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Virtual Universe ICO Review 2018

Virtual Universe (VU) ICO Review

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Market prospects show that the combined Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality market will reach 120 billion US Dollars by 2020 in the US alone. Augmented reality has a bigger share of 90 billion US Dollars while Virtual Reality takes the remaining 30 billion US Dollars. This forecast can be backed further by the existing battle for dominance in the AR space between technology powerhouses such as Google and Apple. Despite the existence of other players in the industry, Virtual Universe brings us the integration of blockchain technology into the AR and VR space. Virtual Reality targets not only gaming enthusiasts and explorers but also entrepreneurs who can invest their money in the various virtual assets in the game. Therefore, there is still a huge market that can be filled by the ICO.

What is Virtual Universe?

Virtual Universe is an inspiring and exciting next generation multi-player game that leverages Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality and Blockchain technologies to deliver an immersive and exciting experience for players. These technologies have been integrated to form the LivingVR ecosystem which is a form of Virtual Reality, pioneered by Virtual Universe, that delivers high definition graphics and interactive realism that goes beyond today’s video games. This game allows players to not only experience emotionally engaging grand adventures but also to create these adventures while connecting with friends in the process. Patent-pending technologies have also been employed to modify player experiences in real-time depending on the data and actions of the player in the game. Thus, Virtual Universe blends together attributes of a game, a social network and a social creation platform to make the game much more fun and fulfilling for the player.

Virtual Universe offers players with the VU token, which is an in-game virtual currency that powers the Virtual Universe economy. Players can either spend and earn VU tokens in exchange for virtual goods and services available within the game, or they can be rewarded with tokens after attaining certain in-game accomplishments. Generally, the project envisages a revolution of the game industry by introducing blockchain technology and giving players the ability to explore, play, create and own assets in the game.

Virtual Universe Main features

  • State of the art technology: Virtual Universe employs multiple modern technologies in the development of their Virtual Reality game. These technologies include Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). Artificial Intelligence creates realistic interactions between the player and the game character and environment. On the other hand, Machine Learning uses algorithms to make the various interactions in the game smarter with time. Together these two enhance the overall gaming experience of the player.
  • Highly trustworthy: Virtual Universe employs blockchain technology to track exchange and ownership of assets in the game. All the exchange transactions carried between participants in the game are all stored in a public ledger that is immutable and unalterable. This reduces fraud and provides integrity and transparency in the game. Furthermore, each of the three co-founders of the game has more than 20 years’ experience in game development technology which strongly indicates that they are experts in this field.
  • All-in-one experience: Virtual Universe enables players to explore the universe, create their own experiences and adventure stories, and connect with friends in the game. This brings together the elements of a game, social networking and social creation all in one platform. This multi-modal approach to gaming makes Virtual Universe unique compared to existing gaming approaches.
  • Augmented reality: Basically, Augmented reality is the modification of a real-life environment through the addition of sensory stimuli such as audio elements, visual elements and more. Virtual Universe has incorporated this technology into the game hence enhancing the things players see, hear and feel leading to an even better gaming experience.

Communication Channels

Virtual Universe ICO Token sale

The maximum supply of VU tokens is set at 1,000,000,000. Out of this, 600,000,000 VU tokens are available for sale. Virtual Universe only accepts payments in Ether (ETH) during the crowd sale.

Token Distribution

  • Token Sale/Public sale: 45%
  • User Growth: 20%
  • VU Team: 15%
  • Presale: 15%
  • Partners: 4%
  • Bounty: 1%

ICO Token price

  • 1 ETH = 6,000 VU
  • 1 VU = 0.000167 ETH/ 0.077 USD

Restricted Countries

  • United States of America
  • China
  • Canada

Presale Discounts

The following bonuses will be available for participants of the pre-sale. There will be no discounts during the crowd sale/ public sale. The earlier you participate in the pre-sale, the higher the bonus.

  • Phase 1
    30,000,000 VU tokens: 25% bonus
  • Phase 2
    40,000,000 VU tokens: 15% bonus
  • Phase 3
    80,000,000 VU tokens: 5% bonus

The Virtual Universe Team

LinkedinCiaran ForeyCo-founder/ CEO

Ciaran is one of the three co-founders of the project, and he currently serves as the CEO of Virtual Universe. He has an experience of more than 25 years serving either as the founder, CEO or COO of eight different startups. He has also served as a Director in multiple Boards such as the board of Advertising Production Association of Orange County (APAOC) and the board of the Entrepreneurship Institute among others. He possesses the Bank of America Award in Computer Science for his contribution in the industry.

LinkedinJeroen Van den BoschCo-founder/ CCO

Jeroen has a 25-year experience in game development and design with a five-year specialization in VR design and development. He previously worked as a tv host for MTV Belgium for three years. He founded the first online gaming community in Belgium and has led various teams in developing award-winning products in the online gaming industry. He is a certified master and product owner of the SCRUM software development framework.

