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Sp8de ICO Review 2018

Sp8de is a decentralized protocol developed on top of the Cardano protocol for the gaming and betting industries running. Sp8de will disrupt the entire industry for the first since the advent of the internet. The iGaming industry future looks precarious due to centralization, obscurity, archaic processing, and dependence on externally generated randomness. As a result, one can never be certain of the fairness of a game’s odds. Given that, blockchain technology has the capacity to address these issues.

Important Facts

  • Decentralized 3.0 Cardano blockchain Proof-of-Stake protocol.
  • Scalable, user-friendly, and efficient blockchain technology that supports thousands of transactions per second.
  • Smart Contracts created using a scripting language specifically designed for this platform.

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Alexey Kashirsky


He is Sp8de’s current CEO and a co-founder. He holds an MBA from MISIS. Advisor to the NP Mining General Director and the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences.

Mikhail Krapivnoi


Previously, he served as the CEO of Man & Technologies a robotics research consortium. Mikhail is an avid entrepreneur, online poker, and chess player.

Alexander Baykiev

Presently he serves as both SP8DE’s and Debut Ltd CMO. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management MISIS Moscow. He oversees the company’s digital brand management activities.

Market Research

  • In Q1 and Q2 of 2016, the EU’s online gambling sector grew by approximately 19% generating revenues of US$2.25 billion. By 2020, this figure is projected to hit US$2.25 billion annually, a 12.5% increase in revenues. In the US, online casinos had a 24.4% increase in revenue between 2015 and 2016 projected to hit the US $4 billion mark by 2020.
  • Worldwide, projections indicate that between 2017 and 2025, the market will grow by a magnitude of 130% equivalent to US$97 billion, or an 11% growth rate.
  • In the recent past, interest in blockchain and cryptocurrency gaming has grown exponentially. During February 2017, the number of wagers placed in online Bitcoin gambling platforms averaged 3 Bitcoins per minute.


  • Sp8de ICO’s comprises its decentralized casino application platform based on the Cardano 3.0 protocol.
  • According to its whitepaper, SP8DE has an operational and proven Ouroboros protocol the first POS secure protocol in the world.

Business Model

  • Sp8de aims to develop a Blockchain platform designed to provide unbiased public randomness for decentralized casino applications.
  • Sp8de’s business model focuses on solving various challenges experienced by modern-day gambling establishments.
  • To do so, the Sp8de protocol will support the creation of zero-house edge decentralized casino applications.

Potential/Use Cases

  • Decentralization of gambling and betting activities:
    • Sp8de will ensure that gambling house does not have an unfair advantage over players.
    • Its protocol being open source can let a user change the rules of the game.
  • Improved transparency: enhanced visibility of gaming records as everything resides publicly on a Sp8de’s blockchain network.
  • Accuracy and data integrity: Sp8de’s blockchain network will make it impossible for anyone to alter records or tamper with data.
  • Faster transactions: reduced payments processing times with Sp8de’s implementation, transactions will be credited instantaneously


  • MLG Blockchain Consulting: Expert Blockchain Consulting and Development
  • Arbi- ICO legal services
  • Softline- Global IT solutions
  • THE INTERNET OF PROFIT- Investment fund
  • Changelly- Instant crypto exchange
  • This ICO has early investors participating in its ICO presale
  • Sp8de ICO has access to three advisors.

Capitalization Potential

  • Capitalization target- $30,000,000.00
  • Potantial- the gambling market is worth billions.
  • ICOs from the same indutry raised-
  • BetKing raised- 4,352,426.90
  • DAO.Casino-  $12,000,000 in its first day
  • BitDice’s total- $8,748,793.00


  • All Sp8de team members have active and verified LinkedIn profiles though details are scanty.
  • SPX tokens will be Smart Contract locked after the sale.
  • Supported wallets can be tracked using ethscan.


  • Fundraising Goal- 8,888,888,888 SPX or $ 30,000,000
  • Start Date- December 18, 2017
  • End Date- March 18, 2018
    • The token sale takes place in 4 rounds: Sale I, Sale II, Sale III and Sale IV each with a jackpot round.
  • Status- Live presale
  • Platform- Ethereum
  • Soft cap- USD 4,000,000
  • Hard cap- 49,0333 ETH
  • Jackpot- The Jackpot rounds are some sort of raffle between the investors and will incorporate a set number of bundles erratically passed on among token holders.
    • Four jackpots for each token sale round equal to 20% or 1,777,777,1778 of total token supply.
  • Exchange listings- March 2018

Coin Supply/Purpose

  • Total supply- 8,888,888,888 SPX
  • Token Price- 98,888 SPX = 1 ETH
  • Accepted currency- BTC, ETH, ADA
  • Restrictions- China and the US
  • Social media comments, forum posts, and expert reviews are generally positive regarding the potential of this ICO
  • ICO founders gain required funding to achieve the company’s vision
  • Early investors have a chance to accumulate SPX from jackpots.
    • The Jackpot rounds are extraordinary to Spade’s token deal and will include a set number of parcels haphazardly conveyed among token holders
  • No other ICO has used this strategy before.

Compatible Wallets & Exchanges


  • As SPX is an ERC20 token, it can be stored on all ERC20 compatible wallets.


  • SPX will be listed on Changelly March this year.

Rules, Laws, Tax & Regulations

  • Investors should observe due diligence in establishing the suitability of this ICO as an investment instrument.
  • Holding SPX coins does not imply ownership of any assets of the ICO issuing company.
  • Any proceeds obtained in all four rounds of token sales will be used by the team to promote and support the development of the Sp8de platform.
  • Restrictions- The US and China residents.

Trading Rumors

  • Token presale is ongoing with a response indicating investors’ confidence in the company.
  • Sp8de is engaging a growing, billion dollars market with no capitalization limits.
  • It is somewhat ironic to deal with gambling when it comes to ICO because investing in ICOs is like a gamble, so the audience targeting was well played.
  • The more tokens you hold, the higher your chance of winning big in the jackpots.


When will the SPX coin be publicly available for trading and on which exchanges?

Changelly will list SPX on March. Presently, they are in negotiations with several exchanges to have their coin listed on their platforms.

How will Sp8de ensure the security and safety of tokens held by contributors?

Sp8de takes the security of its token holders seriously. The platform will employ the most advanced blockchain security protocols in particular when it comes to payment processing. Any contributions made via fiat currency their security is guaranteed by wire transfer service providers in conjunction with the international banking system.

In the vent that my tokens are banned, what happens to my investment?

In a blockchain network, tokens are issued in a decentralized approach obviating the requirement for a central regulatory agency. Currently, there is no specific country that has banned the use of tokens on any blockchain platform. But in the event that this transpires in your home country, it is possible to sell them in cryptocurrency exchanges ahead of an intended ban to recover your investment.

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