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Omnia Tech Review 2018

Omnia Tech Review

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For some time now, cloud mining is gaining a wide following due to its simplistic nature. Cloud mining is described as the process of mining cryptocurrencies by using a remote data center with shared processing power. This alternative method of mining doesn’t require one to own or manage a hardware kit.

Cloud mining is provided as a service, and this means some costs must be incurred. This, in turn, can mean low returns for some miners. Nevertheless, the type of service you choose matters a lot as some are a complete scam. One of the latest cloud mining services providers is Omnia Tech.

What is Omnia Tech?

Omnia Tech is a company that offers cryptocurrency cloud mining services through various plans. The enterprise was founded in 2017, and its address indicates that it operates from Malta in the UK. Taking a closer look at the provided address, it appears that several companies have been listed under it-most of which fall under the gambling niche. For this, we can all speculate that Omnia Tech doesn’t have a physical presence. Their website reveals Thomas Hintermaier as the core individual behind the project and serves as the Chief Technology Officer. The site goes ahead to praise Thomas skills as an established manager who has worked with Scapa Forming GmBH and OberdorferSiebtechnik.

A simple google up of Thomas indicates that he is an alma mater of the University of Bonn. He specialized in financial economics and macroeconomics. There are no records of previous accomplishments though. Since Hintermaier hails from Austria, it would make sense to assume Omnia operates from there as well.

Right upon the registration of its domain name on July 31st, Christian Michel Scheibener popped as the owner. On social media, Michael describes himself as a “leading MLM headhunter.” He also served as World International’s admin. This is the main reason some people regard Omnia as a pyramid scheme. Unlike some companies that limit their services to merely a few countries, Omnia’s wings are spread across the entire globe.

How Omnia Tech Works?

Omnia works in a similar fashion to most cloud-based miners. First, you sign up, pay the required fee and start enjoying the benefits. Here are the basic steps you can follow to get started.

  • Register and pay.
  • Choose your preferred plan. Small and big plans are available. Small plans begin at $100 while the bigger ones start at around $25,000.
  • Start receiving payouts on a daily basis to your wallet.

Once you have a subscription plan in mind, you can now pay for it via Bitcoins, VISA or MasterCard. The platform has been designed with a newbie in mind and therefore very easy to use. Even those struggling to understand the meaning of cryptocurrency, blockchain or attempting to grasp mining ABCs can swiftly navigate through.

At the end of 500 days, Omnia cloud mining reinvests one’s harsh power for bountiful returns. It’s through this method that the company is able to offer lifetime contracts. What happens when my hashes stop being profitable? I hear you ask; well Omnia will assign that hash power to other lucrative altcoins. Omnia cloud mining doesn’t offer any other service or products besides mining subscription plans. The company is exclusively for mining contracts. The plans available for picking are listed below:

  • Starter tier: $100
  • Kickstarter tier: $500
  • Light Miner tier: $1000
  • Mid Miner tier: $3000
  • Strong Miner tier: $8500
  • Master Miner tier: $15,000
  • Elite Miner tier: $25,000

Contracts and prices

Omnia has about seven contracts in place for its clients. The basic plan is called The Starter tier and goes for $100 per hash. The steepest contract can cost you a tidy sum of $25,000 per hash. The table below details everything about their plans, how long they last and their pricing.

Package Payout Deposit Duration
Starter tier 2.2MH/s $100 Lifetime Mining
Kickstarter tier 11MH/s $500 Lifetime Mining
Light Miner tier 22MH/s $1000 Lifetime Mining
Mid-Miner tier 66MH/s $3000 Lifetime Mining
Strong Miner tier 187MH/s $8500 Lifetime Mining
Master Mining tier 330MH/s $15000 Lifetime Mining
Elite Miner tier 550MH/s $25000 Lifetime Mining

The platform promises to issue out payments on a daily, weekly or monthly basis depending on what one prefers. The coins earned will be dropped in one’s e-wallet for safe-keeping.

