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Sonder (SNR) ICO Review

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What is Sonder?

Sonder is a universal payment gateway and an extra tool that seeks to contrive cryptocurrencies in e-commerce inventory. The platform is developed to provide odds of making payments between subscribers in any prevailing cryptocurrencies. Besides, it addresses main barriers in the cryptocurrency ecosystem which are: high transaction fees, low speed, and transparency problems. These three issues have rocket existing exchanges and SNR has channeled its energy to develop a well-structured roadmap that will offer an effective and advanced service.

Sonder solves these plights using the SDK and API mechanisms which will secure cryptocurrency wallets to electronic marketplaces. As a result, it will offer simple payment of goods and services. Still, SNR anonymous wallet has an implemented structure of blur of business and encrypted chats of any user’s deal. The platform intends to deliver swift transactions at zero fees in Sonder coins Mainnet to make cryptocurrencies the most systematic payment means.

The system is controlled by Ethereum, which is an open-source, prominent, blockchain-based distributed computing platform and operating system featuring smart contract functionality that has been in operation since 2015. The security modes of Sonder tokens are enabled, as such; senders and buyer of funds cannot get linked. The presence of KYC procedure affirms wallet owners of esoteric of their accounts and Sonder coins will work as a catalyst for an internal mechanism on the system. Generally, the project anticipates a reformation of the industry game by providing investors with the ability to do business anonymously. Main Features

  • Fast Transaction – Sonder offers fast and reliable transactions because of the high-speed forming blocks, rational emission plan, the agreement between master nodes, and the system-friendly rates.
  • Anonymity Features – Sonder is more than just a privacy coin like Monero as it offers unmatched privacy rich wallet and payment gateway features. The platform has deployed a variety of security features to safeguard the assets and transactions of customers. IP-hiding, digital signatures, wallet address mutation among others is a big deal in the days to come, and this platform has excellent features for this episode.
  • High-Yielding Masternodes – Sonder enables customers to earn coins in an energy-efficient manner with no remarkable equipment. The system acts as a Proof-of- stake, hence subscribers need a stable internet connection, a laptop, desktop, or a mobile device and the number of tokens required to operate masternodes.
  • Compliant and Transparent – Sounder has followed applicable rules, directives, and approach that govern cryptocurrency running. This includes complying with know-your-customer (KYC) procedures among others to ensure transparency and legibility of its operation.
  • Effective Connection via API and SDK – Sounder has the Application Programming Interface (API) which has services that offer explication for development and facilitates the connection to the payment system and utilization of the features. The Software Development Kit (SDK) on the other hand, widens the functionality of the program and allows another programmer to create their applications on top. Indeed, the tool base is expandable.
  • In-App P2P Exchange – Sounder platform allows customers to exchange one token to another directly within the system on a peer-to-peer base. ICO Team

Jokubas Drazdas – CEO and Co-Founder

Jokubas is an experienced business entrepreneur with more than 6 years working in IT, Investing and Business field. In addition to being the CEO and Co-Founder of Sonder, Jokubas is a representative at the Baltic & Arab Chamber of Commerce. Still, he is Chief Specialist (Financial Controller) at the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Lithuania. Also, Drazdas worked for 3 years at the Ministry of Agriculture in the Republic of Lithuania. Jokubas holds Masters in Law (LLM) from Vilniaus Universitetas and a Bachelor of Political Science, Political Science and Government from Vytauto Didziojo Universitetas.

Justina Marciauskaite – CTO

Justina has specialized skills in the technology industry with more than 7 years of experience under her feet. In addition to being a CTO at Sonder, Justina is also a Technology Collaboration Services Control Officer at Barclays. She has specialized in Virtual Desktop, Remote Access, Sharepoint technologies, and Software Deployments. She has worked as an Account Manager/Aon Global Client Network with AON Risk Solutions based in Miami, USA.

Justina has also worked with DNB Company based in Vilnius, Lithuania as Head of Operations Control Unit, Operation Risk Department.

She holds International Masters of Science, Financial Economics from ISM University of Management and Economics and Masters of Business Administration (M.B.A) from Vilnius University. Justina also has a Degree in Business Management and Finance from Vilnius Gediminas Technical University.

Alaa Al Aridi – Cyber Security Advisor

Alaa is a Ph.D. student in Public International law and Cyber Law department at Vilnius University. Prior to joining, he worked as a Ph.D. researcher/Faculty of Law at Vilnius University where he dealt with Hybrid warfares, Cyber Security Laws, Armed conflicts, International Laws and International Humanitarian Laws.

Alaa has worked as a Research assistant and Interviewer at the European Patent Office Project since 2017. He has worked as a Member Legal Advisor in the Baltic &Arab Chamber of Commerce since 2016 as well as Membership Committee/UNAN Liban – World Federation of United Nations Associations (WFUNA). He also held the position of Legal Assistant at the Al Khal Firm – International Arbitration Office for 2 years.

