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OTPPAY ICO Review 2018

OTPPAY is an Omni token platform that has been developed for payment services. The main aim of this Blockchain powered platform is to enable buying, trading, and payment of major crypto assets globally. This, as with OTPPAY, is set to occur at an affordable and instant fee as opposed to the other platforms.

Important Facts

  • OTPPAY is bound to be the largest platform which will support almost all the major worlds’ crypto assets.
  • OTPPAY is a platform convenient in terms of payment where clients will be allowed to use the cryptocurrency of their choice to make payments to vendors.
  • Their plan is to overpass the gap between crypto and fiat currency.

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The ICO Team

Lalithbabu Logeshwarrao

CEO, He graduated from University of south wales Chennai, Tamil Nadu India. Lalithbabu founded OTP currency in the year 2010 and has been focused on global investments. He has an enthusiast of growth and development.

Vijayakumar Rajan

Blockchain technologist, and technical manager, Rajan is a madras university graduate and Indian native. He previously worked for numerous institutions. This includes payzak financial services private limited, Appsinbox software solutions, and ANB System Inc. currently, he is serving at IDB Technologies as a technical manager

Vladimir Nikitin

Lead advisor, Vladimir is top level professional in legal consulting. He is an experienced ICO advisor and he is busy with many projects like- Alttex.io, Fiancia.io, Lunch MoneyToken. He brings many knowledge to the table.

Market Research

  • OTPPAY Omni token platform supports instant and convenient services. This is as a result of the Al powered engines where services are instant but with a minimal approach.
  • There is flexibility in crypto and fiat exchange in the mobile wallets. As a result, it is easy to switch between the different modes of payment. This includes modes such as crypto-crypto, fiat to fiat, crypto to fiat, vice versa.


  • The minimal viable product with OTPPAY ICO is the invented supply app in the system. It enables easy creation of digital currency wallet thus a client is able to buy and sell their preferred crypto asset with ease.

Business Model

  • OTPPAY is a payment platform and utilizes the Blockchain powered wallet platform. The use of blockchain-powered wallet facilitates in the buying, selling, exchanging and paying services.
  • The platform has a vision of creating crypto crediting rating system. As a result, OTPPAY lending features will improve hence both user and merchants will widely benefit.

Potential/Use Cases

  • OTPPAY is unique in several ways, compared to the other platforms; it is fast and reliable in many ways. For that reason, token holders are able to connect to token sale in a much-organized
  • Aside from its ability to make instant payments, OTTPAY allows users to change the primary payment option to any cryptocurrency to OTPPAY tokens.
  • The platform can work with other technologies aside from Blockchain where it is set to support fiat currency.


OTPPAY platform has partnered with many diverse experts to achieve their cryptocurrency success. This includes firms such as:

  • mobile tech
  • digital payments
  • Crypto markets
  • and many more.

Capitalization Potential

  • As listed in the OTPPAY structure, the potential target is having three different stages. This includes pre-ICO, ICO first stage, and second stage respectively.

The distribution, therefore, will be as follows;

  • Pre-ico- token adding up to 3750 ETH will be distributed to check on market response.
  • ICO stage 1 will issue 37500 ETH worth tokens while stage 2 will issue up to 3000 ETH.
  • The aim is therefore as at 600 million tokens worth of 71250 ETH.


  • The OTPPAY platform has genuine, services and credible offers including bonuses.
  • Above all, the website has published more than six real and diverse team members who are dedicated and ready to promote the cryptocurrency business to other levels.
  • There are more than 70 million tokens allocated for numerous reasons. This includes for efficiency in business collaborations and industry tie-ups.

Token Sale

  • Token- OTP
  • PreICO price 16000 TKN =1ETH
  • Price 1 OTP =0.0000625 ETH
  • Bonus Available
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Accepting ETH
  • Soft cap- 1, 250 ETH
  • Hard cap- 71, 250 ETH
  • Whitelist/KYC KYC

Coin Supply/Purpose

  • The total coin supply has been growing with time, from the previous number, the total coin supply now is at 600, 000, 000
  • OTPPAY compatible wallet – MyEtherWallet
  • 5% value of transaction charged as gas per every transaction made.

Compatible Wallets & Exchanges

Wallets: OTP is an ERC20 thus it is compatible with ERC20 compatible wallets like- MyEtherWallet

Exchanges: OTP is yet to be listed on an exchange.

Trading Rumors

  • There is a plan to improve the OTPPAY transaction line to better and convenient as compared with the existing status. The move will encourage the users and traders to enhance their relationship. For instance, the planned al powered smart engine is set to, effectively, frame crypto credit rating.
  • So far, the involved parties are satisfied with the services hence no much complains has been experienced.


What is your prediction for the future sale?

They plan to reach 600 million sales in ice. This will include over 100 million tokens of bonus and rewards.

What is the full process to engage in the pre-sale/ICO?

To be a part of the pre-token offering, the steps are simple. What you need to do is send the ETH to the token offering. With that, tokens will be mechanically sent to your address.

Is OTPPAY open to all types of payment methods or is there a specific method?

As for now, they have only one payment method, which is ETH.

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