Sphere ICO allows its users to earn money by being involved in a decentralized social network. Sphere ICO gives a lot of significance to privacy- an important factor social networks today lack, transparency, and data security. The ICO also tries to free its users from advertisements from various search engines and web, and in case they want to appear on your pages, you will be paid for that by the company that places the advertising.

The ICO Team

Andrew Khong


He is the Sphere founder gifted in innovation and entrepreneurship. He has overseen the success of Sphere that boosts of 5,000 beta users both in major App stores

Vidal Herrero


Herrero, highly skilled in marketing is a freelance software engineer. He also possesses skills in wordpress and C++among others

Andy Fuhr

Systems Engineer

A graduate from University of Central Florida. He is good in entertainment production. He has studio and field experience which enhance his ability to master the challenges in technology

Market Research


Potential/Use Cases


Capitalization Potential



Coin Supply/Purpose

Compatible Wallets & Exchanges

Rules, Laws, Tax & Regulations

Trading rumors


The believe that blockchain has great ability to augment Sphere’s current offerings is the reason for choosing ICO. Raising funds through ICO will fit Sphere’s business model and further its decentralized idea of the social network.

The company withholds buyers funds in the escrow awaiting the launch of sphere network in October and the issue of upcoming ICO. If conditions are not met the funds shall be reimbursed to subscribers.

Sphere tokens that have been issued are freely and immediately transferable within the blockchain.