Alaa holds a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in International Laws and Legal Studies. He has a Master’s degree, LL.M. in International and European Union Law and also a Master’s Degree in International Maritime from Beirut Arab University.

ICO Scam Check

In an attempt to determine the legitimacy of the firm behind the ICO, we scrutinized the company whitepaper, and we found the content on the site to be unique. The content is clear and precise as it explains each idea. We also explored the website for any potential scam threats and found none.

A close look at the team behind the project indicates they have solid professional careers with most having worked in similar operations. The token is hosted on Etherum blockchain technology which has excellent security features.

We came to a conclusion that the ICO is legit and authentic so investors can go ahead and invest their assets.

Sonder Communication Channels ICO Token Sale

The maximum supply of Sounder (SNR) tokens is set at 240,000,000 out of which 168,000,000 will be available for sale during the public sale. The current price for one token is set at 1 SNR= 0.00007 ETH. The rate is pocket-friendly to the majority.

Minimum Purchase Amount

  • First 48 hours of Pre-sale- minimum purchase amount- 10 ETH
  • 28th March – 4th April 2018 minimum purchase amount -5 ETH
  • 5th Apr till the end of Pre-sale minimum purchase amount-1 ETH

Sonder ICO Business Model

Sonder is driven by focusing on two prime users of the platform that is investors and buyers. Since the project aims to provide real-time transactions at a low fee, users will pay a small fee which is convenient even for the new players in the industry.

The second revenue originator is when users carry out transactions on the platform. A small fee will be charged for all e-commerce and in-store payment transactions performed on Sonder system. And all the business on the platform will be powered by SNR tokens which will be Sonder’s value tokens. These tokens are the ones that will power the internal procedure and characteristics of the system.


The minimum viable product is peer-to-peer lending as well as an investment system that will offer liquidity services characterized by safety features. The minimum viable product is expected to be out in 2019.

Potential Use/Cases

The potential of SNR is certainly huge bearing in mind the demand for Artificial Intelligence is on the rise. Even though some subscribers have been skeptical of investing in cryptocurrency, Sonder is different because it endeavors to solve a real-world problem that has hampered the cryptocurrency world.

The Sonder team has developed a superior service that has combined the latest technology of centralized custodial with a decentralized cross-chain allowing users to do business from around the globe at a low cost. This feature is ideal for all e-commerce firms as a payment alternative for processing several crypto payments.

Market Research

At the moment, Sonder targets cryptocurrency investors from Europe and Asia. The Asian and European markets are the leading continents with hundreds of thousands of crypto investors and traders. More than 90 million Euros worth of cryptocurrencies is traded each week in both continents. This figure is an indication that there is aggressive growth in the adoption of various digital assets in the region.

As good as it sounds; the cryptocurrency environment hasn’t been a cup of tea to some exchange platforms as they have been rocked with non-compliance, price manipulation, high volatility among others have hampered the growth of cryptocurrency in the two regions. Sonder is focused on overcoming all these predicaments by providing a decentralized trading platform that is fully compliant and transparent.

Capitalization Potential

The goal of Sonder ICO is to raise 6,000,000 US Dollars by selling 168,000,000 SNR tokens in the token sale. Considering the huge European market the project aims to cover and the fact that the token is set at a pocket-friendly rate of 1 SNR = 0.00007 ETH, one can conclude that the ICO has a huge capitalization potential.

The European cryptocurrency ecosystem is full of numerous related ICOs that have been successful in the recent past. One such ICO is Dbrain ICO which raised 5,000,000 US Dollars in one day. Considering the fact that Ethereum is a reputable platform and the price of SNR is lower than that of Dbrain, one can easily predict the ICO has a huge capital potential.

Sonder Coin Supply and Purpose

The Sonder coin (SNR) is an ERC20 token. The total coin supply is set at 240,000,000 SNR out of which 168,000,000 will be available in the token sale. New tokens will not be generated, and the remaining tokens will not be available for sale after the ICO sale, they will be destroyed.

The SNR tokens will be the native cryptocurrency that will fuel all the activities on the platform. The SNR token system has been developed using Ethereum ERC20 technology making it transparent, secure as the demand and business continue to grow.

Compatible Wallets and Exchanges

Currently, SNR tokens will be listed on Sonder platform after which they will now be available for trading and lending after the completion of ICO is terminated. The SNR tokens can be stored in any of the ERC20 compatible wallets which include; Ledger Nano S, Meta Mask, MyEtherWallet, and Mist which are notable examples.

Sonder ICO Review Summary

The project seeks to make cryptocurrency trading a hassle-free affair by streamlining payment using crypto coins. Together, the team has the capability to make Sonder the best crypto platform in Europe and Asia by 2019.

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