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/Nebulas Coin Review & Guide 2018

Meet Nebulas, the Blockchain startup working to be the Google of Blockchains and more.

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Nebulas Coin Review & Guide 2018

Nebulas Coin Guide

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  1. What is Nebulas?
  2. Nebulas Team
  3. The Nebulas Coin
  4. Nebulas ICO
  5. How to buy NEBULAS

After a successful ICO in December 2017, Nebulas is fast becoming one of the most popular digital assets. Backed up by a team of highly skilled and experienced Chinese experts, the Nebulas platform is already tackling some of the problems it promised to solve. The NAS crypto has been listed on several exchanges, with a current value of $6.8 at the time of writing.

One of the main feature Nebulas coin promised to develop was to build a search engine that could help developers and consumers find access to any blockchain or distributed application. In a way, Nebulas was supposed to become the Google of the blockchain. Besides the search engine, Nebulas was to build a unique, incentive-based community of developers. Each developer would earn NAS tokens for their contribution to building smart contracts on the platform.

What is Nebulas?

Nebulas aims to develop a blockchain-based search engine to help users locate resource across a blockchain network and do bring the incorporation of fair ranking open source algorithms based on liquidity, user asset propagation, and user interactions. In turn, this will provide blockchain access to nontechnical people. Besides that, Nebulas’ API will facilitate the development of dApps that run atop its platform. With this API, users can even create their own blockchain based search engines. The platform’s ease of use supports a host of customization features.

The needs of the financial sector have evolved and there are three main challenges that have not been solved yet by the current blockchain technologies. These are; the measure of value, self-evolving capability, and a healthy ecosystem development. Nebula seeks to solve these challenges by developing a technology that will provide a search framework for all blockchains based on Nebulas’ value ranking. Using this technology, users will be able to search and select preferred decentralized applications from the existing market.

Nebulas potential uses are

  • Provision of developer incentives (DIP protocol), facilitating their ability to engage with and benefit from blockchain technology.
  • Revolutionize modern VC incubation models using DIP, NR, and PoD within the community ecosystem achieving the goal of decentralization.
  • Deploying information indexing blockchain service for retrieving high-value data (assets, dApps, information, smart contracts, and more).
  • Harnessing blockchain’s power and the internet to open vast business opportunities with room for potential growth.

Nebulas Team

The Nebulas platform was built by a team of 14 members. The CEO, Hitters Xu, is also the founder of NEO, one of the fastest rising blockchain networks. Xu has also founded other blockchain networks like Bitsclub. He has worked for Alibaba and Google as well. Xu’s experience with search engines, Alibaba, and other companies can be seen on the NAS platform. Some of Xu’s many connections in the Silicon Valley have also been brought aboard the NAS network.

Robin is the co-founder of NAS and the former head of Ant Financial’s department. He has previously worked for the Dolphin browser and Tongxinclub, a blockchain support platform he founded. Aero Wang, one other hand is the 3rd co-founder of NAS. He is a blockchain entrepreneur and Xu’s partner in NEO.


In addition to having a team of dynamic experts, NAS has a list of distinguished advisors. Edith Yeung, one of the team’s advisors, is a Silicon Valley lead investor. She has partnered with 500 startups. Her contribution to the NAS platform is immense considering that she has connections with some of Silicon Valley’s best startups.

Like Edith, Chris McCann is a serial investor in Silicon Valley. He has previously invested in Facebook, LinkedIn, Airbnb and Coinbase. Chris adds his rich experience working with some of the big companies in the Valley to the dynamic team at NAS. He is joined by Evans Cheng, a Facebook engineering director.

Nebulas Partners

Most of the companies that have partnered with NAS are companies where Xu acted as an advisor. The organizations also offer services relevant to NAS. Loopring, for example, is a decentralized platform that aims to become the “financial system of the future.” Bitsclub and FBG Capital are organizations founded by Xu. Gifto is a decentralized protocol already listed on Binance exchange. Another major partner is Tencent, a billion dollar organization that provides ecosystems for startups.

The Nebulas Coin

The Nebulas coin is a utility token, meaning that it can only be used within the NAS platform. Unlike bitcoin or ethereum which can be used to purchase products, NAS tokens are limited for use within the Nebulas network. Members will use these coins to pay for transaction fees within NAS and pay for computing services.

  • Market Cap- $245 million
  • Coin circulating supply- 35.5 million Nebulas cryptos
  • Maximum coin supply- 100 million.
  • Token type- ERC-20

The NAS network has plans to build a dedicated blockchain by 31st March. This will most likely affect the price of NAS coins are they are switched from the ethereum application to the Nebulas platform. NAS will also make communications about how to use NAS tokens and how to mine them in due process.

