NXT Open-source Cryptocurrency

NXT alters the financial technology, crowdfunding and governance industries by giving the groundbreaking NXT cryptocurrency, as well as a capable, measured toolset to work with in any capacity NXT clients can envision. NXT gives clients complete freedom to make their own applications. It's easy to use and provides a unique experience for each and every of their users. NXT gives a powerful tool to developers and individuals, combined with an API system which is easy to use, thus easily allowing people to insert NXT into their projects, applications etc.

The ICO Team


The company behind it

NXT developers are anonymous although Jelurida is the company behind it

Business model

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Coin Supply/Purpose

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NXT aims at giving developers the freedom to use the blockchain to build next generation applications.

Ardor is a versatile blockchain platform with child chains. With it, individuals can utilize blockchain technology without building things from scratch.

No, NXT will still be supported by the core developers for at least a year.