Next generation peer to peer insurance scheme relying on social proof endorsements powered by blockchain technology. Platform expected to transform contemporary insurance practices. Heavily relies on human’s innate moral convictions for endorsements. , InsurePal integrates technological advances in leveraging the market as well as venturing into blockchain transactions. Doing so will help create trust between investors, stakeholders and the InsurePal community. Today the biggest challenge arises from traditional insurers that refuse to embrace change, market segmentation, and poor risk evaluation approaches. In addition to that, competition is expected to arise from new entrants offering peer-to-peer niche products built on blockchain technology. Nonetheless, InsurePal has the advantage of being a pioneer of the social proof concept having obtained the requisite patents and licensing for addressing the value chain.

The ICO Team

Matt Peterman


16 years in insurance and capital ventures. Previously, worked at Salviol Ltd, Adacta Group, SCS Private Equity, and KD Private Equity. Holds an Economics degree, University of Ljubljana

Matjaz Rakovec


Over 20 years in the insurance industry. Former Triglav’s CEO before joining InsurePal. Awarded the Financial Manager prize in 2012 and 2013. President of Slovenia’s Ice Hockey Association

Maxim Streltses


Has a BSc, in Investment and Securities, from Cass Business School, UK and CEO of Glassolite Group Limited. A former financial advisor at Pairstech, Oppenheimer, and UBS

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InsurePal is a peer to peer insurance platform founded on the principle of social proof endorsements. Its platform runs atop the Ethereum blockchain technology with a goal of restoring the core values of the insurance industry.

InsurePal is a decentralized insurance service to help individuals’ access insurance from their peers secured through its platform. In short, it is a new insurance model guaranteed through social proofs and blockchain technology.

. InsurePal’s model is better and different from others as it entails an entire paradigm shift. InsurePal will get rid of irresponsible clients and high administration costs by growing a community of customers cherish reciprocity as a common value.