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Total VPN Torrenting Usage – Is It Safe?

Total VPN is the latest product in the VPN field that commenced its operations in 2014 with a goal to attract clients with free packages. The VPN is a US-based service provider with its servers in the Netherlands, Iceland, and Singapore. Total VPN creates a data channel between the internet and your device where it bypasses your ISP and directs all data through the encrypted tunnel. Torrenting is a file sharing protocol that is under P2P technology. The VPN provides essential tools to use when torrenting since they encrypt the data that leaves your gadget making it impossible for anyone to trail your internet activities.

Should you use Total VPN for Torrenting?

When choosing an excellent Total VPN for torrenting activities, there are essential features that you should put into consideration before you spend your money to acquire the best VPN to use. Some of the parameters that you should think of include:

Safety and Privacy

When torrenting, your privacy is always a central aspect of preventing you from unwanted snooping, however, with TotalVPN, you will protect yourself not only from hackers but also to the whole world including government security agencies and terrorists.

To maintain the safety of your computer, always use Anti-Virus software to protect yourself from harmful files. Always keep your scanners active whenever you search records, download, and run torrents.

Download Speed

The speed is high though it can slow down when downloading large files. The fast your internet is the shorter the period you will use to download your torrents.

Server locations and Numbers

Total VPN owns more than 40 servers distributed across the globe in more than 27 countries. The countries include the UK, Canada, Ireland, Netherlands, Belgium, Iceland, Russia, Hong Kong, and cities like Tokyo, Mumbai, Tel-Aviv, amongst others.

Total VPN server list is not broad like lots of other providers, but unblocking web services and websites are simple for you as a Total VPN subscriber.

As a user, you will have access to many websites that include Netflix, HBO, Spotify, SkyTV, Astro Supersport, Fox, News resources, shopping websites, and gaming services. With a free Total VPN account, you can only access three servers: Singapore, Iceland, and Amsterdam, but access more than 30 servers if you are a TotalVPN paid user

User interface and compatibility

Once connected you will have no restriction to upload or download any file. You will enjoy unlimited content download with free speed. Torrenting is compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, OSX (10.9), Routers, and other internet connectable devices.

Torrenting with Total VPN – Does it  Keep Logs

Like a torrent, your privacy online is paramount since you don’t need your private internet activities disclosed to any other person or party. Total VPN torrent logs specific types of details that are typical among VPN service providers.

Some VPN service provider may track some of your information like login cookies, account details and email to make you save your users credentials.

When torrenting, total VPN service provider does not keep logs, your activities, or personal data, instead, they make it their responsibility to protect the user’s information as they strengthen their measures to guard your account details.

Total VPN Torrenting Important Features

When torrenting, Total VPN proffers your great features that include:

  • Anti-DDOS – during your online activities, you can experience massive attacks from Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) making your online activities unwieldy. A DDOS denies you access to a service or crashes your homepage. Using total VPN will protect you from the attacks.
  • Total VPN acts as an Anti-DDOS, hence directing your internet traffic to an external server, and consequently hiding your IP address to any application that you use. The DDOS will attack your VPN instead of your online activities.
  • Dedicated IP – when torrenting, you will enjoy maximum security and complete online freedom using Total VPN dedicated IP.
  • Double VPN – double VPN creates connections through two separate servers in different locations, changing the IP address to encrypt the traffic once. Your internet traffic will also be re-encrypted in the next server at a different site.
  • Tor over VPN- First, Total VPN connects to your VPN server which will encrypt your internet traffic within the VPN layer. The encrypted traffic will be sent to an extensive TOR network through TOR hops before it’s transmitted to the internet.

Total VPN Torrent Servers

Though some Total VPN servers do not support torrents, some of them will support torrenting activities like the one in the Netherlands, offering you a great time when downloading or uploading files using your internet.

With just a simple click, the server will support all of your devices like Apple TV, BlackBerry, Play stations, Google Nexus, Window Phones and much more.

The server will also hide your IP address making it harder for third parties to track you online, or access your personal information and location, offering you easy and fast unrestricted browsing experience. The server protects you when using public WiFi networks using Total VPN.

Total VPN offers optimized servers for the use of torrents and P2P.

Torrenting with Total VPN- Prices and Plans

Total VPN comes with two packages: a free package and a premium package, with the latter, paid on a monthly basis. The free packages have three servers while the premium package has more than 30 servers distributed across the world. Total VPN premium package resolved to offer their VPN service at a lower price after customers complained of high billing rates. A monthly subscription goes for $ 4.49, while a payoff of 24 months’ costs $ 2.99 per month. If you apply for a one-month subscription, you will part with $ 3.59 per month.

Total VPN is relatively not big since its services are in limited locations. When paying your subscription, you can only use PayPal, VISA, Amex, Delta or preferably use a credit card since those are the only authorized mode of payments. If you opt for the services of Total Premium Plan, you will enjoy a 30- day money back guarantee together with a free plan. The guarantee gives you an opportunity to feel the service twice to confirm if it is the one suitable for your needs. Other than these, there are additional charges that you can sign-up for that include a supercharge that gives you access to specially-reserved servers that have fewer users. With $24.95 bill per year, your browsing load will be reduced hence giving you a good performance. Priority support places you at the front of the support queue at the cost of $9.95 per year.

Should you use total VPN for torrenting?

While surfing the web, torrenting with Total VPN is the best option due to the excellent features it possesses. You will have free speed on websites, and magnificent streaming when browsing video sites. Total VPN has got two packages from which you can choose among them being the free plan and the premium package. Total VPN torrent can work comfortably with Windows, Mac OSX, iPhone, iPad, Android tablets, Android and apps like Chrome book. In case of any challenge, you will have a 24/7 customer support with a 99.99% uptime guarantee. As you torrent with total VPN, you will be safe from hackers and government agencies.

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