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An integrated computing system that is technologically advanced to enable and empower financial security. Uniquely combined aspects of superposition and entanglement that enable efficiency. Cutting-edge technology for Quantum Encryption Key Generation (QEKG) which enables the platform to safeguard and secure data for now and the future.

Important Facts

  • Quantum Encryption key.
  • Quantum computing.
  • Cutting edge secured storage and transfer of data.

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The ICO Team

Mattias Bergstrom

CEO- He is the inventor and tech executive with an experience of two decades in the field of internet protocols and networking. He originates from Stockholm Sweden

Stan Miasnikov

CTO- He specializes in software architecture with a vast knowledge of 25 years in the field. He also contributed highly to the development of Quantum software development and research

Mats Jagmalm

Cryptocurrency Expert- He has vast experience as a data scientist. Mat is also a finance expert which complements his understanding of how crypto-markets work. He also guides the ICO process

Market Research

  • There is the increased demand of the Quantum1Net ICO since the provision of digital security on transactions.
  • The market includes all cryptocurrencies and related transactions. Therefore ICO has a prevailing global market.
  • Presently no threats.  No competitors using the level of cutting-edge technology like Quantum1Net ICO.


  • Silver token capped at 15 million available in February 2018.
  • Convertible to Gold Token at 20% discount.

Business Model

  • They aim to improve data security.
  • Focus on Exploitation of superposition on computers to perform tasks efficiently.
  • Enhance secure storage and transfer of data with use of (QEKG) technology.
  • Scientifically quantum engineered to eliminate vulnerabilities that exist in Bitcoin and related currencies.
  • Technologically improvised to ensure quantum secure – encryption services now and in the future.


  • No information is available about partnerships or early investors.
  • Quantum1Net Company is registered by itself.


  • All Quantum members have credible linked accounts.
  • Quantum1Net is a registered company in Tenerife.
  • They published a telephone number for further inquiries and support- +34 617 153 078

Compatible Wallets & Exchanges

  • Supported on MyEtherWallet.
  • Further info will be announced later this year.

Rules, Laws, Tax & Regulations

  • It is upon the investor to comply with the applicable law when participating with Quantum1Net.
  • ICO customers are responsible for any tax requirements by local regulators during the transaction.
  • Tokens are not classified as securities or shares.

Trading Rumors

  • The quantum team has more than half a century experience in data science, technology, and data informatics.
  • Investors believe the idea is very useful and they are certain it will be a great success.


  • Start date of ICO token sale: 2018-02-02.
  • End date of ICO token sale: 2018-03-09.
  • Q1S Token price 1ETH = 1000Q1S.
  • Q1S token presale (closed).
  • 1st Token sale (Silver Token) on February 2018 – 15 Million
  • 2nd Token Sale (Gold Token ) in July 2018 – 18 million
  • 3rd token sale (Gold Token) on January 2019 – 200 Million
  • Bonus: week 1 – 20%, Week 2 – 15%,  Week 3 – 10%, Week 4 – 5%, Week 5 – 0%
  • Accepted currencies – Ethereum

Coin Supply/Purpose

  • Coins stored in MyEtherWallet
  • Coins purchased at Ethereum – no specified method of purchase
  • Both Hard and soft capped coins permitted.
  • Tokens generated automatically after receipt of ETH.
  • Their tokens are separated into three

Silver token (Febreuary 2018)

  • Ethereum based.
  • Backings move to a new office and center the development.
  • Procuring new engineers to meet July 2018 constrained Quantum1Net discharge.

Gold Token (July 2018)

  • Bitcoin-based, include QEK.
  • Offer proof-of-concept of their QEK, this token will incorporate quantum encryption.
  • Backings advancement of equipment and document transmission platform.


Why is quantum computing a threat to current encryption methods?

Most encryption processes depend on hacking because they are not worth the resource and time required. Hackers will not have the effort to spend a lot of their time to crack certain encryptions. However quantum computers are capable of performing hard tasks of encryption much effectively, therefore this factor puts quantum computing at a higher and efficient computing level than other systems hence being a risk.

What is superposition?

Superposition is one of the characters of quantum computing that strengthens the system. Superposition provides the computer with the capability to perform calculations and tasks more efficiently than usual computers.

Why are Bitcoin and other forms of cryptocurrency at risk due to quantum computing?

The most vital aspects of cryptocurrency are reliability. the reliability of cryptocurrencies is derived from the use of sophisticated encryption techniques to keep track of transactions and keep the data secure. This ensures that coins are not used twice. Unlike RSA systems where the use of the same amount of cryptocurrency for multiple transactions was possible, in Quantum computing such transactions can be avoided. This ensures the reliability of the system forever


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