THEKEY ICO is concentrated in the IDV (identity verification) industry, through blockchain and smart contract technologies it tries to renew and adapt the IDV solutions for the “new age”. THEKEY ICO ensures its users with a great solution for identifying one another in the digital world. The ecosystem created by THEKEY plans to create a decentralized autonomy community. The community will have three essential parts, which are the participants, the smart contracts and the TKY tokens issued by the THEKEY ICO itself. THEKEY tokens aka TKY will enable the process of settling smart contracts, which will be a signed agreement for the participants. The TKY tokens will be very handy especially in significant aspects such as security, identity verification, medical treatment and even shopping. Similar large aspects that may use the tokens will make the utility of the TKY tokens even larger.

The ICO Team

Catherine (Xueli) Li


Li has 5 years’ work experience in Canadian International Research, 10 years at IMS Health and is experienced in Big Data Technology. Has attained a Bch in Med and M.Sc in Computer science

Guochun Xu


Xu has 17 years’ work experience in computer software field and more than 8 years in technical management field. He has worked at China Unicom for 10 years as a technician. He is an expert on blockchain and big data applications

Lin Zuo


Zuo has attained a master’s degree in software engineering and management. He is an expert in architectural design particularly in the main field of vertical search technology. Has also worked at Unis Soft as the project director

Market research


Business Model

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Coin Supply/Purpose

Compatible Wallets & Exchanges

Rules, Laws, Tax & Regulations

Trading Rumors


theKEY ICO is the next generation virtual currency that utilizes an IDV tool combined with blockchain DMI and identity verification system as exclusively authorized by the government.

Only the US and China mainland are restricted.

The main wallet that you are advised to create and use is the NEO wallet which has also applied several tools and measures in its own ecosystems such as the blockchain DMI and the IDV.