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NoLimitCoin Review & Guide 2018

NoLimitCoin – Full Guide

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What Is NoLimitCoin?

NoLimitCoin is a listed cryptocurrency. It is used to power No Limit Fantasy Sports through its value-attached. The NoLimitCoin transaction is superfast and charges amazingly low fees. No Limit Fantasy Sports LLC developed the NoLimitCoin cryptocurrency. The No Limit Coin solves the following problems; high fees (it charges only 2.5%-5%), simplified verification process (use of ID, email address, and proof of residence), and faster transfers.

The vision of NoLimitCoin is to expand beyond the 60 million population users in Canada and the US, through the introduction of the Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS). The technology behind NoLimitCoin is the use of Proof-of-Stake channel which pays 4% annually for extra coins, for customers who stake or hold their coins in their wallets.

NLC2 offers the lowest transaction fees as compared to any other online fantasy sports platform. At the moment, NoLimitCoin is the leading technological digital currency for sports on different platforms including the No Cost Fantasy Sports, Crypto Fantasy Sports, and the No Limit Fantasy Sports.

NoLimitCoin Main Features

The NoLimitCoin offers its users the following features:

  • The Proof-of-Stake Coin- NoLimitCoin is a special Proof-of-Stake coin with an annual return of 4% benefits as a reward.
  • NoLimitCoin Cryptocurrency – NoLimitCoin offers cryptocurrency in the form of NLC2 tokens.
  • A Trade for Dollars- Its coin is liquid compared to Bitcoin, this has enabled the players, and users get real returns as fantasy earnings.
  • Fast Transactions- it offers fast transactions, instant to your NoLimitWallet, which can be accessed in just 60 seconds.

NoLimitCoin Team

Rafael Groswirt is the current Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for the NoLimitCoin. Oscar Peralta is a leading co-founder and is assisted by Will Walker who is a financial consultant and the Chief Financial Officer. Pranav Zadafiya is NoLimitCoin’s Lead Backend Developer. Will Walker has had experience in the financial sector and consultancy for over 28 years. He also has experience in private equity. He has managed to raise 0.5+ billion dollars during this time. He assisted ETH to raise over $ 30 mln in crypto mining in Korea, thus proving to be resourceful for the NLC2 in the financial innovation and payment transactions.

NoLimitCoin Fantasy Sports

Rafael Groswirt owns the Fortes Investment Financial Group which backs the No Limit Fantasy Sports. The group also owns and operates other leading 17 hotels. No Limit Fantasy Sports received the endorsements of Joe Theismann and Johnny Chan. The former was a quarterback at NFL while Johnny was a Poker Star. The two have joined the No Limit Fantasy Sports as ambassadors. A partnership has been introduced where the players can compete for ‘Johnny Chan Package’ and where they can win one to four of the seats after every six months. They have to play against Johnny Chan for a price of $ 20,000.

Groswirt introduced the No Limit Fantasy Sports. He has had over 20 years’ experience in telecommunication and telecom industries. In the year 2000, he assisted to found the Alliance Payphone International. The Alliance Inc. provides software for repairing and monitoring over 250,000 payphones across the country. He also created the platform that provides for patented automated poker tables.

NoLimitCoin Roadmap

  • 2017- it launched the User Interface for the No Limit Sports Platform. The UI is designed for talented teams and dedicated Fantasy Sports Players.
  • It has also invested in TV adverts and digital platforms to target dedicated fantasy Sports Players. The collaboration brought on board Joe Theismann and Johnny Chan.
  • NoLimitCoin is also upgrading its NLC2 wallet software to sync it to the blockchain. It is also working on the versions of the Windows, Linux (Ubuntu), and Mac. Its features will be up to date and improved.
  • It plans to launch other sports such as MMA, baseball, basketball, and hockey in the future through its whitepaper.
  • NoLimitCoin plans to work on larger exchanges.

NLC 2 Token

The NLC2 token may not have reached maturity in distribution and usage as other altcoins. It works through its products, passionate contributors, and an engaging community. It also works by releasing new features on a regular basis. Its tokens can be paid via the Bitcoin, Alipay, and Credit Cards. There are more than 450 million users of the No Limit Coin tokens. No Limit Coin is soon introducing Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash.

