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Storiqa Coin Review & Guide 2018

Storiqa Coin Guide: Full Analysis

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  1. What is Storiqa (STQ)?
  2. How Storiqa Works?
  3. The Storiqa Coin
  4. Storiqa ICO
  5. How to Buy Storiqa

In recent years, cryptocurrencies have grown rapidly. The rising market capitalization of most cryptocurrencies which almost doubled in 2017 is proof of that. With over 6 million users of cryptocurrency wallets, it can be stated that cryptocurrency application is inevitable in the society today.

Storiqa, being a platform created purposely for both buyers and sellers around the world offers user-friendly tools for creating personal storefronts for sellers to market and sell their goods with very low fees while making use of the vast varieties of features it offered. As a result, start-ups, entrepreneur, and offline shops can effectively promote their products to other parts of the world with little or no stress. Storiqa has a lot to offer with its use of blockchain technology that allows open and safe transactions, transparency, minimal transaction costs, minimal business costs, easy to understand purchase process, and lots more.

What is Storiqa (STQ)?

Storiqa is an e-commerce platform that empowers small and medium-sized businesses to reach millions of customers all over the world. This platform is basically based on blockchain technology which helps to guarantee to change the way we shop on the web with a good shopping experience. Storiqa offers great opportunities for small-scale manufacturers, self-employed entrepreneurs, family businesses, handcrafted items with a selection of effective tools towards direct customer feedback, sales analysis, advertising and promotion, user-friendly interface, bookkeeping, and many more.

Storiqa is a marketplace platform that is developed to allow individuals and organizations to create an online store that is built under the crypto technologies. Payments of goods can be done with cryptocurrencies or STQ tokens. Storiqa enables you to monetize your reviews through social media platforms such as Facebook, Telegram, WeChat, and Youtube with open blockchain affiliate marketing. Storiqa is led by Ruslan Tugushev the current CEO who is a co-owner of, the first largest crowdfunding platform and also the owner of an investment platform known as with more than 1,500 investors and an investment potential of over $800 million. Others are Evgeny Gavirilin co-founder and Head of Sales and co-founder Nadiya Cherkasova. The organization is based in Baar, Switzerland and also has its development office in Moscow.

How is Storiqa unique?

Small-scale businesses will be able to promote and sell products directly to buyers globally without any boundary. Storiqa uses smart contracts to ensure a safe and efficient purchase system for goods and services. Payments in the platform will be made using STQ tokens in order to increase its adoption. Small-scale producers will access a large number of clients who join the market through Storiqa platform. Online shop customer challenges such as lack of trade guarantee, inconvenience in goods search among others will be solved by Storiqa market platform. Buyers and sellers can interact effectively with the platform hence build trust and good customer relations which will boost trade locally and internationally. Enhance cost reduction initiatives such as marketing cost reduction through the incorporated tools of inexpensive advertising. Conveniences in making payments globally will Increase customer loyalty.

There is a high demand for Storiqa platform from buyers and sellers for both the local and the global market. The demand will also increase due to the amazing features the platform is offering such as bookkeeping, direct consumer feedback, advertising and sales analysis among other. There is competition from other market platforms such as BEZOP and Connectius. Storiqa targets local and global markets, entrepreneurs, organizations, manufacturers, and Storiqa is categorized under the marketing industry. It integrates the market ecosystem with the use of blockchain technology hence ensuring transparency.

How Storiqa Works?

Storiqa’s main objective is to enable businesses to create an online store using the blockchain. As a result of this business, organizations can digitalize their sales system using Storiqa’s smart contracts and as well make approval of payments using vast varieties of cryptocurrencies.

This platform offers user-friendly tools in creating online stores which can be set up in just 10 minutes after which you can begin enjoying the blockchain’s benefits. In addition, Storiqa features about 6 language translations which enable an easy environment for businesses to spread throughout the foreign markets with varieties of tools and resources it offers including bookkeeping platforms, advertising, and promotional platforms, sales analysis tools, customer feedback systems and lots more.

Update: Storiqa is Launching the Beta Version of MVP

The cryptocurrency marketplace Storiqa has announced that it’s ready to launch the MVP’s beta version. The company has raised 25 million US Dollars from 55,000 investors during its token sale and started to work on this project 10 months ago.

As of now, the market cap of Storiqa is over 20 million US Dollars. With the application of blockchain, Storiqa is able to simplify its business model and become more transparent. In the meantime, it’ll get rid of the fake reviews through smart contracts.

