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/indaHash Coin Review & Guide 2018

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indaHash Coin Review & Guide 2018

IndaHash Coin Guide

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  6. How to buy IndaHash?

IndaHash was originally a platform that brought together brand influencers with brands and their audiences on one mobile app. Brand influencers on the platform (an app) register to take part in a brand’s campaign. If they are allowed to promote a brand’s product or services, they get paid based on the level of engagement they achieve with their social media posts.

Different brands usually see each other as enemies when it comes to marketing. Indahash mission is to change this by introducing the Indahash coin. By circulating the Indahash coin between brands, influencers, and their audiences, Indahash will create a new relationship that will bring more value to the industry. Indahash is already an established global technology platform that connects digital influencers to brands all around the world. If successful, Indahash coins will become the global standard cryptocurrency for rewarding digital influencer activities worldwide.

In late 2017, the Polish startup launched a new project to integrate its services with the blockchain technology. An ICO was held in late November to raise funds for the project, and the decentralized platform was launched on December 24th, 2018. The goal of integrating IndaHash with the blockchain was obvious:

  • Enable the adoption of the IndaHash app globally.
  • Increase the value of rewards given to brand influencers.
  • Lower managerial costs and improve influencer relationships.

Nearly three months after the launch of the IndaHash platform, below is an in-depth review of the IndaHash crypto.

What is indaHash?

Indahash is an idea that is set to bring together influencers from over 70 markets. Currently, the platform has about 330,000 influencers. indaHash’s mission is enabling brand cooperation and audience development. Their model connects brands, influencers, and the targeted audience, enabling brands to run their marketing campaigns with the influencers.

IndaHash is a multinational marketing company that utilizes influencers on Instagram and other social media platforms to create awareness for brands all over the world. It will be effective considering that it will reduce the time it takes to make payments to other financial institutions like banks. It will also be cheaper, avoiding the expensive bank transfer fees and protect private information. In addition to the coin’s effectiveness, users will be able to create personalized crypto coins that they will use to reward their followers. For investors, this is a great opportunity. The influencer market cap stands at USD $2 billion and is set to grow to about $10 billion by 2020! IndaHash coin provides an easy avenue to get a share of this lucrative industry. IndaHash also has a buyback system where they will buy back the tokens from the exchanges using fiat currency they receive from the existing brand.

indaHash top features

  • Influencers can create their own tokens to increase audience engagement.
  • Influencers can create crypto coins with their personal names and reward their audiences.
  • The technology of indaHash is safe and solves the problem of long waiting periods and exposing personal data.

INDAHASH Team and Advisors

INDAHASH is the brainchild of Barbara Soltysinska, an award-winning businesswoman. Barbara formerly owned LifeTube; a multi-channel network focused on markets in Central and Eastern Europe. Barbara is a prolific business person in the entertainment industry. Most of her company’s team members are also experts in the entertainment industry.

However, to ensure INDAHASH platform succeeds as a blockchain startup, the project’s advisors include former Ethereum developer, Bok Khoo and former Zcash employee, Dmitry Khovratovich. Overall, the INDAHASH team consists mainly of business directors, leaders in the communication industry and entrepreneurs.


The INDAHASH cryptocurrency is an ERC-20 utility token, meaning that it cannot be used to purchase products and services outside of the INDAHASH platform. Instead, INDAHASH influencers receive payments in the INDAHASH coins and convert them into cash. Influencers can also receive their payments directly to banks, but it takes up to 60 days to receive payments. Additionally, the coin will be used by brands to reward influencers. Other advantages of the coin include:

  • Brand influencers can get their payments immediately as opposed to the 30 days it takes to get paid via bank transfers.
  • The coin enables anonymity as no need to hand in personal details.
  • Brand influencers earn 20% above their payment when they accept the cryptos.
  • There is no withdrawal limit.
  • Influencers can redeem their coins for products from any of the brands promoted by INDAHASH.

The coins are all pre-mined, and nearly 99% of the 400 million coins are in circulation.


INDAHASH announced of plans to hold an ICO in October 2017. The presale sale was held between 8th and 15th of November 2017. A 40% bonus was issued to everyone who took part in the presale. The crowd sale took place between November 29th and December 6th, 2017. Everyone who purchased the token in the timeframe received a 20% bonus. There was also a 10% for a crowd sale that occurred between the 6th and 13th of December.

The ICO can be summed up to:

  • The minimum investment was 0.5 Ethereum.
  • 1 ETH was traded for 3840 IDH.
  • The hard cap was 320 million tokens.
  • All tokens were distributed after the ICO.
  • 400 IDH tokens were distributed in total.

IndaHash raised a total of $32.6 million after the ICO. Their platform on the blockchain was launched into exchanges on 24th December 2017.

