Refereum GAMING

Refereum concept is to eliminate open market practices that involve individualized legal costs simultaneously making marketing intermediaries superfluous. Refereum’s will use cash rewards to enable the superior acquisition of new players and enlargement of the gaming community. By connecting various gaming groups, Refereum will provide revenues to gamers, influencers, and developer while maximizing marketing speeds and player involvement.

The ICO Team

Dylan Jones


Dylan is highly experienced in the making of electronic games. In the past, he worked with Facebook and other mobile game developers to create successful gaming titles. An advocate of decentralized gaming platforms, he cofounded Gamenest in 2017

Alistair Doulin


A renowned veteran of the gaming industry with vast experience in the game engines development. Besides, he has over 15-years experience in software architecture and team management. Currently, he is in charge of Bane Games, a game development studio in Brisbane Australia

Oleksii Matiiasevych

Smart Contract Author

In charge of authoring Refereum’s Smart Contracts using Solidity. In July 2017, he helped mitigate Ethereum multi-sig exploit recovering millions of dollars. Other of his competencies include black/white box testing, defect/task tracking, test documentation, scripting, ERP app development, and programming

Market Research


Business Model

Potential/Use Cases


Capitalization Potential



Coin Supply/Purpose

Compatible Wallets & Exchanges

Rules, Laws, Tax & Regulations


RFR tokens are built to enable the decentralization if cash reward schemes and referral marketing in a global context. Users sharing referral links will earn RFRs exchangeable for cash or new gaming content. With RFR tokens, users can pay for more traffic, share accrued profits with influencers, or have their game featured in the marketplace for a fee.

Refereum’s team is conducting a KYC in a most secure and inclusive way. In its KYC, it collects specific and methodological information across various data points. Going forward the teams will process collected data in an orderly, inclusive manner followed by an official announcement of who is eligible to participate and when

Presently, there are no details available regarding the presale or crowdsale bonuses but details will be provided on a case-by-case basis. Besides, each case will be reviewed individually to determine its eligibility for any of these bonuses. Those interested in the presale are advised to exercise patience as the Refereum’s team processes any early applications. Investors weighing to participate should keep on the lookout for a confirmation email informing them of when the sale will be rolling out.