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REMITANO Exchange Review 2018


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REMITANO is an online platform that allows users to buy or sell Ethereum or Bitcoin among themselves for fiat currencies. The cryptocurrency trading platform is decentralized and allows peer-to-peer trading for a small fee.

Users do not require government IDs when it comes to account verification at the beginning but there is an account verification option as one proceeds to execute a transaction. In fact, the platform recommends a government ID when it comes to verification. Also, it is very simple to create a REMITANO account as the process is straightforward.

The platform is not your traditional cryptocurrency exchange as it more of a decentralized remittance platform than an exchange platform. However, it is important to point out that the REMITANO exchange platform allows leveraged trading like other cryptocurrency exchanges. The fact that the company offers escrow trading makes it different from its peers in the industry.

This article will provide a comprehensive REMITANO review that will help potential users answer important questions such as;

  • Is REMITANO Legit?
  • Is REMITANO Safe?
  • Can I trust REMITANO?


REMITANO is a peer-to-peer trading exchange. The platform offers an e-wallet service that can be used to transfer funds internationally. The company is based in Seychelles and is a product of Babylon Solutions Limited. The platform began its operations in 2016 as a cryptocurrency exchange program.

  • The company is supported in many countries including; South Africa, Zimbabwe, Vietnam, United States, Uganda, Thailand, Tanzania, Taiwan, Sweden, Singapore, Russia, Qatar, Poland, Pakistan, Philippines, Oman, New Zealand, Norway, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Spain,, Denmark, Colombia, China, Cote de Voire, Canada, Cambodia, Belarus, Bangladesh, Australia, Nigeria, Namibia, Malaysia, Mexico, Kenya, Japan, Italy, India, Israel, Indonesia, and Ghana.
  • REMITANO has no limitations for buying and selling amounts.
  • The platform’s buying payment methods include; Wire Transfer and cash deposits.
  • REMITANO’s selling payment methods include; Wire Transfer and Cash deposits.
  • Available cryptocurrencies for this platform include; Bitcoin cash, Bitcoin, Tether, and Ethereum. Check it out here- Bitcoin Remitano, Bitcoin Cash Remitano, Tether Remitano and Ethereum Remitano.
  • The platform requires a government ID verification before you can be allowed to trade. In addition, there is email verification to ensure users only access their accounts via a link that is normally sent to their email.
  • The REMITANO platform charges a transaction fee of 1% and there are no extra charges when buying currency.
  • The platform has an e-wallet feature that allows users to transfer funds internationally.


  • Community trust

The Bitcoin community on Bitcointalk, Reddit, and Facebook have divergent opinions about REMITANO. However, the company receives many positive reviews when it comes to customer support as well as the efficiency of the platform. As a peer-to-peer currency exchange platform, REMITANO provides a secure trading environment and connects Bitcoin traders from different parts of the world. Therefore, the integrity of traders determines whether the platform can be trusted or not.

  • Security- encryption, HTTPS, how they keep themselves and our coins safe?

REMITANO is one of the most secure currency trading platforms in the market considering its elaborate trading security. To begin with, REMITANO has a reputation system that displays the trading history of each trader to expose fraudsters. Second, the platform has an Escrow Service that holds a seller’s Bitcoin until the payment has been confirmed by the seller.

The buyer can only receive Bitcoin from Escrow after the payment has been confirmed. The Escrow Service is meant to protect both the buyer and the seller from fraud.  Third, REMITANO has a factor authentication system that is meant to prevent unauthorized access to a user’s account. Fourth, the platform has a Login guard in form of email verification that also prevents unauthorized access. Finally, REMITANO has a support and conflict resolution team that helps to resolve any conflicts between sellers and buyers.

  • Customer support

As mentioned earlier, REMITANO has an efficient customer support team that continues to receive positive reviews due to its speed of response and efficiency.  The online support is available 24/7 to resolve conflicts between sellers and buyers and at the same time respond to customer questions.

  • Handling speed

The platform also performs well when it comes to the issue of handling speed. REMITANO ensures that all transactions are completed in time and guarantees a timely response to customer questions.

How to use REMITANO?

The following are some important guidelines on how to trade on the platform and at the same time avoid a REMITANO scam;

  • Select your country of choice from the top menu under the drop-down tab.
  • Each page has five sellers that are arranged from a seller with the lowest price to one with the highest price.
  • It is advisable to consider a more reputable seller without putting a lot of emphasis on price.
  • Check out the seller’s transaction history to analyze their past transactions.
  • Some of the seller’s qualifications to look out for include; a minimum of 30 trades, a 98% feedback score form a least 10 persons, verifiable identity, a minimum of 2 months of active trading, at least 10 partners, and acceptable delivery time.
  • The platform has a buy/sell bitcoin button that users are expected to click when they want to make a transaction.
  • It is only advisable to select verified merchants.

REMITANO Review Summary

REMITANO is a Bitcoin exchange platform based in Seychelles. The platform offers a safe environment for buying and selling cryptocurrency.

Some of its cons include;

  • Local currencies.
  • Supported in multiple countries.
  • Comparable and affordable fees.
  • Supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, USDT
  • Escrow trading.
  • Easy to use.

REMINATO’s cons include;

  • It is an offshore company.
  • Few listings.
  • Only suitable for more populous countries.

REMINATO is a good platform for both beginners and high rollers as it does not have limitations when it comes to buying or selling cryptocurrency. In addition, the fees charged by the platform are relatively low as compared to similar platforms. Therefore, REMINATO is a platform to consider as it guarantees the security of funds.

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