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NordVPN for Gaming

Censorship to entertainment content is an enormous world over, and gaming is adversely affected due to various reasons deemed by some regulatory authorities.  Such restrictions can deny you the thrill that comes with some games but thanks to NordVPN for gaming, you can now enjoy unlimited access to these games regardless of your geography. VPNs offer protection and access, and this is paramount in some game since your data may be easily tracked on the gaming platforms. NordVPN is up to the task and is listed as one of the best VPNs for gaming. You don’t wish that your adventure will lead to disastrous losses and therefore NordVPN is essential. This post will help you appreciate the role of a proper VPN in your gaming experience.

Should you use NordVPN for Gaming?

We all agree that a VPN is essential for gaming especially online and multiplayer video games since protection for your data and device is vital as well as gaining unlimited access to various fancy games. The bone of contention is which VPN should you use? This should be guided by exhaustive research on your gaming needs and level of services accorded by the particular service provider. Some of the critical parameters are evinced below.

Safety and privacy

The danger to your data lurks online, and video gaming is not excluded. Many a time there is a shift of concentration during gaming and malicious people will often take advantage of this situation and compromise your data or device in a flash. Your privacy and security are more important than even the game itself, and if you can’t guarantee protection, then it’s advisable you restrain. NordVPN uses AES 256-bit encryption (with double data protection) and OpenVPN tunneling protocol atop DNS leak protection, and you can’t achieve better privacy levels than this in gaming.

Download speed

Most games are internet intensive and require high download and upload speed since the graphics contents are in HD. A good VPN should have a minimum download speed of 3mbps to support most games without which there will be display issues. NordVPN for gaming has an incredible download speed of approximately 104.8 Mbps with a minimum ping of 12ms. Speed loss is inevitable with any VPN services; however, the Panama-based company tries to minimize speed loss, and you will probably get fast connectivity.

Server location and numbers

NordVPN has over 5000 remote servers located in 62 countries globally. NordVPN gaming servers are spread globally with most being situated in Europe especially the United States. You can enjoy gaming from any part of the globe since buffers are in place to ensure every corner of the world is covered.

User-interface and compatibility

NordVPN is available for different platforms and operating systems; this confirms its ease of use in gaming. Be it on your android or IOS. The user interaction is said to improve with use of NordVPN for gaming.

Performance can’t get any better than with NordVPN gaming.

NordVPN gaming important features

Gaming NordVPN offers some features which will make your gaming experience tantalizing and safe. These are enumerated below;

  • Anti-DDoS- this is key for preventing a DDoS attack which typically denies your access to host game services even after subscription by continually interrupting the connection.
  • Dedicated IP- NordVPN gaming presents you with dedicated IP only viable for the gaming activity and can never be misused thus optimal security and no possibility of tracking or hacking.
  • Double VPN-also referred to as double encryption and is a vital feature offered by NordVPN to guarantee safety during gaming. The process of chaining VPN servers will hide your gaming activities in a tunnel of servers to ensure enhanced security.
  • TOR over- The onion router technology deployed by NordVPN gaming provides anonymity, and your identity is fully concealed thus no predisposition to malicious activities during gaming. TOR in itself is a surety of safety; however, a TOR browser is necessary.
  • Killswitch- an immediate mitigation measure to disconnect from internet whenever you learn of unprecedented attack in the course of gaming. This will salvage your device or data in situations of emergency. There are two kinds of kill switches just appropriate for you.

NordVPN Torrent Servers

Torrenting is critical for downloading some game contents. Unlike many VPN which have only a few servers accepting torrenting services, NordVPN has several servers that work well with torrenting and by-passing geo-restrictions. It is estimated that 4out of 5 of servers will work for almost all sites. Additionally, torrenting is safe and very fast with NordVPN. Downloading speed on NordVPN gaming servers will vary with the location between 12mbps in Asia and 74mbps in the EU. The Standard VPNs ideal for gaming has servers in different places with the US having over 600 servers. Germany and Canada have double VPN.   According to several speed tests, NordVPN comes second, and efforts are in place to even improve the speed. Torrenting services enables you to download content from esteemed websites such as Netflix without restriction. Moreover, it has the P2P feature allowing you to share files over the range in a jiffy.

Gaming with NordVPN-prices and plans

NordVPN has three payment plans; for the basic plan, you will part with $11.95 every month. When you subscribe to a standard plan, you will pay $6.99 monthly while the real deal is a two-year plan which saves you a huge chunk since you spend a mere $3.99 monthly charges to enjoy full protection and free entertainment. Furthermore, payment is quite flexible, and atop the conventional means, you can remit your payments using cryptocurrencies.

So, should you use NordVPN for gaming?

Some of the undersides of NordVPN include the legality status and pricing “too expensive.” However, this may act to your advantage since the little-known jurisdiction status can play a protective role and value for your money is guaranteed even by a 30-day money back assurance. Coupled with the benefits and suitability for gaming as stated above you should never hesitate or have a second thought on gaming with NordVPN. If in doubt then at least try the free trial version then you will attest to its unmatchable goodness.

Thanks for reading through our NordVPN for gaming review. Be sure to visit our website frequently for more of such informative and intuitive content.

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