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LeadCoin: Full Coin Review 2018

Leadcoin, The First Decentralized Lead Sharing Network

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LeadCoin’s focus is to create a market where buyers and sellers can market “hot leads,” or customers, to each other. After which, in a quick and easy real-time process, the two will presumably engage in market exchange. The biggest story about Leadcoin is that it managed to raise $50 million in the first half hour. Whereas sixty percent of ICO’s launched in 2017 fail, this is considered a reputable success.

What is LeadCoin?

LeadCoin operates exactly like a market, including offering any future clients the opportunity to peruse their potential partner’s past buying and selling history, rankings and lead quality. The network is decentralized, so not only is the middle-man taken out of the picture, but all transactions are unalterable, therefore not allowing any side any undue advantages in the exchange.  Essentially, these coins work to streamline and systematize the market functions of reputation and past-product into a single, marketable coin with the intention of creating a business economy based on collaboration, where the middleman is left out in favor of smart contracts, and marketing budgets can otherwise be optimized.

According to various statistics, over 95% of money spent by businesses in acquiring new leads is wasted. Currently, approximately 22% of businesses are the only ones satisfied with their lead generation rates. LeadCoin solves the problem of converting website visitors into paying customers. The project powered by blockchain and Ethereum smart contracts technologies will empower organizations to vend their unused leads and acquire ready leads from other businesses. The transactions are to be carried out in real-time, whereby sellers share their unutilized leads. LeadCoin’s matching algorithms will then analyze and match the leads with potential buyers. This means that leads that don’t match one buyer may be suitable for other buyers.

  • The opportunity; recent statistics indicate that Google and Facebook dominate the pay-per-click (PPC) advertising programs. In the year 2016, the former reaped a total of $79 billion in advertising revenue whereas the later garnered $26 billion. Despite both revenues having a predictable growth rate of 17% per year, a majority of businesses remain dissatisfied with the amount of lead generated from the PPC campaigns in comparison with the large sums of money they invest.
  • The problem; Despite leads being the fuel of every business, most businesses face the problems of limited access or lack of affordable and qualified leads. For example, Hubspot indicates that the current conversion rate for Google ads is averagely 2.7%. Currently, only 22% of businesses are satisfied with their PPC campaigns returns on investments (ROI). This means that a large bank of leads many businesses get do not turn into paying customers.
  • The solution; LeadCoin comes up with a decentralized network where businesses can buy and sell hot leads. The leads will have a high conversion rate as businesses will buy them directly from their industry as opposed to buying leads with not meeting any qualifications for ROI at all. Additionally, the high-quality leads will be sold in real-time. The project will bring a core disruption of the following industries; real estates, finance, website building, food services, hotels, local service providers, automobiles, and insurance.

There are several companies and ICOs in the commerce and advertising industry all with different concepts to what LeadCoin is aimed at solving. Therefore, the project doesn’t currently face any stiff competition from the market.

How LeadCoin Knows for whom which lead is relevant?

The expectations that the network will provide high-quality leads. To meet these requirements; all sellers entire history of the transaction will be recorded, sellers will be ranked on different factors such as the buyer’s transactions, and details about each lead’s transaction will be available.

The LeadCoin Team

  • Shmulik Grizim, Founder- He ventured into the cryptocurrency world after successfully heading three companies in the SaaS (Software as a Service), Digital Marketing, Web Design, and Technology industries.
  • Samy Goihman, COO- He has a strong management background in sales management that can be traced back to eTrader (2010), among other financial projects.
  • Jonathan (Yonni) Myers, Technical Content and Communications Expert- He has diversely specialized in various domains including Content Writing, B2B Sales, Emotional Intelligence, Interpersonal Communication, Client Relations, Analytics, and Professional Training.

The LDC Token

LeadCoin is a utility token needed for all transactions through the decentralized network and is not mineable. The aim is that Leadcoin will be the coin that moderates the business market.  Ultimately, all manners of exchanges, from real estate, website building, food services, and more, will be conducted through Leadcoin – be they supply or demand based. As the LeadCoin token is compatible with the Bancor Protocol exchange, the token has the potential for infinite liquidity.

On one hand, the network allows consumers to earn LDC tokens by sharing their data in various forms to interested businesses. On the other hand, the network allows businesses to sell their unused leads to other businesses while at the same time allowing them to buy hot leads from other businesses. All this is done using a special algorithm developed by the team behind the LeadCoin. The platform is based on the Ethereum blockchain and smart contracts which guarantees trust, safety, and transparency in all operations. This platform, therefore, offers a powerful online tool for marketers to use to better gain more customers for their products and services.

