besides this, WindScribe has a lot more to offer.

In this piece, we’ll review WindScribe for torrenting and help you determine whether it’s worth it or not. Let’s get started.

Should you use WindScribe for Torrenting?

It’s important to note that not all VPNs support torrenting. As such, you need to exercise caution when choosing a VPN service. At the top of the list of factors to consider are privacy, download speeds, and security.

So based on these factors, is WindScribe good for torrenting?

Safety and Privacy

WindScribe has its base in Canada. For those who follow internet security and surveillance news, you know that this is not good news. Why? Well, Canada is a member of the Five Eyes surveillance network. This network has been illegally collecting data from its citizens for a couple of years.

Despite this ‘setback,’ WindScribe guarantees security and privacy with superior AES-256 encryption coupled with SHA-512 authorization. Moreover. it features the RSA-4096 key. Additionally, WindScribe deploys OpenVPN and IKEV2 protocols.

For privacy, WindScribe has a zero-log policy. This means that it doesn’t keep track of your browsing data and habits.

Download speeds

These speeds will determine how fast you’ll receive files. And since you wish to download torrents, these speeds are super important. Note that your normal speeds will drop when using a VPN – WindScribe is no exception. But even with the drop in speed, torrenting is a breeze. Here are some figures to give you some perspective.

Our tests showed that WindScribe averaged about 25.9 Mbps. These speeds are not the best we’ve encountered but it a long way from being the worst. With WindScribe, we downloaded an 800MB file at an average speed of 1.47 Mbps. This is 49% slower in comparison to normal ISP speeds. But again, these speeds are sufficient for torrenting. Also, note that the paid plan is faster than the free plan.

Server Location and Numbers

WindScribe has 500+ servers spread out in 52 different countries. With such variety, you are sure to enjoy torrenting. But why is the server location important? Well, as stated earlier, some countries are more torrent friendly than others. Countries like the US and UK are constantly monitoring P2P networks. Countries like Mexico and the Netherlands, on the other hand. are ‘easy.’

Interface and compatibility

WindScribe’ client is simple and easy to use. Overall, the layout is intuitive and beginner friendly. By default, the client has the firewall feature activated. This protects your anonymity in case the VPN connection drops.

WindScribe is compatible with:

  • Computers – Mac OS, Windows, Linux
  • TVs – Nvidia Shield, Kodi, and Amazon Firestick
  • Routers – Tomato and DD-WRT
  • Browsers – Opera, Chrome, and Firefox
  • Phones /Tablets – Blackberry, Android, Windows, and iOS

Torrenting with WindScribe – Does it Keep Logs?

WindScribe claims not to keep logs. While this is true, there is some fine print you should be aware of. Being a Canadian VPN provider, any logs kept by the service providers may at any point be accessed through a warrant.

In the license agreement, WindScribe states that each account is to be used by one user. For this reason, WindScribe keeps an eye on the VPN to ensure each account is not accessed by different IP addresses at the same time. To be effective in their monitoring, WindScribe needs to store connection logs and IP addresses for a short time. Before you freak out, WindScribe states that the data stored isn’t personally identifiable.

Also, the connection logs are deleted 3 minutes following the end of a VPN session. So while some logs are kept, the storage time is limited, and thus the data cannot be accessed by governments and ISPs.

Therefore, you can relax, you are not vulnerable to arrests when using WindScribe.

Windscribe Torrenting Important Features

  • Notably, anonymity is a feature all VPNs offer. So we cannot possibly expect you to jump on WindScribe based on this alone. WindScribe goes out of its way to package its services. Below are some features you will benefit from.
  • Firewall – WindScribe has an inbuilt firewall for its Mac and Windows applications. The firewall blocks all connections outside of the VPN tunnel. It ensures there’s no chance of leakage including IPv6 DNS and WebRTC leaks. Note that this firewall is superior to the kill switch which more of a reactive than a preventative feature.
  • Secure Hotspot – unfortunately this feature is limited to windows only. It’s designed to allow the creation of a secure Wifi hotspot on your PC. Through this hotspot, your friends can be protected by WindScribe as well.
  • Cruise control – this is a browser extension feature. It is designed to connect you to the best server location automatically. This helps to maximize your download speeds. Also, this means you won’t have to switch server locations manually.
  • Double-hop – allows the routing of requests through any 2 server locations. You can connect to one server on your desktop client and on a different server on your browser extension. The sites you visit will see the IP address of the server your browser is connected to.
  • Other features include ad blocking, Time zone spoofing, cooking monster, and split tunneling. Clearly, WindScribe goes out of its way to make your anonymous profile believable.

WindScribe Torrent Servers

Though torrenting WindScribe is one of the few VPN services that support torrenting, not all its servers can be used for this. How will I know the ‘torrenting servers’ you ask? Once you open the client app, you’ll be presented with a list of servers. Some of these servers will have a P2P icon that’s crossed out. You shouldn’t use these servers for torrenting.

Torrenting with WindScribe – Prices and Plans

WindScribe Torrent VPN wins the heart of many with its free plan. But it’s great to have protection without spending a dime; we advise upgrading to the premium plan. Here’s why.

The free plan is limited to a 10 GB bandwidth a month and access to only 11 server locations. Moreover, you do not get OpenVPN. You are limited to basic protection like ad blocking and IP address leaks.

Aside from the free plan, WindScribe VPN for torrenting has 3 pricing plans. These include:

  • Monthly plan – $9.00p/m
  • Yearly plan – $4.08 p/m
  • Biennial plan – $3.70 p/m

With these plans, you gain access to all WindScribe’ features.

You can make payments through Paypal, Visa, Bitcoin, MasterCard, American Express and Paymentwall.

So Should You Use WindScribe for Torrenting?

Considering all WindScribe has to offer, the speeds, desktop app features, and performance, it’s a service worthy of your consideration. The user-friendly and basic client, responsive support and free plan are the icing on the cake. It’s true it may not be the best on any front, but it sure does bring its A-game.

Thank you for reading through this piece. Hopefully, it has been of great help. Feel free to navigate through to other VPN reviews to learn more about other VPNs as well.

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