LinkedinRobert CurtisCo-founder/ COO

Curtis has been involved in eleven different startups where he has served either as the Founder, CEO, COO or Marketing and Operations Director. He previously co-founded one of the earliest Virtual Reality companies in the world. He has over 30 years’ experience working in managerial or marketing roles in various organizations. He has also served on numerous Boards as a Director or Advisor. He has received a Start-up Entrepreneurial Award for his contributions to the technology industry.

ICO Scam Check

This is one of the most transparent ICOs out there. They have given all the detailed information regarding the ICO and its operation on their professionally crafted website. Their Whitepaper is also genuinely presented with realistic promises that are achievable and does not entice potential investors with over-ambitious goals. Furthermore, the team members behind the ICO have credible social media accounts, and from our point-of-view, they are well-experienced in the industry. The general feedback from the crypto community regarding this ICO is also positive hence we seriously doubt the possibility of Virtual Universe being a scam. Our final thought is that you can go ahead and invest in the ICO if you have the necessary capital.

Virtual Universe Potential/ Use cases

You may still be in a dilemma of deciding whether to buy VU tokens or not. Well, examining the various elements of this ICO certainly shows a huge potential for the company. First of all, the gaming market is quite huge not only in the US but also in other countries both in Europe and Asia. Statistics from recent research done on the gaming industry indicate that gaming enthusiasts are now more interested in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality than never before. You’ve probably heard these two words touted around as “the next big thing” by entrepreneurs and technologists. Well, for sure it may be the next big thing, and it will be even better if you invested in it.

Secondly, Virtual Universe does fulfill the need for persistence in the storyline and the need for social experiences around which players can build and gain a sense of belonging. This makes it entertaining and suitable for use by virtually anyone.

Business Model

Virtual Universe business model is driven by targeting three prime users of the platform that is explorers, creators, and entrepreneurs. These users will have to purchase the game for a small fee that will be set by the company. Once the game is purchased, users will be able to buy virtual assets such as land and shops present in-game using VU tokens and later sell them to other players at a profit. Introducing the Ethereum blockchain and smart contracts to establish and maintain a rich and thriving economy in the game for entrepreneurs and other players is the backbone for generating significant revenues for the company.


The minimum viable product is an initial commercial prototype dubbed ‘The Grand Canyon Experience’ that was developed specifically for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift virtual reality headsets. This prototype was finalized in the last quarter of 2016, and it resulted in sales of over 15,000 paid users. The feedback from users of this prototype has been used to guide the development of a BETA version to be released in July 2018.

Capitalization Potential

The Virtual Universe ICO does have a total supply of 1,000,000,000 VU tokens with a fundraising goal of 100,000 ETH. Similar ICOs in the gaming industry such as Unikrn, Truegame, and Eloplay are focused more on casino and gambling rather than Virtual Reality. Virtual Universe’ unique model stands out and is a revolution in the gaming industry. Considering this fact and the fact that the token has been priced at a relatively fair price of 0.000167 ETH, then this ICO has a huge capitalization potential.

AdHive which is a similar Artificial Intelligence-based marketing platform was able to raise 12,000,000 USD in its ICO. Virtual Universe, on the other hand, is on a less-crowded industry compared to AdHive which shows that it is poised to perform better. However, these are only prospects, and so we all have to wait till the ICO is finished to find out precisely how much is raised.

Virtual Universe Coin supply and purpose

VU is an ERC20 token. A limited lifetime supply of 1 billion tokens has been generated. The hard cap is 100,000 ETH, and there is no soft cap. An important thing to note is that the VU coin will be used exclusively on the Virtual Universe ecosystem and will not be transferable to any other currency. All the VU tokens and transactions in the game will be managed by Ethereum’s smart contracts. The coins can, however, be stored in any ERC20 compatible wallet. The following are the purposes of the VU token.

  • VU tokens will be used for buying and selling of virtual goods and services within the Virtual Universe ecosystem.
  • VU tokens will be used to provide access to exclusive digital assets within the Virtual Universe ecosystem. These assets will confer unique rights and abilities to players in the game.
  • VU tokens will be used for rewarding players after attaining selected in-game accomplishments.

Their model of raising the initial capital revolves around opening a short pre-sale period which is ongoing and then crowns it up with a crowd sale that is scheduled to begin on 1st May 2018.

Compatible wallets and exchanges

As it stands now, Virtual Universe has clearly stated that VU tokens will be available solely on the VU ecosystem. This means that the tokens will not be tradable on exchanges. However, the tokens can be stored in any of the Ethereum based wallets. This is because the VU token is an ERC20 token. Digital wallets such as MyEtherWallet and hardware wallets such as Ledger Nano S are good options to use for this purpose.

Trading Rumours

Currently, there is no alarming information regarding the token sale. All the crypto-related websites we’ve visited have positive content regarding the ICO. Maybe more information may circulate when the actual ICO begins in May. For now, stay connected to any Virtual Universe news by following their official communication channels.

We hope the Virtual Universe review has been informative. You are welcomed to check our website for more cryptocurrency related information kindly. Thank you.

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