What Is an ICO? Full ICO Guide 2018

/What Is an ICO? Full ICO Guide 2018

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What Is an ICO? Full ICO Guide 2018

What are ICOs?

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  2. So what ICOs really are?
  3. ICO Rating – how do we evaluate an ICO?
  4. Rules, Laws, Tax & Regulations
  5. ICO Coin Supply/Purpose
  6. ICO platforms
  7. ICO Whitepaper

ICO stands for “Initial Coin Offering” and it’s a way with which funds are raised for a new cryptocurrency venture. ICO is also known as Initial Public Coin Offering (IPCO). In an ICO campaign, some of the e-moneys are sent back to the early investors of the project.

What is ICO investing?

ICO investing is when you decide to invest in an early project and help it become a real cryptocurrency and, if it turns out to be successful, you end up with the ICOs tokens with a high value which you can either exchange or reinvest in. It gives an amazing opportunity to everyone to make a career out of it.

It’s very important to have a rating list and checklist every time you go on such a journey in the cryptocurrency era as it is always changing and you always have to be prepared. Having a checklist reduces the risk of losing your money on the ICO, which is always very high.

However, worry not as we are your best source of information and are always here to guide you through the e-money industry! Whether you’re a beginner or a professional trader, we have all the information you need to trade successfully.

  1. We have fresh information every day.
  2. Our team puts its heart in every article in order to bring you quality data.
  3. We have in-depth analysis.
  4. Not only do we give ratings, but we also argue why we’ve chosen them.
  5. Here, we have the best team there is that is very passionate about this very niche.
  6. If you’re a cryptocurrency enthusiast, there is no better place to find about the best upcoming ICOs than our website.
  7. We have found inaccurate and wrong information on our competitors’ websites that can mislead readers.
  8. By getting your data from here, you’re guaranteed to get accurate information that has been checked by our trust-worthy experts.
  9. We do everything our competitors do and even more!
  10. We’ve been in your place and want to help you understand everything as easy as possible.

DISCLAIMER: This website is made for educational purposes and to help traders find out more information and get a general understanding about the cryptocurrencies. Please note that we provide no legal advice and we are not pointing to where you should invest your money, but rather give suggestions about our favorite ICOs and therefore are not to be held responsible for your investments.

Why is a rating and checklist for ICOs important?

It’s very important to have a rating list and checklist every time you go on such a journey in the cryptocurrency era as it is always changing and you always have to be prepared. Having a checklist reduces the risk of losing your money on the ICO, which is always very high.

However, worry not as we are your best source of information and are always here to guide you through the e-money industry! Whether you’re a beginner or a professional trader, we have all the information you need to trade successfully.

Upcoming ICO Rating – How do we evaluate an ICO?

Our teams of highly-trained specialists comb through each whitepaper and analyze the best ICOs so we can bring you the best investment ideas. We analyze each piece of information not only from their whitepaper but from their customers’ feedback too and bring together the amazingly-accurate and dependable articles that you read every day. With us, you can always be sure that you’ll succeed.

Our website guides you through the “jungle” of cryptocurrencies and helps you invest only in the ICOs that will sky-rocket in price and give you a huge ROI so here you can find the best upcoming ICOs

Trust ICOs are usually genuine and dependable. However, there are cases when the ICO is actually a scam. The trust can be determined by the proof of experience of the ICO’s team or by the virtual presence of the organizations. If an ICO lacks one of these, you have to make an in-depth research about whether to buy their tokens or not.
Hype Every ICO has everyone in our team hyped up and super excited to test it and gauge its true potential. If you read our page daily you will learn new information that will keep you up-to-date with all of the major ICOs.
Uniqueness Almost all of the ICOs are unique ideas that can make a change in the cryptocurrency era. Although there are some ICOs that are just improvements of old ones, most of them come with brand new ideas that will either succeed or fail.
Potential Every ICO has the potential to go on and be very successful. It is with this in mind that we bring you only the best to guarantee you a high ROI.
Team Teams usually consist of people from all over the world. They usually have the same ideas to create the perfect software for people around the globe. All of them usually put their hearts into the software and I’ve seen people very dedicated to their cause.
Overall rating ICOs are definitely trust-worthy and genuine and they have an amazing potential. Remember, if you invest in an ICO that turns out to be like Bitcoin, you’ve hit the jackpot!

So what ICOs really are?

Here’s how an ICO normally works: a kind of cryptographic money is made on a protocol, for example, Counterparty, Ethereum, or Openledger, and a value is discretionarily controlled by the group behind the ICO in view of what they think the system is worth at its present stage. At that point, via valued elements controlled by the free market activity, the esteem is settled on by the system of members, as opposed to by a central authority or the government.

