Naga Gaming and trading

The ICO offers a decentralized cryptocurrency for financial markets, exchange of virtual goods, along with secure wallets. In other words, they call themselves the creators of the decentralized universe. The mission of Naga ICO is allowing people from around the world to trade financial instruments, virtual goods on a unified platform. The ICO wants to see the financial transactions in stocks, gaming and cryptocurrencies safer, more available and transparent.

The ICO Team

Yasin Sebastian Qureshi

Founder and Executive Director

Qureshi is the Founder and Executive Director of not only Naga ICO, but also of SwipeStox and the Executive Managing Director of Switex. He has a very rich experience in the spheres of banking and finance. Qureshi even founded his own investment bank in 2007.

Christoph Brück

Founder and Executive Director

Brück is very experienced in spheres like law and finance, as well as international transference. He is highly engaged in startup world, especially when they are in finance direction

Benjamin Bilski

Founder and Executive Director

Bilski got his degree in Business and Administration form the International Business School Bad Homburg Accadis. He is the Executive Managing Director of Switex GmbH, as well as the founder and product owner of SwipeStox GmbH

Nicholas Thomas

Managing Director NAGA Development Association Ltd.

Thomas is a business/market expert who has a rich experience in the field of cryptocurrencies – especially bitcoins. He is also actively involved in FIn-Tech as well.

Resad Zacina

Cheif Project Manager

Zacina has more then 10 years of experience in technology and startup field. He has collaborated with a wide variety of startups which are currently major companies. He has a degree in IT engineering from the Univeristy Džemal Bijedić Mostar. He is currently the CEO and the co-founder of Ministry of Programming, CTO of SwipeStox and the tech advisor at Switex GmbH

Faris Zacina

Chief of Tech Operations

The CTO of Naga ICO has more than 10 years of experience in fields like technologies and finance. Zacina has worked at Authority Partners, as well as Up and Running Software, as the Senior Software Engineer. Currently, other than Naga ICO, he is the other co-founder and CEO of Ministry of Programming

Anton Kudryavtsev

Integrations and Security

Kudryavtsev got his degree in Applied Informatics from the Moscow State University of Economics, Statistics and Informatics. Since graduation he has worked at various companies as a C# developer. He was a software developer at United Traders. Right now, he also works at SwipeStox Gmbh as a Scala Developer

Denis Kolyada

DBA and Blockchain expert

Kolyada has degrees in Economics and Radio Physics from the Belarusian State University. He has started his career as a blockchain and database engineer since 2012. Currently, he works at SwipeStox GmBH as a database architect


Coin Supply/Purpose

Potential/Use Cases

Business model

Market Research

Compatible Wallets & Exchanges



$2.46 per coin for 1/14/18

Yes, there is 30% bonus

The pre-sale was from November 20 to November 27, 2017