Buying methods

As mentioned before, Omnia has made its site not only easy to use but supports some of the common payment methods as well. Anyone with MasterCard, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Zcash, Ethereum and Ethereum Classic are supported. On their website under “pricing,” the company makes it clear that they don’t charge anything extra other than what miners take. How they levy those fees is yet another mystery that they need to demystify. There are no bonuses, special gifts or anything unique to be gained further.

Omnia User interface

A glance at the website will tell you that everything is straightforward. The company wrote the site with a beginner in mind. The processes in the dashboard are not complicated as a few clicks will either get your money deposited or withdrawn. Judging by the site’s meager features, there’s doubt you can manage your profits, payouts or any revenue.

Is Omnia Tech safe?

If you are a person who believes in a startup that is backed by many known professionals, then Omnia will look like a scam to you. Both individuals appearing as the company’s head have no known previous accomplishments albeit their website showers them with a lot of praise. one thing that makes Omnia look like a get-rich-quick scheme is their promise of day-one earnings without considering mining issues like hash difficulty.

The platform is outright open about its simple sign up process. These plants doubt whether they have total disregard for KYC (know your customer) policies as there is no verification needed. The need for clients to verify their customer details always paints a company as legit and trustworthy. Last but not the least, this mining firm accepts no responsibility for anything that happens on their site and has a no-refund policy.

And what about media presence?

Omnia doesn’t have a Slack, Twitter, Facebook or Github account. No social media is listed on their site. The only way clients can get informed is through the email they signed up with. All these are traits of an unscrupulous establishment.

Is Omnia Tech trustworthy?

If you are a shrewd investor, then Omnia would appear to you as a complete Ponzi scheme. As an online venture, the team members should be made of people with several successful projects in their portfolio.

Omnia mentions only two people-Michael and Milan Sormaz; the rest come from pure speculation. Additionally, the company capitalized on the fame of cryptocurrency to re-introduce MLM, a defunct business model. Since their no known individual or a real physical address, the firm is not entirely safe.

Does the community trust them?

There are no user reviews on their site as that section is still a “work in progress.” It’s therefore hard to tell if any individual has been able to mine some Satoshis from it. Given that the site is new and has a lot of things to work on, it would be prudent to state the online community doesn’t have faith in them. Once the company is able to have a verifiable physical address, testimonial section and be able to explain how lifetime mining is possible, then pragmatic investors will flock in.

How secure is Omnia Tech?

Cloud computing services are known to employ some of the toughest measures to keep hackers away from their business. As an online enterprise, you would presume Omnia has the best security in place to keep their property and that of its clients safe. Unfortunately, their site doesn’t say anything regarding security. The company is also not clear about the mining process and the kit used.

Costumer support

Like any other company, Omnia has listed a phone number and an email address through which one can reach them for advice or complain. No one has come out to testify about their service provision yet. So at this moment, it’s hard to tell if their customer support is reliable or not.

Regarding payment speed, the company promises to offer quick daily, weekly and monthly payments to one’s wallet.

Omnia Tech Review Summary

Omnia Tech presents a weird opportunity to make money. You give them some money, and they procure mining contracts on your behalf from Genesis Mining. You will continue to earn daily returns for as long as the contract is still in place. The company operates in MLM style in that the more you invite new people, the more your ROI becomes.

There are some setbacks with this company, though. First, the company’s rates are a notch higher than Genesis’- a firm they collaborate with. The latter offers better rates but no lifetime guarantee. This makes Omnia’s lifetime contract plan look juicy. Unfortunately, there is no evidence or a milestone journey showing that the startup will be in existence for the next two years or more. So don’t give them the required $25,000 for the lifetime Elite Miner Tier plan.

This company is mainly targeting novice cryptocurrency followers with the aim of making profits. Since it is operating in a similar manner as a pyramid scheme, Omnia Tech is likely to drown into oblivion once there is little to no recruitment activity in place. Additionally, if Genesis Mining decides to take action against them, they will have no base to stand on. Soif the firm is something you would like to get mixed with, do it with caution and don’t use your life’s savings.

We hope you have found this Omnia cloud mining review to be helpful. Feel free to use the comment box below to add anything we may have left out. You are welcomed to frequently visit our site for such and more comprehensive crypto-related reviews. Thank you.

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