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Rippex Wallet Review 2018

Update: Rippex stopped their operation. Read about it here.

Rippex is one of the familiar words in cryptocurrencies which refers to an application that helps to keep the digital Ripple coins. My interest as a digital currency investor has led me into looking at this, amazing Rippex Ripple system which is highly supported by the Rippex application.

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What Does Rippex Offer?

As an application, Rippex provides the best service to people who want to venture into the Ripple world.

Wallet support

Rippex initially supported a particular type of a Ripple wallet known as a gateway, but it has been closed.  There is need to emphasize that the Gatehub wallet was not associated with Rippex but was just among the many Rippex Ripple wallets equally supported by Rippex.

The services

Once installed, the app allows the user to monitor their coins. Just because the gateway wallet was dismantled does not mean that there are no means of storage. Rippex is compatible with other wallets that can easily be installed with the right steps. There are some wallets available to store the XRP coins once acquired. On installation, Rippex provides the user with the relevant services evolving around the XRP cryptocurrency. This is primarily because the coins issued by Rippex can only be transferred through rippex.

Rippex review

Rippex is a desktop wallet solution for keeping ripple coins. The wallet can be downloaded on Linux, Windows, and Mac. Ripple (XRP) on the other hand is a cryptocurrency that has been accepted as a global payment network. It was released in 2012 and has been recognized across many countries.

RippexRipple is here to provide solutions to common cryptocurrency related gaps like inter-border acceptance with is advanced blockchain technology which is measurable and secure. Rippex can be used by newcomers in the market as well as the ordinary investors and crypto-addicts.

Storing Crypto in Rippex

The most important thing to know about this Rippex Ripple wallet is that the protocol requires each ripple wallet to hold a certain amount of Ripple coins at all times. The required amount is at least 20 XRP. The ripple cryptocurrency also needs to be safely stored with the use of the various RippexRipple wallet options. The most preferred wallet for ripple was gateway performing under the Gatehub affiliation. But since it was closed, investors have comfortably shifted to other wallets that can also be supported by Rippex.  One factor that has promoted the use of Rippex is its ease of use including when one wants to set up a wallet. Every after successfully making sure one’s wallet is up and working the investor is allowed to fund their account with fiat money.

Rippex fees

The Rippex application charges a minimal fee when sending coins out of the wallet. Ripple coins can be bought with fiat money or other significant cryptocurrencies which will then need to be stored in a RippexRipple wallet. It is, however, essential to note that unlike the free Bitcoin wallets, Ripple ones are purchased with 20 XRP.

If you add 1000 XRP to the portfolio on the first purchase, 20 XRP will be cut for the Rippex Ripple wallet address. In general, the reserve requirements are 20 ripples for the address, 5 XRP for each trusting until it is disabled and 5XRP for each open order until it is executed or the deal is dropped.

Personal Identification Number verification

To own and use a Rippex Ripple wallet, an investor has to undergo the specified stages of installing Rippex and setting up a portfolio of their choice. With the correct steps, there is no ambiguous verification required. Within time, the investors will be able to store, buy, and transact services and good with the use of the coin.

The next step is setting up a password which is apparently supposed to be known only to you. Passwords are not shared so no one will have access to your wallets without authorization. The most important requirement when installing a  Rippex desktop wallet solution is making sure you are in a safe place to hide your passwords and display. Also, Rippex works better on a computer with updated anti-malware and anti-virus so ensuring you have this means your Rippex app will be very safe.

Special features

The introduction of Rippex is one of the cleverest and unique ideas. Among its distinctive features is the fact that Rippex does not need Internet connection for its installment. This means that a person can quickly get it anywhere and do the other clarifications once they go where they can connect to the internet. This makes the app itself a unique feature in the cryptocurrency field. Another unusual feature is that Rippex Ripple accounts are identified by unique wallet addresses. There is no confusion when it comes to operating your account as long as you have the private key and your verification codes.

Additionally, it is mandatory for every Ripple investor to understand that the address must be 100% correct, or the XRP will be lost. Rippex was explicitly developed for the Ripple, most of its unique features, therefore, involve the Ripple. For instance, the application can only be used on the Ripple crypto. Last but not least, it can accommodate some wallets at one and safeguard them.

Is Rippex safe?

Rippex is a safe application because the owner has a way of controlling it through encryption and passwords. However, it is easier to understand the safety of the use through looking at the strengths and weaknesses.

The pros

  • Rippex is very easy to use
  • By 2018, Rippex wallet was being incorporated into international payments with the first one being its adaptation by MoneyGram. This is good news for users and investors who realize that their choice is so helpful.

The cons

  • There have been some uncomfortable circumstances involving Rippex; for instance, there was an announcement that on 2nd April the gateway Rippex account would be closed and everyone who had money there had to shift it.
  • The 20XRP base reserve might sound little to some people, but an investor accounts for every single of his or her cent.

Community trust

Rippex has the community trust; this has been supported by the high growth and impressive increase in demand. The best of them all is that the currency has been mentioned as among the top five currencies. Also, the use of RippexRipple in MoneyGram, a trusted international money transfer system proves that the coin is a strong one.


The security of Rippex is among the things that have made the ripple a widely accepted coin. There is a combination of encryptions and protocols that keep the private keys of this coin as safe as possible. There are usual but rare security worries, but with proper steps by the investor, the coins are very reliable. Rippex famously uses the same blockchain with Bitcoin only that it is a closed source.

Customer support

The Customer support is a bit flat on Rippex; site relies on passing information and not receiving. In this case, you have to find out about Rippex on forums.

Handling speed- the installation of Rippex should be as easy as any other application. Sending payments through the network also takes less time, much less than sending cryptocurrencies like bitcoins. Generally, it takes less than one minute to complete a payment.

How to use Rippex?

Setting up a Rippex involves three stages once it is downloaded on your computer.

Step 1

Create a Rippex account- immediately after installing it, press the “Create a new account” choice and then one that says an empty account and then you will be asked where to save your wallet. Rippex will also instruct you to encrypt your wallet and verify passwords for security purposes. And then you will be armed with your secret key which is to be well kept.

Step 2

Deposit a Ripple (XRP), into your wallet; this act has to start with activating your Ripple Wallet before making the deposit.

Step 3

Viewing the Rippex account you just created- you don’t need internet to install it, but you need the connection to see your files. The automation of the file settings had already taken place offline. What you have to master from this stage onward is how to operate your wallet.

In a Nutshell

Rippex is one of the most brilliant inventions in the cryptocurrency world. It is a desktop wallet solution for keeping ripple coins, a growing cryptocurrency. This desktop solution can be used by any interested person because of its ease of use and clear instructions. Other important points about the wallet include:

  • The closure of gateway wallet did not affect its operation because they were not affiliated
  • Among its special features is the 20 XRP reserve retirement for every type of wallet.
  • Rippex is very safe because it requires a general verification and then some security measures once the wallet is installed.
  • One of the reasons it is trusted by the public is because it has been internationally embraced and will be included in the MoneyGram payment system.
  • Rippex has earned itself an eight over 10 score depending on the fees, ease of use, customer service and trust and reputation

Thank you for reading our Rippex exchange review above. If you liked it, visit our website often and you will find more guides and reviews.

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