indaHash Influencers Industry

Indahash ICO is an idea that is set to bring together influencers from over 70 markets. Currently, the platform has about 330,000 influencers. The ICO’s mission is enabling brand cooperation and audience development. Their model connects brands, influencers and the targeted audience, enabling brands to run their marketing campaigns with the influencers.

The ICO Team

Barbara Sołtysińska


Sołtysińska has a master’s degree in Marketing and PR from the University of Warsaw. Previously, she has worked with companies such as MSL Warsaw and Ciszewski MSL. Currently, Sołtysińska is also the CEO and Founder of LifeTube

Darek Zieliński


Zieliński has worked with numerous companies such as Ciszewski Public Relations, Marquard Media Polska, Gruner+Jahr, and so on. Right now, besides indaHash is the Newsweek Managing Director at Grupa Onet-RAS Polska

Włas Chorowiec


Chorowiec has been actively involved in the web industry for quite some time. He has been theProduct Owner of GG Network SA and the Co-owner of LifeTube

Daniel Wroblewski

Chief Software Architect

Wroblewski has experience with C++, JavaScript, MySQL and so on. He is the founder of companies like MIDI Custom Shop,,, and AmpTone Lab.

Dmitry Khorvatovich

Blockchain Advisor

Khorvatovich has a PhD in computer sciences form the University of Luxemburg. He has worked at Microsoft Research Redmond as a Cryptographer and has taken part in numerous researches conducted by the University of Luxemburg. Currently, he is a Cryptographic Researcher at Evernym Inc.

Business model

Capitalization Potential

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Coin Supply/Purpose


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Trading Rumors


320 million aka 80% of indaHash Coins.


ICO week 1 – 20%ICO week 2 – 10%