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Liberalcoins Exchange Review 2018

LiberalCoinsLiberalcoins Review

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Since the emergence of digital currencies, it hasn’t been easy to convert cryptocurrencies to cash and vice versa, but this has now been made possible thanks to Liberalcoins. Liberalcoins is a peer to peer cryptocurrency trading website where individuals can transact internationally through electronic and wire payment methods and locally via face to face meetings. The website allows for the integration of feedback import from some of the most established P2P exchanges, which means that traders can push their trading profile and enjoy the benefits provided by the platform.

What is Liberalcoins?

Liberalcoins is a local cryptocurrency trading platform that was founded by Simon Lang, and it is headquartered on the British Virgin Islands. The website has taken a bold step in terms of security by instituting a built-in escrow system where the coins are released once a transaction is complete.

When it comes to buying and selling at Liberalcoins, you have the option of transacting using four major cryptocurrencies which are Bitcoins, DASH, Monero, and Litecoins. You also have different buying and selling payment options including conventional money transfer, credit and debit card transfer as well other global payment services such as Paypal, Webmoney and so on.

Liberalcoins also offer an affiliate program where you can earn a forty percent commission on the trading fees Liberalcoins receive on peer to peer transaction and twenty percent if you refer one party. When it comes to the inter-cryptocurrency exchange, you can earn up to thirty percent commission from the fees Liberalcoins get out of the exchange and fifteen percent if you refer a friend.

Liberalcoins Fees

It’s important to understand that the exchange done on the Liberalcoins site is processed and published through a network of traded cryptocurrency. Therefore, if you want to process a transaction on the network, there will be a variable fee charged on your transaction. The fee is paid for the inclusion of a transaction into the blockchain (public ledger) and is non-refundable. On the other hand, when Liberalcoins hold your cash in escrow, you will be charged a 0.5% fee once your trade is complete.

Liberal Coins Verification

Before undertaking any exchange, you will need to sign up to the site. A confirmation link will then be sent to your email which outlines what you should do for your account to be activated. Once your account is activated/verified, you can now comfortably transact on the platform.

Is Liberalcoins safe?

One of the things that people look out for in any online transaction system is its safety and security. Liberalcoins has put different measures in place to ensure that anyone using the platform feels comfortable transacting on the site. For instance, there is the escrow payment protection system that safeguards both the buyer and the seller. Once the seller confirms a buyer’s offer, the amount in which the buyer wishes to buy including the transaction fees is held in escrow. The currency won’t be released until the seller completes the transaction.

Liberalcoins security

The platform is validated by Symantec, one of the largest cyber security companies which add different security measures over time while the servers are protected by Cloudflare, the world’s largest reverse proxy provider and a leader in DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service). You shouldn’t be worried about your transactions since they are secured via SSL (Secure Socket Layer), a protocol that safeguards communication online.

Unlike other players in the industry, Liberalcoins chose not to use Google 360 products. One of the biggest challenges about Google 360 is that the overall feel of the platform can be overwhelming given that there are too many dashboards to look at. Additionally, while there might be a free version available, it is costly to upgrade to premium if you are running on high traffic.

Customer Support

Support staff is an integral part of any organization and Liberalcoins has made it easier for anyone to reach them in case of a problem. They always strive at being focused on building relationships with their clients and community. You can contact them via email or through their live chat support which is provided by a third party service; They are very responsive, and you’ll have your reply in minutes so that you don’t have to keep waiting for your problem to be resolved.

Liberalcoins Reviews

With the kind of security measures put in place to enhance privacy and protection, Liberalcoins has had a positive light in the cryptocurrency trading community. People have different opinions when it comes to using the platform. According to different Liberalcoins reviews, few people think that the platform has a poor crypto exchange and that one should take care where to put the coins. However, the majority of the users believe that it has an intuitive and easy to use UX interface and that one can have a clear overview of all the assets. The other thing that customers love is the affiliate program where you can earn Bitcoins passively by referring other traders to the platform.

How to Use Liberalcoins

The main reason why Liberalcoins has been a catch for many cryptocurrency traders is that it has an intuitive interface to facilitate portfolio management and trades. Also, the altcoin and Bitcoin for cash trades begin from as low as 0.5% for a completed trade plus you can connect with traders globally and locally privately and securely. These steps will outline how you can securely trade on Liberalcoins.

  1. Before doing any transaction, you need to register for a free account. During registration, you should provide your username, email address and a unique password. Don’t forget your username and password because you’ll have to use them every time you are signing into the platform.
  2. Once you are signed into the site, click on the buy/sell option at the top of the site and select whether you want to buy or sell then select the cryptocurrency of your choice. You should then choose an electronic payment, your country of residence and how much you want to trade then click on the search option to select your potential buyer. You’ll have a selection of different ads to buy Bitcoin with user ratings, payment method, price per BTC and trade and by clicking on the Buy option you will have initiated a transaction.
  3. Liberalcoins uses an escrow payment protection system which means that payment will only be released once the seller completes the transaction. There is also a transaction chat where the buyer and seller can discuss and finalize the transaction before any payment held in escrow is released.

Liberalcoins Review Summary

Trading cryptocurrency is now a bit easier thanks to Liberalcoins, a leading local cryptocurrency exchange offering altcoin and Bitcoin for cash as well as other inter-cryptocurrency under one roof. With unrivaled security features, lowest fees in the market and a user-friendly interface, this is one of the platforms you shouldn’t have second thoughts.

What’s more, facilitating trade between cryptocurrencies and uniting the diverse cryptocurrency market users can balance their cryptocurrency portfolio which can drive the demand for altcoin given the recent surge in Bitcoin prices. Liberalcoin is great for beginners since there is nothing complex when it comes to trading compared to other platforms. Additionally, the privacy and security measures put in place ensures that you don’t end up being duped in any transaction.

I hope this article was insightful, thank you for reading along. Kindly visit our website for more articles on cryptocurrency.

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