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Kleos ICO Review 2018

Kleos ICO: Due to not reaching to the soft cap, Kleos refunded all participants successfully. Visit their site to learn more.

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What is Kleos?

Kleos Project is a web-based online platform that facilitates generation of high-quality questions and answers from its community. It is similar to other web-based sites such as Quora and Yahoo Answer. However, Kleos seeks to integrate a token payment system for its content creators as well as users who assist in generating high-quality content discovery within its site. This token reward system is designed to replace the advertising revenue stream. The concept of Kleos foregoes the need for placing adverts on these sites. Adverts have been seen to have numerous disadvantages such as being a nuisance to the readers and not benefiting content creators themselves.

What are the most interesting facts about Kleos?

  • Kleos provides a refreshing alternative to the outdated advertisement business model. It foregoes the need of placings ads on sites and addresses the issue of the rising number of ad blockers that make advertising pointless.
  • Kleos is the first coin that will allow appreciation of content creators and users discovering content using a new cryptocurrency. Readers also for the first time compensate content creators with credibility and authority.
  • Kleos provides an exciting new way of incentivizing inactive users to participate in the platform’s community as it not only benefits the platform owners but also the token holders of Kleo.

Kleos ICO Team

Has 10 years of experience practicing Software Architecture, Analysis, and Programming. He is the current CTO of Innova Media. Nicola has a very rich experience and professional expertise in matters pertaining to software technology.

De Prato has developed a host of projects in the areas of finance, money, cryptography, and security. Admittedly, Alessandro holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Udine.

Livio has over 10 years of experience in .NET and Java full-stack coding as well as design. He was involved in projects focusing on many different areas such as tax management, public health, and home automation.

Paolini is a certified accountant and business consultant. He is a partner and co-founded the Studio Paolini – Sistema Impresa. Additionally, he works with clients who start new businesses that have a high level of innovation. Alessandro is experienced with international tax matters and international company law. Has more than 2 decades of experience in the finance and business consulting.

Scam Check

  • One thing I noticed with Kleos token is the unavailability of information from credible sources other than the company’s whitepaper. This could sound a red flag but nonetheless, looking at the company’s management team, they appear to have solid LinkedIn profiles having worked for distinguished companies.
  • The token also runs on Ethereum’s blockchain having the high-security standards brought by ERC20.

Kleos Partnerships

  • Kleos is on an ongoing main sale that will be coming to a close on 2nd April 2018. Kleos token has not attracted many investors and sponsorships from companies and institutions.
  • There, however, are advisors who together with the management will get a 30% of the total coin share.

Kleos Communication Channels

Market Research

  • There exists a huge market for online content creators that Kleos developers are targeting. 1 billion monthly users to be precise. However, in my view, Kleo would have a tall order in reaching these users and convincing them to use Kleos.
  • The idea, however, is great as there does not exist other companies providing the utility Kleos token does.

Business model

  • Kleo structures its business model as a new generation income source for content creators. This represents a paradigm shift from the advertisements revenue stream model.
  • The business model provides a solution caused by the increased use of ad blockers preventing ads from being viewed by users. Creators have their content displayed in the best way possible without ad distractions.

What are the potential / use cases of the KLEOS ICO?

  • Like most new technology, Kleos comes with ambiguity to many of its potential users as well as a steep learning curve.
  • Although a first of its kind, the need Kleos is hoping to fill is not currently a necessity for many other successful coins have done. It is an opportunistic attempt at creating a coin that would hopefully attract content creators.
  • It is also very dependent on blockchain technology and would be obsolete without it.
  • Nonetheless, compatibility with other sites has is in development via Kleos tokens and plugins. Its integration is yet to be seen as that is what will unlock its full potential.

What is the Capitalization potential of the Kleos ICO?

  • The ICO had a presale target of 50 Million Kleo tokens with 6500 KLS equaling 1 Ethereum It, therefore, set to raise a reasonable capitalization of around 4 million dollars which is close to similar ICO’s.
  • However, with its minimal advertising, Kleo lacks to maximize its capitalization by attracting potential investors.

Kleos Token Sale

Total Tokens Supply 300 Million KLS
Tokens for Sale 150 Million KLS*
Token Main Sale Price 1 ETH = 5,000 KLS
Pre-Sale Supply 50 Million KLS
Token Pre-Sale Price 1 ETH = 6,500 KLS ( at 30% Discount)
Presale Period February 5 – February 26, 2018
Main Sale Period February 26 – April 2, 2018
Minimum Cap 3,000 ETH
ERC20 Yes
Maximum Cap 30,000 ETH
Accepted Currencies ETH, BTC, USD, EUR

The Kleos Coin

  • Kleos token is intended to have an initial coin supply of 8.5% which is to be reduced steadily by 0.5% until it reaches 1%.
  • The coins are current available on main sale.
  • The coins give the holder a power unique to Kleos coin known as the Kleos Voting Power (KVP). When users vote on questions or answers, influence over the visibility of the questions or answers upvoted is directly proportional the amount of Kleos Voting Power held by that user.
  • Kleos token is a cryptocurrency that is tailored for use in Q & A websites. It is built around replacing the advertisement business model into a coin reward system that benefits all parties involved.

Compatible Wallets & Exchanges

  • Kleos only outlines that its tokens will only be held in secure multi-signature and hardware wallets but does not specify which ones exactly. Smart Contracts will be awarded to a security firm to audit the code on a regular basis.
  • Kleos token is an ERC20 token thus can be stored on ERC20 compatible wallets.

Kleos ICO Rules, Laws, Tax & Regulations

  • Kleos team has offered not to generate any tokens that are Conversely, the Kleo team has not set any rules or regulations concerning the coin.
  • Something to note however is that Kleo token’s voting power is reached by only coins locked in their accounts for not less than 8 weeks.

Trading Rumors

  • As mentioned before, there exists little chatter and debate on the coin itself. The official twitter handle of Kleos has barely 50 followers and online debating forums are mum about it.
  • It has therefore not garnered considerable interest among the public evidenced by no rumors about it.

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