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What is VyprVPN Cloud?

VyprVPN Cloud is a renowned VPN service provider committed to providing tools that enable users to take full control of their online experience and enjoy a private, secure and open internet. Founded by internet veterans, the Swiss-based VPN boasts of powerful technology that is capable of bypassing censorships and restrictions, improving streaming access and speed while ensuring privacy and security for users.

VyprVPN offers a variety of easy-to-configure mobile and desktop applications that are supported across multiple operating systems. These applications come with a wide array of features that are suited for a variety of users including journalists, entrepreneurs, traveling business employees, remote workers and generally any internet user in need of private and secure browsing.

What makes VyprVPN Cloud Special?

VyprVPN Cloud has raised the standards for the entire VPN industry thanks to its unique set of features which are hinged on the use of revolutionary technology in its products, and a commitment to transparency to all its users. Some of the notable special features of VyprVPN Cloud include:

Fast and secure VPN without third parties

Most VPN service providers operate in conjunction with numerous third parties that perform specific functions to enhance the value of their products. While this may appear to be a good thing on the surface, it also exerts a price on the privacy of users since the VPN provider has no exclusive control of their operation including that of vital components such as servers and networks. VyprVPN Cloud is different. With its 100% operation without third parties, VyprVPN owns and manages its networks and servers ensuring user privacy is protected from end-to-end at the fastest possible speeds.

Robust technology to defeat VPN blocking

Through their newly developed Chameleon VPN technology that is able to scramble OpenVPN packet metadata, VyprVPN users are able to defeat VPN blocking by bypassing restrictions and censorships imposed on sites enabling them to access the free and open internet. VyprVPN also has the capability of replacing users’ IP addresses enabling them to access geo-blocked content such as live sports events from anywhere in the world. All this is achieved without compromising on the privacy and security of the user.

Available for all devices

VyprVPN applications are available for a wide range of devices including mobile phones, desktop computers, televisions, routers, and many others. For mobile phones, VyprVPN is available for Android, iOS and Blackberry devices while for desktops, it’s available for Windows and Mac operating systems. VyprVPN applications can be downloaded directly from the various app stores of these devices.

Who should use VyprVPN Cloud?

VyprVPN Cloud offers three innovative products which include a personal VPN, a business VPN, and an encrypted mobile messaging platform. Each of these products can be used for various purposes as discussed below.

Personal VPN

Is the most basic of VyprVPN’s products with features such as internet privacy and security, improved streaming access and speed, and the ability to bypass internet restrictions. This product can be used by all individuals seeking internet privacy and freedom that comes with using a VPN.

Business VPN

This product offers specialized VPN solutions for businesses such as access to restricted business tools, secure business communications, and many others. Target users include entrepreneurs, journalists, traveling employees, distributed workforces and basically all kinds of businesses.

Cipher encrypted messaging

Cipher is a free and easy-to-use encrypted mobile messaging platform that is currently available for Android and iOS devices. This product targets individual users seeking secure, private and encrypted communication.


VyprVPN Cloud presents a suite of powerful products that restore your freedom while guaranteeing security when surfing the internet. Each of these products has been evaluated by more than a million users worldwide and proven to be reliable. If you’re looking for a VPN solution, VyprVPN is a great choice to consider.

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