Of the total supply of the LeadCoin Tokens, 50% is allocated to the crowdsale, 10% is reserved for the founding team members, another 10% for Webydo Limited (a major partner in the project), and the remaining 30% for the LeadCoin reserve. On a different note, the tokens are not pre-mined as they will fluctuate in supply depending on the transactions carried out between buyers and sellers. Sellers will benefit from selling their unused leads and regaining some of their lost marketing budgets whereas buyers will grow by purchasing more relevant and qualified leads for their businesses.

LeadCoin Price Growth

After the crowdsale at the beginning of March, the token launched from a worth of less than $0.01 USD to a total of $0.07 USD and jumped to $0.14 USD within a week. After which, it plummeted to its present price of one cent. The publicity caused by the success of the ICO generated a fair amount of excitement, drawing both attention and funds from venture capitalists from all over the world.

The LeadCoin price formula is dependent upon the continual introduction of new investors, which cause a residual rise in the value of the coin. This could spell both the rise and the death knell of the coin, depending on how well the marketing strategy is received. If the market rejects the strategy, then the coin will die.  If the market accepts the strategy, then it will succeed.

LeadCoin ICO

After their creation in 2017, it took Leadcoin tokens nearly a year to hit the crypto market. On March 1, 2018, Leadcoin initiated their coin offering – selling out by mid-morning, including a high point by selling $50 million within 26 minutes. During the ICO, investors could purchase the tokens using Ethereum, Bitcoin, and US dollars. The average exchange rate entailed 1 Ethereum for 15,000 LDC’s.

How to Buy LeadCoin

The public sale of Leadcoin began and ended promptly with the crowd-sale, and all of the coins were purchased.

LeadCoin does have the potential of being traded, and it can be exchanged via multiple cryptocurrencies. At present, the two most popular exchange crypto sites for LeadCoin are Liqui and Qryptos, which together make up 98.2% of all trades involving LDC.

LeadCoin can be exchanged for a wide range of utility tokens, but the three main cryptocurrencies to be traded with LDCs are USDT, Bitcoin, and Ethereum. These three cryptocurrencies are responsible for 98.5% of all trades involving LDCs. There is no potential for an LDC wallet as all of the coins are presently in circulation.

LeadCoin Wallets

Every buyers and seller will require an ERC20 digital wallet to use the LeadCoin platform. Some of the wallets that are ERC20 compatible include;

  • imToken: available for both Android and iOS.
  • MetaMask: a Chrome or Firefox plugin that can be used to generate addresses capable of dealing with ERC2 Tokens.
  • Parity: it is popular among Ethereum users as a result of its capability to display tokens by default.
  • Mist: this is a desktop wallet that supports ERC20 Tokens.
  • MyEtherWallet: this can be available both as an online wallet and offline (hardware wallet) for storing Ether and ERC20 Tokens.

The top LeadCoin exchanges are the following;

Liqui LogoLiqui.io >>

Liqui is the principal exchange through which an interested investor could acquire LDC, and the cryptocurrency of choice for their acquisition is Ethereum.  Located out of Kiev, Ukraine, it is one of the top 30 exchange sites for crypto.

Bancor Protocol ExchangeBancor Protocol >>

Bancor Protocol is a group that has taken full advantage of the smart contract innovation introduced to the world of the blockchain. With a network surrounding ERC20 tokens, Bancor brings to the world token changers; Exchange Traded Funds (ETF), project/protocol tokens, and complementary currencies which all make it easy to convert one crypto into another version.


Qryptos >>

Qryptos is the second option for exchanging LeadCoin cryptocurrency. Here you can trade between LeadCoin and Ethereum. It provides a number of different features that make this Leadcoin platform an excellent choice for the discerning investor. Some of these include enhanced security, an open API, easy usage and fast trades through the reliable engine.


LeadCoin is one of the more promising cryptocurrencies to enter the crypto world, providing an amazing solution to many of the problems in both the marketing and advertising worlds. Having no real competitors on this front, Leadcoin should see a good amount of growth within the next few years, depending on how well the core concept is received in the global marketplace. If the opinion of venture capitalists can be trusted as a marker of future market potential, then their investment of $50 million in twenty-six minutes should necessarily be taken as a portent of excellent tidings to come for investors. Who knows? Maybe Leadcoin could be the coin we’ve all been waiting for – the heir apparent to the Bitcoin dynasty.

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