An advanced multi-tier marketing and loyalty platform that will transform how merchandising activities are performed using blockchain technology. Orioncoin’s concept brings together traditional practices and innovative crypto technologies to create a platform that engages clients in revolutionary ways. In contrast to its competitors, Orioncoin will leverage leading global business infrastructure in its quest to deliver value to ORC users, the crypto-economy, and business affiliates.

The ICO Team

Tang Woanjen


Tang has over 8 years of experience in Asset Management. He holds a Bachelor of Civil Engineering from Ryerson University. At Orioncoin, he oversees Orioncoin’s ICO team

Clement Tang Wooi Chon


Tang serves as an advisor and financial planner in charge of risk management at Orioncoin. He is a part of the team overseeing Orioncoin’s ICO rollout

Market Research


Business Model

Potential/Use Cases




Coin Supply/Purpose

Exchanges and Wallets

Rules, Laws, Tax & Regulations


Orioncoin is in the business of creating its own blockchain-based loyalty program. Initially, the platform will focus on the travel, hospitality, and leisure industries. Capturing this market is central to Orioncoin’s expansion goal. As more people travel around the world, the Orioncoin platform will provide travellers with a payments means for services using the ORC coin as well as opportunities to expand their reach globally.

Orioncoin is working in collaboration with startups well as with established blockchain companies. Working with experienced companies increases Orioncoin’s understanding of the blockchain ecosystem. Whereas working with startups has introduced the company to new and innovative ways of thinking.

Yes, as most individuals have no interest in conventional loyalty point systems. So Orioncoin’s goal is to implement a simple blockchain-based loyalty point program that can offer value encouraging more people to embrace this concept. Orioncoin will achieve this through the free distribution of loyalty points combined with the ORC coin to simplify access to markets as well as propel platform development efforts forward.