Nebulas ICO

NEBULAS held a successful ICO between December 1st and 16th 2017. They had a hard cap target of $60 million which was reached during the presale period. To contribute, a member had to register on the NAS platform. Members contributed through ether coins. One NAS coin was exchanged for $2 or 0.00276 ether coins. Nebulas set March 2018 as the date for launching the company’s new blockchain platform. So far, they have achieved almost everything they promised. The NAS coin now costs $6.8, a return of 3.45 times for every dollar spent.

NEBULAS coin price growth

In the 7 months NAS has been around, it grew from a price of just $2 to $16.5 by January 10, 2018. Throughout January, NAS grew steadily, reaching $11.4 by January 31st. In February, the coin took a decline, ending the month of February at $7. In March, the company is expected to make groundbreaking changes. The launch of Mainnet to help NAS move from ethereum to a dedicated blockchain will definitely affect its prices. In the first few weeks after the launch of Mainnet, NEBULAS’ price might drop. But as people get used to the platform, NAS coins will gain value.

How to buy NEBULAS

Anyone can buy NEBULAS coins in any of the 13 exchanges it is traded. Once bought, users can store their coins in an ERC-20 compatible wallet such as Myetherwallet. However, Nebulas coins will only be stored in ERC-20 wallets temporarily. From 1st April, coin owners will have to move their coins into a wallet compatible with the new Nebulas blockchain.

Top 3 Wallets for NAS coins

Parity >>Parity

Parity is a desktop wallet built to provide ease of use and security. As one of the most popular ethereum wallets, it supports ECC-20 tokens and is expected to support ERC-223 tokens as well. Although the wallet stores digital assets offline, it’s important that NEBULAS wallet owners back up their files for security reasons.

MetaMask >>Metamask

MetaMask is an ERC-20 compatible wallet that works as a plugin for both Chrome and Firefox browsers. It also works on the Brave browser, although Brave is not as popular as the other browsers. MetaMask is built to provide the ultimate user experience. Sending and receiving coins on the wallet is easy, free of ads and hiccups.

MyetherWallet >>MyEtherWallet

MyetherWallet is a popular ethereum wallet best known for backing coins stored on the Trezor and the Ledger Nano S hard wallets. However, NEBULAS cryptocurrency owners who don’t own any hardware wallets don’t need to worry. The wallet functions just fine with minimal backup.

Top 3 Exchanges for trading NEBULAS

HuobiHuobi >>


Based in Beijing, China, It has been in operation since 2013. While the exchange mainly targets Chinese traders, it also accepts foreigners. Members who want to buy NEBULAS on the exchange have to follow strict anti-money laundering rules. Huobi is also a respected exchange with high ratings.



OKex is another China-based multi-currency exchange launched by OKCoin. Based in Beijing, the platform offers exchanges for both fiat currencies backed coins and those backed by bitcoin. OKex enjoys high liquidity in the Chinese markets and from international foreigners as well. Okex traders enjoy extremely low transaction fees of 0.03%. >>

NAS Pairs- USDT/BTC/ETH is a US-based cryptocurrency exchange that stirred controversy a few months ago because of its lack of regulations and clear registration details. However, many reviews show that can be trusted. Users enjoy fast trading experiences and low fees. does not accept fiat currency and only pairs altcoins for bitcoin and other major coins.

How to buy and Store NEBULAS: Step by Step

Step 1: Open a Myetherwallet

Myetherwallet is the most popular ERC20 wallet. It’s also the easiest to open. Simply visit and create a unique password. Read their instructions and guides and download the necessary files. Backup the files on a USB flash drive.

Step 2: Purchase ether coins

The top 3 exchanges reviewed above accept both ether and bitcoin. Consider purchasing ethereum. CEX.IO is on of the world’s most popular exchange for purchasing the two coins. It accepts bank transfers as well as debit & credit card transactions.

Step 3: Buy NEBULAS Coins

Once you purchase bitcoins or ether coins, register an account on huobi, OKex or The procedure for opening an account will involve submitting an email address, creating login address and providing other details such as your passport. Once you have an account, log in and add ether or bitcoins to your account.

Use your bitcoins or ether coins to purchase a specific number of NAS coins.

Step 4: Transfer Coins to Myetherwallet

Once you purchase NEBULAS coins on huobi or any of the other exchanges, they will be held on the platform’s wallet by default. Transfer them to your personal wallet. Click send or transfer funds and paste the address you copied on Myetherwallet. In a few minutes, visit your personal wallet and confirm that you have received the coins.

The Conclusion

NEBULAS is a global company offering globally accepted services on the blockchain technology. The company’s members are its most powerful resource. They are the main reason the NEBULAS search engine will continue to grow and take the NAS coins’ value up. However, the NAS platform is still in its baby steps. A lot will have to be done to make the platform a real global service.

Thank you for reading our nebulas coin guide. Hopefully, it cleared any questions you had about NEBULAS. Visit our site often for more intriguing content.

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