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PureVPN for Roku – Is It Safe?

Roku is arguably one of the best and most popular streaming devices in the market today. What’s more, the brand is continuously adding to its list of compatible streaming channels. But even as this list of channels continues to grow, the channels one can install and watch are limited for those living outside the UK and US. And even for those living in the U.S and U.K, they still experience some blackouts imposed on specific channels like NBA League Pass, NHL Game Pass, NFL.tn and MLB.tv. But before you throw in the towel, PureVPN comes to the rescue.

PureVPN is a service designed to grant you access to all Roku channels with geographical restrictions. As an enthusiast living outside the U.K and U.S, you’ll get to enjoy Roku it all its glory and splendor.

With that said, you are probably wondering why you should pick PureVPN Roku over all other VPN services available. Well, in this post, we seek to answer this question and more.

So let’s get to it.

Should You Use PureVPN for Roku?

Sure, there is a sea of VPNs marketing themselves as the best for Roku. Unfortunately, we can see right through their marketing schemes. We are smart enough to verify the claims on our own. When choosing the best VPN service for Roku, there are many factors to consider. From the long list, we shall pick the most important factors and see how Roku PureVPN matches up to the expectations.

Server location and numbers

So here’s the thing – the reason you need a VPN for Roku is to bypass geolocation restrictions. As such, it wouldn’t make sense for you to choose a VPN service with very few or no servers in the U.K and the U.S. The best VPN for Roku is that which has an extensive server network spread out in countries all over the world including countries that house your desired Roku content.

PureVPN Roku servers are about 750+. These servers are spread out in more than 141 countries. It’s worth noting that in the U.S, PureVPN has 19 servers. With this coverage, this puts PureVPN among the best Roku VPNs.

Connection Speed

Generally, speed is important when deciding on which VPN service to use. But it’s even more important is the sole purpose of subscribing to a VPN service is to unlock Roku content. With 1080p and 4K quality content available, you’ll want a service that will allow you to stream data without long buffering periods.

Speed tests conducted with PureVPN deduce that the service offers 83% of unprotected ISP speeds. Though this is not the best speeds we have encountered, the service will allow you to stream 4K content with minimal buffering.

Safety and Privacy

The ability of a VPN service to protect your anonymity and payment information is a huge factor to bear in mind. It’s actually a deal breaker if a VPN doesn’t have high-level safety and privacy protocols. With regards to privacy and safety, you should consider the kinds of logs the service keeps and their encryption protocols.

PureVPN uses PPTP, L2TP, SSTP, and IKEv2 protocols to keep you safe. On top of these, PureVPN has a strict no-log policy. To enhance your privacy and anonymity, PureVPN accepts Bitcoin payments.

User Interface and Compatibility

PureVPN app interface is simple and straightforward. It’s designed to enable first time or novice users to navigate without problems. Unfortunately, Roku is not supported by the PureVPN app. Manual setup is required. Though this setup needs some additional steps, it’s relatively easy. For the manual setup, you’ll need to use a router compatible with PureVPN. Luckily, PureVPN is compatible with numerous devices including D-link routers, MikroTik router, Sabai, Sitecom Gigabit and TRENDnet router.

More to this, PureVPN is compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, and MacOS devices.

PureVPN Roku Important Features

We have established that you can stream Roku with PureVPN. But in addition to this ability, PureVPN is efficient and effective at the service offered. PureVPN has several features which ensure its superior performance. These features include:

  • Split tunneling – this feature provides you with the option to choose how you would like to watch your favorite Roku channels. It could be through PureVPN or without it. Alternatively, if you use PureVPN strictly for Roku, you could set other connections to be through your ISP. The general idea is splitting data sent as needed.
  • Unfortunately, PureVPN doesn’t include TOR. However, you can use one above it. This will provide you with additional security and privacy
  • Killswitch feature – this feature is more like a fail-safe. The idea is to ensure your anonymity is protected even when your VPN connection drops.
  • NAT Firewall add-on – this feature fills up all possible hacking loopholes. It is designed to enhance your security.
  • DDoS protection – protects you from DDoS attacks. Courtesy of this protection, you also benefit from static connections for Roku streaming and blocking of illegal traffic.

PureVPN Roku Servers

PureVPN has fast speeds. Though the speeds vary depending on your location and bandwidth, PureVPN offers the following figures.

In the U.S, PureVPN claims the base speeds are 200 Mbps, and the download speeds are 183 Mbps. In the UK, the base speeds are 500 Mbps while the download speeds are 390 Mbps. In Singapore, the base speeds are 100 Mbps, and the download speeds are 50 Mbps.

Roku with PureVPN – Prices and Plans

Note: PureVPN doesn’t have a free plan.

The price plans are split into 3:

  • Monthly – $10.95 p/m
  • Biennial – $3.29 p/m
  • Yearly – $5.41 p/m.

Each of these plans sports 31-day money back guarantee. You can make payments through Credit cards, Paypal, Alipay, CoinPayments, Bluesnap, and PaymentWall.

So, should you use PureVPN for Roku?

We should start by pointing out that PureVPN is not perfect. However, its creators have done their best to provide high-quality service for Roku. The list of features, pricing and user interface, are all designed to provide impeccable service. And in case you run into problems, the friendly customer service is available to attend to you. So yes, PureVPN is a good option.

Hopefully, this review answers some of your questions. But if you still have some more questions, feel free to comment below and/or read our other posts. Thank you.

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