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REMME wants to replace passwords with an error free authentication technology. Learn more.

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REMME Coin Review & Guide 2018

REMME Coin Guide

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A Ukrainian company known as REMME is fighting against something that bothers the vast majority of people who deal with technology and especially with the internet – cyber attacks. The issue is big all over the world and as of now the main protection that people could find against it is making their passwords longer and more complex. REMME, which initially has started out as an ICO, claims that they have the solution. The company behind REMME has decided to build a unique open source protocol, in order to make the authentication process for people along with their devices without passwords and at the same time as safe as possible. At the moment, as the ICO is over the REMME coin is available in various exchange platforms just like many other cryptocurrencies. In this article, we will try to get an in-depth understanding of REMME coin and try to explore it together.

What is REMME?

REMME coin is providing securities for accessibility of digital identities by the development of an open source distributed public key infrastructure (PKI) protocol. REMME is a platform build with the integration of system properties such as REMME Core, client software, bitcoin anchoring and Oracle. This architecture revolves around a distributed public key infrastructure (PKI) incorporated with decentralized apps (DApps) to provide secure and pass-wordless access to laptops, smartphones cars and other virtual machines hence keeping your data safe and away from fraudsters and scammers.

REMME targets Companies and enterprises that are bugged by the rapidly increasing challenge of cyber threats and individuals who want to protect their items and sensitive data such as bank accounts, health record and emails using a passwordless platform.

The founder and the CEO of the REMME platform – Alex Momot has a degree in finance and has worked in the management of various companies. As for blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies have interested him since they are around. The rest of the team consists of young, enthusiastic professionals that come from various sectors – from IT to business, and try to fill in the gaps from different perspectives. Other than the team, REMME has a large group of advisors as well, who too are coming with all kinds of backgrounds and try to cover various aspects of the company.

REMME Partners

  • REMME has partnered with 482 solutions a global provider of blockchain services and DApp solutions. The company is based in Odessa, Ukraine. Together with REMME, 482 solutions are building DApps for IoT with focus on devices, smart cities, and automotive.
  • REMME Coin has also partnered with a legal company known as Juscutum legal engineering a top legal firm in Information technology and business security. The company advocates for cryptocurrency revolution, being the first firm in Ukraine that accepts bitcoin payments.
  • REMME has partnered with Ambisafe, as a technical partner. Ambisafe is a software provider, smart contracts developer and provider of web-based that explorer that covers IoT.

REMME Coin Solutions

  • Enable certificate validity– This is met by the generation of a certificate and automatic obtaining of the certificate if the previous certificate is expired.
  • Internet of Things (IoT) / automotive – REMME enables security and protection of your car. Nowadays it’s easy to hack self-piloted cars. Remme has developed a secure automation protection by the use of Internet of Things.
  • Medtech – REMME is here with the solution of a challenging issue in health institutions globally, the loss of medical records. REMME provides safe access to medical records by developing a framework for secure user authentication with the use of 2FA technology.
  • REMME is here with the solution of cryptocurrencies transactions reversal. Most of cryptocurrencies transactions are irreversible. These transactions make it easier for fraudsters. With the use of 2FA technology, REMME is able to provide a protected authorization platform.

REMME Coin interesting features

  • REMME provides the solution for password-based authentication underlying problem by the introduction of two-factor authentication systems (2FA) which protects your logins.
  • With the modern era of the computer revolution, password-based authentication has been corrupted. Fraudsters have come up with intelligent methods to authorize logins and gain access to another person’s data.
  • REM coin serves the purpose of internal operations within the REMME ecosystem. The internal operations in the REMME ecosystem include; the ability to enable certificate revocation processes, establishing nodes, they serve as fees for blockchain token transfers and enable the initialization of certificate creation processes.
  • REMME cryptocurrency operates very much like a digital key or even a license and this is how it is capable to grant the access to DApps as well as REMME PKI special for its holders and users.
  • As a user of the REMME coin, you will be able to make use of this token in all kinds of ways. For instance, you may use it for creating the node, for the development of Dapps, in order to generate a certificate, to cover the fees generated because of fiat payments, as well as for revocation.


REM token is an ERC20 type of token that appears to be a utility token. REM is considered a utility token mainly because it is required for various operations both inside the REMME platform and the REMME ecosystem. The company has designed a special and a unique system for REMME token cross – blockchain migration, in order to make sure that all the users that have purchased REMME token are going to be able to get the most advantages one could possibly get.

Another reason why the company has designed REMME token aka REM is that it is expected to perform a preorder access key function, which will enable users’ access to the software version of the program. In other words, REM is letting people make preorder through a function known as key enabling access.

Is Blockchain Really Necessary For REMME To Run?

