What Are Mining Apps? Do They Work?

/What Are Mining Apps? Do They Work?

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What Are Mining Apps? Do They Work?

Mining apps – All You Need To Know

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  1. What is a mining app?
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  3. Are Mining Apps Safe?
  4. Best Mining Apps
  5. Electroneum Mining App

Currency mining is the process of creating and releasing new coins. It can also be defined as the technique of verifying and adding crypto transactions to the blockchain. Anyone can participate in mining as long as they have an internet connection and the appropriate hardware. Previously, mining was only done with a computer. Nowadays, there are some mining apps you could actually install on your phone to get this done. However, phone mining is quite hardware intensive. You, therefore, need to have the most cutting-edge device if you ever want to get anywhere with this.

What is a mining app?

A mining app is simply an application that allows you to mine crypto-coins with your cell phone. Most mining apps use your phone’s processor to mine the coins. However, some applications such as Cointellect, Eobot, etc. are mobile clients and will only allow users to monitor their mining pool’s performance on their smartphones. Currently, most of the mining apps run on Android. There were some Bitcoin mining apps that had found their way into the Apple’s App Store some time back, but the company pulled them down immediately.

While mining Bitcoin with your phone will cost you so much in terms of battery life and power, coins like Bytecoin, Quarkcoin, Dogecoin (to some extent), Mangocoinz, Monero, Phantomcoin, etc. can be mined efficiently. It is completely impossible to mine Bitcoin with a single Android phone. This is because Android phones use ARM processors and the hash rate (mining speed) generated by one cellphone is too low to even register on a mining poolIt would take almost 15 million Android devices working continuously for more than 24 hours to mine just one Bitcoin! To mine Bitcoin, the hash rate has to be in the billions and this is not something your cellphone can keep up with alone. It, therefore, needs to be part of a pool and still, it would take you ages to mine one Bitcoin. Coins based on Cryptonight or CryptoNote technologies, on the other hand, are considered much easier to mine on Android devices. It would be wise to mine these and exchange for Bitcoin instead of trying a Bitcoin mine with a mobile device.

Are Mining Apps Profitable?

Absolutely not! They are money takers, not moneymakers! The mere fact that mining apps are mobile-based means that mining with a cellphone is not going to be that profitable. You need a lot of time, energy, and of course enough phones for the job, literally. Mining apps would only be profitable if mobile phones came with processors that are more powerful. Even if the phones improved their processing power, they would never compete with the hardware designed specifically to do this kind of job, efficiently like ASICs and graphics cards. So unless there is a way you can offset the cost of electricity, time and the processing power of your device to zero, then mining apps and mobile mining, in general, are never going to be a profitable venture.

Are Mining Apps Safe?

Just like PC miners, smartphone users are vulnerable to crypto mining hijacks and malware, and sometimes to a large extent. For instance, Malwarebytes highlighted a malicious mining campaign where millions of Android miners were redirected to a site that secretly used their device processors to mine Monero. Late last year, researchers from Kaspersky Lab also discovered Trojan.AndroidOS.Loapi, an Android malware said to carry out vast malicious activities such as displaying unending browser ads, subscribing silently to paid services, and sending texts to any number.

In addition to hijacks and malware attacks, mining apps have been found to kill the phone’s battery in a blink. When the app runs in the background, the mobile device gets all hot. Suppose you mine all night. You need to keep the phone connected to a power source as the process consumes too much power that taking your device off the charger will get the battery flat in a few minutes. The result? High electricity bills and a weak battery that needs constant replacing. All said and done, there are better, easier, and cheaper ways to make a coin…But mining apps? – they just don’t make sense!

Best Mining Apps

All human beings have one thing in common – they would rather try and fail than fail to try. Now, we have already mentioned how difficult it is to mine with a cellphone but there are still those who won’t give up trying. If you are one of those who wants to give this a shot, here are the top (or least bad) mining apps to get you started.

  • DroidMiner BTC/LTC/DOGE Miner

DroidMiner is an app designed for Android devices that allows users to mine Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dogecoin. So far, the app developer is unknown as the guy uses an alias name. However, we know that DroidMiner Ltd is based in Canada. Well, that is not really important right now. What matters is whether the app can actually do what it says. For you to download the app, you need to part with $0.99. The app generates about $0.07 per year. And this is for someone with really good hashrate.

Let’s do the math. Even if you were to use free solar power, it would take you around 14 years to get back the money you used to buy the app! Not forgetting that you need to keep your phone charging all the time, thus you need a new battery every now and then. All in all, DroidMiner works. If your phone finds the right hash (which means you have a really nice phone), you will earn something at the end. However, those whose mobile devices have low processing power have stated that they haven’t been so lucky with the app as it takes too long before a hash is registered on their devices.

  • Free Bitcoin Miner – Earn BTC

Just as the name suggests, Free Bitcoin Miner is a Bitcoin mining app. Developed by Moneyyapps, it is Android-based but unlike DroidMiner, this one is absolutely free. The app seems quite simple to use. All you got to do is break an egg, literally, to mine Bitcoin. Pretty fun, right? The manner in which this app operates is way different from DroidMiner. For DroidMiner, you just leave the app running in the background as you do other stuff. Free Bitcoin Miner, on the other hand, requires you to do all the job. The app comes with an egg that claims includes a gift worth 0.75 BTC. Here, you need to click on the egg 1 million times to break it. Each time the egg breaks earns you 0.75 Bitcoin. This seems too good to be true. If you have plenty of free time, this seems like a cool way to spend it.

