An integrated computing system that is technologically advanced to enable and empower financial security. Uniquely combined aspects of superposition and entanglement that enable efficiency. Cutting-edge technology for Quantum Encryption Key Generation (QEKG) which enables the platform to safeguard and secure data for now and the future.

The ICO Team

Mattias Bergstrom


He is the inventor and tech executive with an experience of two decades in the field of internet protocols and networking. He originates from Stockholm Sweden

Stan Miasnikov


He specializes in software architecture with a vast knowledge of 25 years in the field. He also contributed highly to the development of Quantum software development and research

Mats Jagmalm

Cryptocurrency Expert

He has vast experience as a data scientist. Mat is also a finance expert which complements his understanding of how crypto-markets work. He also guides the ICO process

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Most encryption processes depend on hacking because they are not worth the resource and time required. Hackers will not have the effort to spend a lot of their time to crack certain encryptions. However quantum computers are capable of performing hard tasks of encryption much effectively, therefore this factor puts quantum computing at a higher and efficient computing level than other systems hence being a risk.

Superposition is one of the characters of quantum computing that strengthens the system. Superposition provides the computer with the capability to perform calculations and tasks more efficiently than usual computers.

The most vital aspects of cryptocurrency are reliability. the reliability of cryptocurrencies is derived from the use of sophisticated encryption techniques to keep track of transactions and keep the data secure. This ensures that coins are not used twice. Unlike RSA systems where the use of the same amount of cryptocurrency for multiple transactions was possible, in Quantum computing such transactions can be avoided. This ensures the reliability of the system forever.