Fiat currency from the registered brands will pay influencers with the IndaHash coins. Influencers can use these coins to buy products and services from the brands which will then pay the company using the tokens creating an endless supply.

IndaHash Price Growth

The INDA HASH digital asset was first listed on an exchange on 24th December 2017. It opened the charts at a valuation of $0.36. The coin had its best day on December 25th, trading at a high $0.616. In the next one week, the crypto’s value dropped, closing the year at $0.22.

Throughout January 2018, the coin’s value kept on dropping, ending the month at $0.19. In February 2018, the coin’s value was stable, and it fluctuated between $0.2 and $0.09 by the end of the month. At the beginning of March, the coin’s value plummeted once more. By March 7th, INDAHASH was trading at $0.08. INDAHASH is currently expanding its reach globally. If their marketing campaign succeed and the platform’s daily trading volume hits $1 million, the coin’s value will appreciate.

How to buy IndaHash

IndaHash Coin is an ERC-20 token developed out of the Ethereum platform. Buying the coins mean you have to use a wallet compatible with ERC-20 tokens.

Top 3 INDAHASH Wallets

Myetherwallet >>My Ether Wallet

Myetherwallet is the most popular ERC-20 wallet. It’s also the recommended wallet by the INDAHASH team. Myetherwallet is a freely available web-based wallet that stores coins securely. The wallet is easy to set up and allows you to take hold of your coins by securing the private key.

MetaMask >>Metamask Logo

MetaMask is an alternative to It is built based on the same concept as However, this wallet can also be linked to Google Chrome, Firefox, and Brave browsers as a plugin. The wallet can hold any ERC-20 token including Ethereum. MetaMask provides a seed key to help you stay in control of your funds at all times.

CoinomiCoinomi >>

Coinomi is a respected multi-currency cryptocurrency wallet most popular among Android devices users. The wallet supports over 40 digital assets including ERC-20 tokens such as INDAHASH. Coinomi has a friendly customer support team and advanced security features to ensure your tokens are safe.

Top 3 IndaHash Exchanges



IDEX is a peer to peer decentralized cryptocurrency exchange for Ethereum and ERC-20 tokens. Almost every ERC-20 token is listed on the platform. IDEX is based in Panama. It deploys smart contracts to ensure traders complete their settlements respectively in a trustless manner. IDEX does not accept real cash. You need to fund your account with Ether coins to purchase and sell other tokens on the exchange. IDEX is increasingly gaining popularity thanks to their quick customer feedback and a secure trading platform.

TidexTidex >>


Tidex is a special exchange that allows anyone to list their custom tokens to be traded on their exchange after thorough scrutiny. Tidex is registered in both the US and Russia and enforces strict KYC rules to promote a trust-based society. Like IDEX, Tidex does not accept fiat currency.

HitBTC logoHitBTC >>


HitBTC is a fast-rising cryptocurrency exchange with more than 50 cryptocurrencies supported on the platform. HitBTC accepts both fiat currency and cryptocurrency trading. The two major currencies accepted on the exchange are US dollars and Euros. HitBTC also allows members to create anonymous accounts and trade without the fear of being identified. Additionally, the Estonia based exchange is fairly respected and accepts members from multiple countries.

How to buy INDAHASH: A Step by Step Guide

Step 1: Set up a Personal wallet

To buy INDAHASH coins, you need first to set up a personal wallet. is the most recommended wallet for beginners. Download the wallet files and store copies on a flash drive as a backup. Print out the private key and store it safely.

Step 2: Purchase Ether or Bitcoins

INDAHASH is currently not paired with any fiat currency. You need to own Bitcoins or Ethereum to purchase the tokens. If you create an account on HitBTC, you can purchase both ether coins and IDH coins immediately. HitBTC also allows members worldwide, so it should be easy to complete their KYC rules and gain access to the platform.

Other alternative exchanges to buy Bitcoins, Ethereum or both include Coinbase, Localbitcoins, and Bitstamp. But if you purchase coins on these platforms, you have to move them to an exchange where you can buy IDH.

Step 3: Transfer Coins to a Personal Wallet

After purchasing IDH coins on HitBTC, Tidex or IDEX, transfer them to a personal wallet. A personal INDAHASH wallet provides better security for your tokens compared to an exchange-based wallet. Generate an address on your personal wallet by clicking ‘receive’ funds. Access your exchange based wallet and click ‘transfer’ or ‘send’ funds. Paste the address you copied on your wallet and confirm the process. You should receive your tokens instantly.

The Conclusion

INDAHASH offers a great service. If they can successfully market their services and reach a global audience, the INDAHASH token will grow in value rapidly. The currency’s current daily trading volume of less than $100,000 must also improve by a large amount for the platform to experience significant growth.

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