  • Free Bitcoin Mining app

Free Bitcoin is a mining app designed for both Android and iPhone users. Developed in the UK, the app allows individuals to earn free Bitcoin by playing games and watching ads. The app claims to give its users up to 250,000 Satoshi every hour. Using the app during the weekends could, allegedly, get you to win up to 1 million Satoshi. Using this app is quite simple. For starters, you don’t pay a penny for download. All you got to do is get it installed, provide your Bitcoin wallet address, and press any button to receive your first free Bitcoins. Sounds too good to be true, right? Wrong! There are lots of users who say that they have received the free Satoshi. However, none of them has been lucky enough to hit the big jackpot. Who knows? Maybe its not a scam. Jackpot aside, Free Bitcoin still seems like a nice way to pass time rather than having those unpaid WhatsApp moments. For a free app, it looks quite promising.

  • NeoNeonMiner

NeoNeonMiner is an Android app that allows users to mine Bitcoin, Litecoin, Vertcoin, Myriadcoin, and Feathercoin. Developed by Kangaderoo, the app is a stand-alone miner based on ARM-Neon CPU, a processor variant found in almost all Android devices. The app supports different hashing algorithms for different coins meaning that you can mine the coin that best fits your phone’s processing power. NeoNeonMiner is a free app. To get started, just download it from Google store and change the default miner’s settings to your personal settings. If you forget to configure these settings or key in invalid data, your mining efforts will go unrewarded. When you first download the app, you realize that it reflects the credentials of the developer. Failure to update this means that all the coins you mine will be sent to the owner’s wallet.

To reap maximum benefits from the app, you need to select a CPU supported algorithm. A good example of this is Yescrypt.  Mining pools like zpool.ca support this algorithm but if you really want to make money with NeoNeonMiner, this mining pool may not be the best choice for you.

This is because such pools favor high-end miners and have minimum payment restrictions and difficult thresholds. Mining with NeoNeonMiner in a zpool.ca will have you mining for years without being rewarded. So how do you mine Bitcoin with this miner app?

The best alternative is the P2Pool network. P2Pool is also supported by the Yescrypt algorithm. The only difference between this mining network and zpool.ca is that here you get rewarded when a block is found. You will be paid with the currency you mine, including Bitcoin. Many NeoNeonMiner users have found mining other coins and exchanging them for Bitcoin much easier than mining Bitcoin itself. One of the currencies that these users have found quite rewarding is Myriadcoin. Its exchange rate to Bitcoin is quite okay and can be traded for several other cryptocurrencies.

To mine Myriadcoin, an address is needed. Search for Myriad wallet on PlayStore and copy-paste the shown address on the NeoNeonMiner settings. Then wait for it to sync. So far, we haven’t heard many users complain about NeoNeonMiner. Seems like this is one of those apps that actually keep their word. We are still monitoring the app to see what else it brings to the table for its users.

Electroneum Mining App

Electroneum is the first digital currency to introduce a mining app for its users. Created by Richard Ells and launched on March 2018, the app allows Android users to mine cryptocurrency right from their cell phones. The app is purely for mining Electroneum (ETN) coins and can be downloaded from PlayStore for free. iPhone users should also keep their eyes open as the iOS version is set to launch soon.

As opposed to computer mining, this miner performs an imitation (simulation) of mining whereby it issues your phone with a hash rate based on its available processor power. The mined coins are then credited to the user’s wallet and can be traded for other cryptocoins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. and for US Dollars.

To start mining, download the app. Next, go to Electroneum website and create an account. Use the credentials provided while opening the account to log into the app. Click on “Start Mining” to get started and that’s it. Currently, you can use the app to send and receive ETN, manage your Electroneum wallet, and view live statistics of ETN market rates. If you are a game lover, you can also play the mining game provided by this miner to increase your coins.

Richard claims that with a powerful phone like Samsung Galaxy S8, you can mine up to 70 coins per day. However, we feel that with more users signing up for Electroneum app, this number is definitely going to drop. Many users seem satisfied with the app so far as it doesn’t consume much battery power. None of them has managed to hit the 70-coin mark in a day but they still feel like the app has lots of potentials. We know that battery life is one of the issues that many mining apps have to deal with. With Electroneum having solved this issue, we think it’s going to be one of the best apps for mining.

In a Nutshell

Mobile mining can never be as powerful and profitable as GPU or ASIC mining. For starters, the CPU unit is just too low to give you something worth counting on. It would take you decades to mine coins with it and even then, you will have replaced your battery or cell phone a hundred times.

Yes, we have looked at several mining apps but factually, none of them can be crowned as the best Bitcoin mining app. However, Electroneum app seems to be getting in the good books of mobile mining, as it doesn’t seem to mess up with your phone battery. But, well, you still can’t mine Bitcoin with it, which makes us feel like mobile mining still has a long way to go.

Thanks for reading this to the end. To learn more about mobile mining and cryptocurrencies, keep checking our website.

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