NoLimitCoin Price Growth

The NoLimitCoin forecast suggests that there will be a price increase as more users adopt the NoLimitCoin. Its price forecast by 2023-04-16 will be $ 11.34. A five-year investment is expected to yield a revenue of around +35,820.00 %. A $ 200 investment will be worth $35,820.00 by the year 2023. Many investors are pondering whether to buy an NLC2 token. The Forecast Algorithm reports that NLC2 is a fantastic investment. NoLimitCoin updates its price predictions every 5 minutes. It uses a Custom Algorithm to predict the prices for digital cryptocurrencies.

How to Buy NoLimitCoin?

Investors can buy NLC2 directly via Alipay, Visa, and MasterCard. There are some ways to buy NLC2 Coins through the following steps:

  • Create a NoLimitCoin wallet account at
  • Log in to your account, click ‘buy NLC2’ button. It is on the top right of your user screen.
  • Select either MasterCard or Visa as your mode of payment.
  • Add your credit card information. Upload your ID or a passport or a photo of yourself holding your national ID. Wait for verification.
  • Check your mail, click on the link to buy NLC2. Select your verified credit card.
  • Enter the amount of NLC2, remember a maximum of $1,000 per week is allowed.
  • Click “Purchase” button, enter credit card information, and wait for your NLC2 Coins to be deposited in your No LimitCoin Wallet.

NoLimitCoin Wallet

There are three main No LimitCoin Wallets. They are; The Windows Wallet– you get rewarded with 4% NLC2 coins for staking, Mac Wallet, and Linux Wallet. All these wallets reward the investor with a 4% extra NLC 2 Coins for staking. They also offer the Web Wallet which is secure with 2FA. It does not offer extra rewards staking.

There are some procedures to observe while staking your coins. The first procedures involve downloading the Wallets-Windows, Linux, and Mac. Follow the following steps:

  • Open the Wallet File. Let the wallet synchronize information and then download the intended blockchain. The blockchain to choose here is the NoLimitCoin.
  • The syncing process takes some time. At most, it takes up to two-three hours. Be patient while it synchronizes.
  • Transfer your NLC2 to your wallet addresses (Mac, Linux, or Windows).
  • Remember there is no minimum to the number of coins that one needs to stake.
  • Encrypt your user wallet, take note of the password, backup your wallet files on a hard drive or a USB drive.
  • Unlock your wallet. It is now ready for staking. Mouse the lightning symbol and keep track of the staking process.
  • You shall receive your coins only if your computer and wallet are running.

NoLimitCoin Exchanges

Yobit LogoYoBit >> YoBit provides exchange services for a range of cryptocurrencies. It does not accept Fiat Payments as other platforms. Fiat payments can be undertaken through the accepted wire transfers and credit cards. YoBit focuses on crypto-exchanges that are great and large enough for the investors buying Altcoins or BTC. It also does not offer the conversion of USD to crypto.– coin-exchange allows the users to buy or sell the coin that you have chosen. The order page is not automated but the feeds tab is automated, but it provides the feed tab for the current price that you have selected. Its advantages include the provision of anonymous trading, decent exchange platform, and massive transaction of small altcoins. Its cons include lack of regulation, there is no background information regarding the company offering the Coin exchange, and that it does not support fiat payments.

Cryptopia LogoCryptopia >> it is a currency trading platform. At the platform, you can deposit, withdraw, and trade Litecoin and Bitcoin in over 400 different types of cryptocurrencies. Cryptopia allows you to sell anything anywhere in the world, to anyone within the cryptocurrency exchange. It charges a fee of 0.20% on each trade. Binance exchange charges 0.1% whereas Polonium charges 0.25 %. Its price range is medium and has not fallen to hack cases.

In a nutshell

NoLimitCoin price prediction suggests that an investment in it at the moment will accrue a +35,820.00% profit, meaning that your initial $200 will reward you with $35,820.00 by April 2023. Investors trust in the NLC2 token for its surge and promising returns. It looks to a future of investment in football, soccer, and other sports activities such as Hockey in the coming six months.

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