REMME is using blockchain technology in order to make sure that the distributed certificate management system exists. This system has no way of failing. The company is often comparing the REMME crypto with the superpower of the whole ecosystem which is capable of boosting everything happening inside it.

The token provides the user with all operations available in the REMME ecosystem. It also serves as a digital key that gives the user access to REMME PKI (d) protocol and DApps. The REM token gives the investors the rights of certificate generation, certificate revocation, free for fiat conversion and establishing nodes, among other user rights that will develop with time.

The REMME coin is using Proof of Stake, which is a category of algorithms and through this different cryptocurrency, networks were trying to get consensus distributed.

REMME Coin Distribution

There are 1 billion REM tokens. REMME coins are distributed as follows:

  • The 20% of the token supply is for the partners and the advisors of REMME Capital Ltd. However, the 10% of these tokens are vesting for 6 months, with 3 months cliff.
  • 20% is for the team and the founders of REMME. However, this is going to be vested with 6 months cliff for2 years.
  • 10% is for the reserve funds.
  • 50% of the token supply is for sale.

The proceeds are going to be distributed as follows:

  • 35% for the research and the development teams.
  • 25% for the business development.
  • 20% for operations.
  • 15% for marketing.
  • 5% for legal.


REMME presale started on December 4, 2017, and finished on December 25, 2017. The ICO started itself started on February 13, 2017, and finished on February 22, 2018. During the REMME ICO, there were no restrictions based on geographical location of the participants and the investors could participate from all over the world. The soft cap set by REMME team was $480,000 and they expected to reach it during the presale, meanwhile, the hard cap was set to $20 million including the presale. The initial price of a REM token was $0.04. The accepted currencies during the ICO were ETH and BTC. The company used Know Your Customer (KYC) approach on a basic level. By the end of the ICO REMME managed to reach the hard cap by raising around $20 million.

REMME growth

As it has been mentioned above the initial price of a REM token was $0.04. However, just like any other cryptocurrency, REM too had some ups and downs. To be more precise, on March 2, 2018, the price of the token fell to $0.2466. Then on March 8, it rose up to $0.028766 and the market cap at that time was $16,988,705. As of March 8, 2018, the price of REM token is $0.025794, which means it has decreased for around 22.5% and the market cap is $15,483,852. The price of the token since February 26, 2018, until today – March 8, 2018, has similar to Bitcoin’s volatility and had ups and downs within the same time frames, however, the volatility of REM is more drastic. This is somehow natural as it is a relatively new token.

How to buy REMME?

The first thing you need to get before buying a cryptocurrency is getting a good REMME wallet. As a matter of fact, this is one of the essential steps in the process. If the wallet is not safe enough then there are very high risks of becoming a victim of a hack, malware, and theft. As it was mentioned above, REMME crypto is an ERC20 token. This means that REM tokens are supposed to be compatible with various ERC20 wallets. ERC20 compatible wallets can be both hot and cold storage wallets.

  • For instance, one of the most well-known ERC20 wallets is MyEtherWallet, which is very reputable web wallet. However, it is not recommended to store large sums of digital currencies on any wallet connected to the Internet.
  • As for cold storage wallets, these are offline and are usually considered to some of the safest options. These usually come with paper wallets or a hardware device. The hardware devices, however, need to be purchased beforehand. For example, for REM one of the best hardware wallets can be Ledger Nano S.  This device is completely offline, with a convenient design and is easy to use.

REMME Exchanges

After getting safe wallets for your coins it is time to find a safe and a reliable exchange platform that trades REM tokens. However, please note that you need to have either BTC or ETH in order to be able to buy REM because it is not possible to purchase REM with fiat currency. As soon as you have BTC or ETH you can trade those for REM in the following exchange platforms. Similar websites are and Tidex.

Here is a step by step guide on how to buy REM token.

  1. Get a reliable ERC20 compatible wallet.
  2. Get registered/install it. Make sure not share your private keys and passwords with anyone as it will make your wallet vulnerable to theft.
  3. If you do not own BTC or ETH, buy BTC or ETH from reliable exchange platforms.
  4. After getting your cryptocurrencies ready for buying REM go to an exchange website that supports REM.
  5. Deposit your BTC/ETH and exchange it for REM.
  6. After you buy REMME crypto store the REM tokens on your ERC20 compatible REMME

To Sum it Up

Now, all we have to do is to wait and see if REMME is really a game changer or not. Will the company really move the protection against cyber-attacks to a new level? Make sure to follow our website on regular basis and keep up with everything related to the REMME ecosystem as well as to the overall crypto world.

Thank you for reading this REMME coin guide, we hope it was helpful for you. See you next time!

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