The wide variety of the currencies allow the users to make international payments without any hassles. The new interface is ready for being tested by the vendors. For the shoppers, there will be cashback and discounts. As for the sellers, there will be a 60 days long free trial.

Besides the test of the beta version, the company has also organized an airdrop of their token known as STQ. The STQ tokens are going to be traded on an exchange platform known as Coinbene starting from the 31st of May, 2018. After all these efforts the CEO of Storiqa Ruslan Tugushev hopes to inject the idea of crypto shopping into people’s everyday life in the near future.

Regardless of the beta release, Storiqa announced the STQ coin will be traded on Coinbene, one of the biggest Asian crypto exchanges starting from the 31st of May.

The Storiqa Coin

Storiqa coin has a maximum supply of 11,287,544,272 STQ coins and a current supply of 7,767,544,247 STQ coins. Storiqa crypto has a steady supply of coins and as well permits both hard and soft coins. It can be stored in Storiqa wallet, MyEtherWallet, and any ERC20 compatible platforms since STQ token is an ERC20 token.

Storiqa ICO

For external and internal payments STQ tokens are issued for online payments on Storiqa’s marketplace. This help to ensure maximum trade flow which will tend to increase as the number of agents using Storiqa is on the high side or increasing. The ICO occurred between 27 November 2017 to 26 Januar2018, with available reward throughout the token deal. 5% of the aggregate supply of STQ is circulated as abundance grants, 20% is accessible to speculators, while the larger percentage (75%) stay with the task group.

Storiqa Price Growth

Storiqa crypto promises to be profitable with a long-term earning potential. STQ crypto had its lowest price as $0.0018308500 on 30th of March, 2018 and has 151.24% increase from its all-time low price a month ago at the current Storiqa price of $0.002769.

Its highest price was $0.00432 which was archived on March 16th, 2018. In comparison with the current price of $0.002769, Storiqa cryptocurrency is having a 36.02% decrease from its all-time high price about 2 months ago.

In the late April 2018, Storiqa crypto had a 13.14% appreciation against the dollar and dropped to 9.56% against the dollar on 3rd May 2018 and at the moment has a market cap of $21,467,861.00 and volume of $148,813.00.

Based on the forecast of experts, by 2019 (a year from now) Storiqa price will roughly be $0.097192 and by 2023 (5 years from now) at current growth rate, Storiqa cryptocurrency can roughly reach $0.499251.

How to Buy Storiqa

  • Step 1: Get yourself a Storiqa wallet

Visit the myetherwallet page and enter a password that is hard to guess and easy to remember. This is because you might lose you coins if you forget. Navigate to “Download Keystore File” and click on it. Be sure to read and understand the warnings and proceed to click on “I understand. Continue.” You will be given an unencrypted private key that will enable you to access your wallet. Be sure to keep it private. If not, they can have access to your wallet and take your coins. To open your new Wallet, use your keys tore files to verify your account and scroll through the send and receive coins’ page. On the same page, you will find a long string containing both letters and numbers labeled ‘Your Address’. It’s your personal wallet address to which your coins will be sent.

  • Step 2: Buy some BTC/ETH

Go to Coinbase or to purchase the popular Ethereum crypto so as to exchange it for Storiqa. After buying on either platform, keep it open as we’ll use it sooner.

  • Step 3: Exchange to STQ

To exchange Ethereum for Storiqa use the site Idex. And create a new wallet by clicking on ‘New wallet’ and enter your password. Use your Ethereum wallet send ETH to the exchange. Paste the Idex wallet Address on the recipient box and type the amount of Ethereum you wish to send and then click “send”. After your Ethereum has shown on Idex, then navigate to STQ/ETH exchange market on Idex and scroll down until you see “BUY STQ” After the exchange, your TQ is safe on Idex or you transfer it to your personal ERC20 wallet.

Storiqa also got listed on Indodax, an Indonesian exchange, quite recently.


The main objective of the ICO is to raise funds effectively in order to develop and promote the Storiqa platform and increase the adoption rate of STQ token across the world for making transaction on different e-commerce platforms. The token is distributed through the smart contract that allows users to adopt the platform from any part of the world. If you are interested in investing in Storiqa, then you are not too late.

Thank you for reading through. You can also visit our site for loads of informative articles as regards cryptocurrency.

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