The main purpose behind the development of is to add some democracy the lending process through the use of asset tokenization and block-chain technology. The system has been developed after extensive research in securing the lending system and to make it quick yet cost-effective. It aims to develop a connection between the low-risk lending industry and the crypto industry so as to resolve monetary issues especially for a big number of car/automobile owners. All in all, this platform will fully remove all the limitations that prevent the common people from having access to the financial system.

The ICO Team

Tomas Novak

CEO and Co-founder

Tomas Novak is the CEO OF and its Co-founder. He has had his education at The University of Vienna, where he has attained a Master’s degree in International Business administration

Eric Hofer


Eric Hofer is the CTO of, a role which he has previously managed in other organizations such as Raiffeisen central Bank for 6 years. Eric has attained a degree in Economics from the University of Vienna

Franz Huber

Blockchain Developer

Franz Huber works as the senior blockchain developer at and he has a Master’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Vienna

Walter Kern

Back-end developer

Walter Kern works as a back-end developer at, and he has a master’s degree from Technische Universität Wien. Furthermore, he has previously worked as a backend developer at Microsoft Austria GmbH and has taken various programming roles in other organizations in the past

Fabio Ricci

Project manager

Fabio Ricci works as a project manager at and has a Master’s degree in European Global Studies from Universitat Basel

Martin Steiner


Martin Steiner works as the CMO at and he has completed his education from the University of Vienna. Previously, he has taken PR management and marketing roles in organizations such as Ketchum Publico nGmbH and bit media e-solutions GmbH

Market Research


Potential/Use Cases


Capitalization Potential

Token Sale

Coin supply/purpose

Compatible Wallets & Exchanges

Trading Rumors


The funds that are collected during the ICO period are stored in multi-signature wallets. A number of officers belonging to the team will hold the keys for these wallets.

Currently in the ICO, the cryptocurrencies that are accepted include BTC, ETH, and LTC.

Upon receiving a confirmation for a transaction, the SCASH tokens will be transferred to your Ethereum dedicated wallet after the ICO ends.