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Who Accepts Ethereum?

Who Accepts Ethereum in 2018?

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Some companies today started acknowledging ether as one of the leading cryptos and saw progress in their businesses. As one of the world’s leading cryptocurrencies, Ethereum is a great solution to many merchants. The world is shifting crypto, and there is any possibility that ether is going to be the next great thing.

Ethereum is an emerging technology that is growing in relevance. Besides being a digital currency, Ethereum has other blockchain based features like using its currency known as Ether, the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) and smart contracts. The Ether currency is used for peer-to-peer contracts. Using smart contracts gives Ethereum a greater advantage when it comes to security and reduced transactions costs because of decentralization.

Companies that accept Ethereum

Companies now opt to use Ethereum as their currency mainly because of its advanced blockchain principle. Below are examples of merchants who accept ether as a means of payment.


Overstock is an interior design company that deals with home improvement. It offers products such as furniture, electronics, jewelry and home décor. This company began to accept Ethereum as a way to maintain its pro-freedom nature. The adoption of Ethereum by Overstock.com is among the steps taken to adapt to the vibrant business environment. On August 8th, 2017, Overstock integrated with ShapeShift to enable customers to use ether to pay for the products.


TapJets is a Houston based private jet booking platform, and it’s amongst the biggest aviation companies in the United States. The adoption of Ethereum enables customers to book flights instantly without the delays caused by wire transactions. TapJets started to accept ether in July 2017 and has since recorded progress and large payments facilitated by Ethereum. This gives a great customer experience as it’s a very convenient mode of payment.


This is a pet company and shop that provides pet supplies and who accepts ether for payments. You can also pay shipping costs using Ethereum and get your products conveniently. Cryptopet also accepts other cryptocurrencies to enhance smooth running of a business.

Using Ethereum, Cryptopets also pioneers with other digital platforms such as Cryptokitties for digital animal assets for mass adoption.


Snel.com provides VPS hosting services to clients for greater web experience. Snel.com always incorporates the latest technologies to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. Use of ETH of Snel.com is flexible and easy to use, with unlimited validity unlike wire transfers and credit payments. All you need is to have enough ether in your wallet and complete payments. With Ethereum, you can renew any active subscriptions and acquire services wholly.


FlokiNET is a Scandinavia based Webhosting Company that provides stable and secure services such as VoIP, dedicated and virtual servers etc. They accept ethereum for payment of these services, and the payment system is well configured. The main reason that made FlokiNET adapt ether is the evergrowing use of digital currencies. With blockchain taking ground in North Europe, this was a bold step to gain market control.


Key4co.in enables customers to buy game keys. To unlock your games and play games, you need a few ETH to purchase whichever keys you want. Key4co.in began to accept ether as one of the methods to facilitate payments and keep the pace of competitors who offer such services in Germany. You can buy promo codes using Ethereum and earn mouthwatering discounts.

Pros of Paying With ETH

  • Ethereum is so powerful that it is not limited in its computation.

Under unlimited time and power, anything can be calculated under Ethereum. This is not possible with other cryptocurrencies which do not offer any choices that come from outside a currency field. Its settings are fixed, and this happens to be possible in Ethereum because Ethereum comes with its complete internal code, which means that anything can be solved with enough computing power and enough time.

  • Paying with Ethereum is simple

Accept Ethereum in your business for financial purposes because it is simpler compared to other digital currencies. The user has greater control over the process of handling transactions.

  • Maximum Security

Digital processes might be overly risky due to threats from hackers and other malware. If transactions cannot be done safely, then there is no point in such transactions. Due to this, Ethereum is encrypted with high-security mechanisms. Smart contract apps are highly secure from any vulnerability and Ethereum cannot easily drop value due to cases of insecurity.

How to Accept Ethereum

Accepting ETH is a great way of improving business and getting on with the emerging trends. You need reputable companies that offer ETH payments to transact with. Its versatility has enabled many traders to attract business due to the ease of dealings.

If you accept Ethereum for business transactions, here are some of the companies that process ETH payments.

Coinpayments >>CoinPayments Online Wallet

This is a Canadian company with a cloud wallet solution and is one of the best Ethereum payment gateways. It is a highly reputable and recommended by users who accept ETH transactions. A person who accepts ETH acquires the platform needed for the business transactions. It provides the trader with shopping cart plugins for their webcarts.

Start by registering and install the plugging to join you checkout with Coinpayments. It charges 0.5% commission on all payments. It’s a great web-built in Ethereum exchange platform to facilitate all exchanges.

The mobile features make it a standout among other platforms. With that application, Coinpayments enables your customers to access their wallets through mobile apps in iOS and Android. When paying using the mobile app, it generates a QR code that is read by the barcode scanner and the payment is complete- all this powered by the QR code. Transactions have never been this easy!


ethPay is a decentralized system for Ethereum payments. Decentralized means that it is not bound by any company’s infrastructure. It uses Ethereum Smart Contracts on the blockchain. It also uses Whisper as the messaging backend and IPFS as the storage backend. Its technology, the Ethereum Android, is highly secure to network with any Ethereum based blockchain.

ethPay is efficient for processing all sorts of payments in a simple, secure manner. It acts as a virtual cash store existing on the blockchain that accepts worldwide payments. In different scenarios, ethPay creates several sorts of payments. They include Quick Offers and Instant access.

For a mobile app, buyers can use the barcode reader to scan the QR code on the shopping cart and make a fast and secure purchase. It is a cheap method to use and charges only 1% of all payments for those who accept ETH as their means of payment.

Pay With EtherPaywithether.com

Paywithether.com facilitates payments of ether mainly for woo-commerce sites. It is among the most legit Australian companies that offer ETH services to customers. To accept ETH payments, you need to install the plugin and activate and become a registered member. Receiving payments is overly easy since it has an API that enables clients to send money directly to you. It doesn’t require an intermediary to collect the payments for you- it’s a direct merchant-customer relation.

After signing in with the API key, you can now start making and receiving payments easily. The main purpose of the API is to alert you when payments are made. It charges different fees from the companies mentioned above. Here, users pay monthly subscriptions of $5 each or pay a lifetime service for $200. There are no significant differences between using the WooCommerce plugin and the API- they all work similarly. Make sure if you use the plugin, it’s in the latest 1.3.0 version.

To sum up…

Accepting Ethereum as a means of payment is a faucet to achieving progress in your business. We have seen how beneficial it is, as well as its relation to the changing technology dynamics. There are many channels out there which a person who accepts Ethereum can use for maximum benefits.

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