OTPPAY is an Omni token platform that has been developed for payment services. The main aim of this Blockchain powered platform is to enable buying, trading, and payment of major crypto assets globally. This, as with OTPPAY, is set to occur at an affordable and instant fee as opposed to the other platforms.

The ICO Team

Lalithbabu Logeshwarrao


He graduated from University of south wales Chennai, Tamil Nadu India. Lalithbabu founded OTP currency in the year 2010 and has been focused on global investments. He has an enthusiast of growth and development

Vijayakumar Rajan

Blockchain technologist, and technical manager

Rajan is a madras university graduate and Indian native. He previously worked for numerous institutions. This includes payzak financial services private limited, Appsinbox software solutions, and ANB System Inc. currently, he is serving at IDB Technologies as a technical manager

Vladimir Nikitin

Lead advisor

Vladimir is top level professional in legal consulting. He is an experienced ICO advisor and he is busy with many projects like- Alttex.io, Fiancia.io, Lunch MoneyToken. He brings many knowledge to the table.

Market Research


Business Model

Potential/Use Cases


Capitalization Potential



Coin Supply/Purpose

Compatible Wallets & Exchanges

Trading Rumors


They plan to reach 600 million sales in ice. This will include over 100 million tokens of bonus and rewards.

To be a part of the pre-token offering, the steps are simple. What you need to do is send the ETH to the token offering. With that, tokens will be mechanically sent to your address.

As for now, they have only one payment method, which is ETH.