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Private VPN for Torrenting – is it Safe?

Torrenting is one of the best ways to get a file or program online. There is one little problem though; Torrent sites are unsafe. They are illegal in many countries and can be rampant with hackers.

The best way to stay secure while on torrenting sites is to use a VPN. Almost all the problems associated with peer to peer file sharing sites are solved by using virtual private networks. PrivateVPN for Torrenting shields your computer’s identity from the public thus ensuring you upload and download files in the most secure way.

Unlike many providers, PrivateVPN encourages and supports the use of Torrenting sites by offering customized services. The company has special servers for torrent users. Their speeds are super-fast, and the company’s privacy policy is what any VPN user wishes for.

Should you use PrivateVPN for Torrenting?

As a torrent user, privacy is one of the most vital things you wouldn’t want to be compromised. Your government probably spies on people like you. Additionally, hackers visit torrenting sites to spies on unsuspecting users and attack them. Furthermore, some ISP providers throttle your Internet speed when you start Torrenting.

PrivateVPN torrenting combines a variety of great features to ensure your experience on p2p file sharing sites is unparalleled. These specifications can be summarized into:

Safety and Privacy

If your Internet connection is interrupted, PrivateVPN keeps you secured through an IPv6 protocol. The kill-switch feature ensures your Internet traffic is shielded from the public before you are logged out of any Torrent site.

For data safety, PrivateVPN utilizes AES-256, the best data encryption protocol. The provider also uses other industry-standard procedures like OpenVPN, L2TP, IPSec, and IKEv2. Additionally, the torrent-friendly provider gives you access to at least one open port for secure downloads.

Download Speeds

PrivateVPN isn’t the fastest provider around, but their download speeds are fast enough to help you download a 5GB file in less than ten minutes. The company’s average download speed is 30Mbps, a standard speed at best.

Like many VPNs, you may get different speeds at different locations. PrivateVPN is faster in Europe than in the US. It’s a bit slow in Asia but provide decent downloads for torrenting purposes.

Server Location and Numbers

PrivateVPN was built with torrent users and Netflix fans in mind. Their services are centered on security and unblocking geo-restricted content. Their 80+ servers in 57 countries may not seem like many, but they are evenly distributed in all continents.

Australians and New Zealanders have a few PrivateVPN Torrent servers located close to them. On the other hand, Europe and UK residents have the convenience of 30+ servers. PrivateVPN also has servers spread out in Asia, South Africa, the US, and South America.

User Interface + Compatibility

PrivateVPN is easy to install. Its interface is compatible with almost every Android, Windows and iOS devices. You can connect to a variety of routers and troubleshoot simple issues through its FAQ on the provider’s site. An email address and password are required to access your account.

But once in, everything else is easy. You can choose a VPN just above the ‘Connect’ icon, select the security protocol to use, the language and whether to connect to a single server location automatically. Other tweaks you can add to your connection is the DNS leak protection, IPv6 and the kill-switch feature.

Torrenting with PrivateVPN – does it keep logs?

PrivateVPN is very clear about their data logging policy. They are a zero data logging company. Whatever you upload or download on the Internet is your secret. No government can force the Swiss provider to give out data about you because they keep none of it.

While they don’t keep logs about what your search on the Internet, they keep cookies. The company says they collect the data to improve their services. Many VPNs collect some logs but nothing that could compromise your security.

A zero-logs policy is a must-have feature in any VPN service you use for Torrenting. If you live in the US, the UK or any country that forces companies to share users’ data, you can’t afford to have your data compromised by a VPN. With no logs kept, you can download anything online and don’t be subjected to arrests.

PrivateVPN Torrenting Important Features

Military grade protection, anti-DDOS, a kill-switch, and double protection is more than you need to surf the Internet securely. PrivateVPN offers all of the aforementioned features and more. Because privacy and security are the most important features to torrent users, the Swiss provider ensures you are completely secured.

DDOS stands for distributed denial of services. Unauthorized Internet users sometimes maliciously send so much traffic to a single server that it stops working. PrivateVPN’s anti-DDOS servers for torrent users provide reliability at any given time.

Users can also get dedicated IP addresses or use shared addresses. But of more importance is Tor compatibility. When using PrivateVPN Torrent services, your traffic goes through tor before passing to the VPN and then to the Internet. You get double protection, which ensures your data is never leaked in any way.

PrivateVPN Torrent Servers

While many VPNs support torrenting, their support comes in different ways. Torrenting PrivateVPN services are personalized to suit every torrent user’s needs. You get unlimited file sharing bandwidth, while your security and anonymity are assured.

The provider does its best to keep their download speeds optimum as you torrent. They protect your right to privacy by not keeping logs. And if you are not satisfied, you can get your money back within 30 days.

The Swiss VPN combines a range of security features to keep hackers at bay while on torrent sites. They ensure your personal data like IP address and location are hidden. No one can email you blackmails because your data is conveniently protected. Your government and ISP providers can’t throttle or come after you for torrenting.

Torrenting with PrivateVPN – Prices and Plans

A single PrivateVPN license unlocks access to the VPN’s services on 6 devices. That means you can Torrent with PrivateVPN securely on your iPhone, your router, TV, laptop and other family members’ devices with one subscription. The payments are relatively cheap, payable using credit cards, PayPal and cryptocurrencies.

Payment Plans

If you choose to pay on month by month basis, PrivateVPN’s services will set you back $7.67. If you need VPN services temporarily, then the 3-month subscription is a better deal. You pay $15.75 in total, which translates to $5.25 a month. You save 52% in the process. The company’s best deal is an annual plan that costs $50.40. Compared to the monthly plan, you save 64%. You also get one extra month of the company’s services at no extra charges.

So, should you use PrivateVPN for Torrenting?

Torrenting is a unique niche that only a few VPN providers know how to cater for the right way. A company may use military-grade protection, but if it regularly compromises users’ DNS data, it’s not worth using. PrivateVPN has been providing services since 2008 and never had a single data breach.

The Swiss-based company does not keep logs and connects you through Tor for double protection. Your bandwidth is unlimited and has unique features for torrent users. In essence, almost every aspect of security and privacy are assured. Speed, which is often a problem with many VPNs for the torrent, is above average. Their packages are cheap and convenient. You can also pay using bitcoin for added anonymity.

So yes, PrivateVPN is a good and recommended VPN for torrenting. Thank you for reading the guide above. Find more VPN reviews for all the top providers out there.

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