The second reason VCs are winding up more intrigued by ICOs is a result of the liquidity of cryptocurrencies. Instead of tying up huge amounts of assets in a unicorn startup and waiting for the long play — an IPO or an acquisition — investors can see gains rapidly, and can haul benefits out more effortlessly, with the ICOs. They basically need to change over their digital money benefits into Bitcoin or Ether on any of the cryptographic money trades that convey it, and afterward, it’s effortlessly changed over to fiat cash by means of online administrations, for example, Coinsbank or Coinbase.

For blockchain startups, ICOs are a win-win — they enable new companies to raise reserves without having value partners breathing down their necks on spending money. Also, there are many in the blockchain group who feel that ICOs are a hotly long-awaited answer for non-profit organizations that need to manufacture open-source programming to raise capital. Non-benefits typically hold around 10-20% of the aggregate cryptographic money they issue; as Ethereum did in their ICO in 2014, with 20% initial investment put in the Ethereum Foundation. This is so they have a personal stake in building more esteem, and additionally saving for development later on. (As of March 2017, the market capitalization of the ether token was more than $4 billion.)

ICO fundraising is basically a form of crowdfunding, but people buy tokens during the tokensale, and, if the ICO is successful, those tokens will have a certain value.

After the ICO has been announced and people have seen its goals and everything else, the tokensale begins. The token, if the ICO is successful, can become a day-by-day currency.

The ICO has a limited amount of tokens which they can sell ONLY during the Tokensale. The tokens bought represent a coin with a normal value, such as USD or EUR.

For example, 1ether was, at some point, 1USD.

If you are an early investor/buyer in a presale, you will get bonuses on your first purchases. If you buy 20 tokens at the price of 100$, you will get 50 tokens bonus (just an example).

The price is determined by the organizations, putting the price as reasonable as it can be and they create the stages of the sale. Tokens are tradable as soon as they were bought and as soon as the token was registered as a valid cryptocurrency.

Advantages from a fundraisers perspective:

– People remain with something after investing

– If the ICO is successful some people can get rich

– They’re investing in the cryptocurrency era and helping everyone make technological advancements

– With the money gathered, the fundraisers can improve their tokens and make new upgrades

– ICOs represent an amazing advantage for everyone, fundraisers and other people

Disadvantages from a fundraisers perspective:

– There is a high chance that your ICO won’t work out

– It’s hard and time-consuming and it may or may not pay off

– There is a big skepticism around cryptocurrencies so it’s hard to convince investors to place their money in your ICO.

Advantages from an investors perspective:

– An ICO will almost always be a good investment

– After making an in-depth research of the ICO and if it seems genuine, you can hit the jackpot with it

– You can make a career out of it and become a full-time investor

– Investors can learn how the cryptocurrency market works through ICO fundraisings.

– They can be anonymous investors so no attention is brought upon them, thus making their transactions safe

Disadvantages from an investors perspective:

– You may end up losing your money if the ICO fails

– There is a risk that the ICO is actually a scam

– Some ICOs are very hard to understand, making them time-consuming

ICOs are a better form of fundraising than Crowdfunding because of the following reasons:

– In exchange for their money, investors remain with tokens.

– Investors can make a huge profit

– Fundraisers are almost guaranteed to attract a big number of investors

– It’s advantageous for everyone

ICO platforms

Despite the fact that Ethereum is the most famous, you need to know that there are also different options. Here are some of the alternate platforms where you can launch your token:

Waves Platform

NXT Platform

Bitshares Platform

NEM Platform

– Confideal



Yes, virtually anyone can launch on Ethereum as it is user-friendly software from which you can easily launch your idea. It matters for an investor to choose the right platform because different platforms use different blockchains and they need to use the safest and smoothest one.

Waves or Bancor are not better platforms than the ones mentioned above and we strongly suggest that you use the Ethereum platform, as it is the best and the smoothest.

What is an ICO business model

The business model of an ICO contains all of the goals, timelines, and the roadmap that the organization is aiming to go for. Its assessment is important because it gives investors a broad idea of how the ICO is going to develop and if it’s worth investing it in for.

Yes, you can always trust the business model of an ICO because it was certainly checked by high-esteemed organizations, universities etc. Also, if it appears on our site, you can be sure that it’s genuine and on-point.

The investor should gather information about the ICO team, their background and most everything there is to know about the organization itself.

Capitalization potential

– The market capitalization potential of ICOs and Blockchain is over $1 billion USD and it is calculated by multiplying a company’s shares outstanding by the market price at a single share.

The market capitalization is not determined only by the conditions of the ICO but by the following factors as well:

– It depends on the quality of the ICO

– On its potential

– Depends on the monetary value of it

– If people are interested in it

– If it’s something ground-breaking or jaw-dropping

– If it’s original

Market capitalization can definitely rise after the ICO finished and the token is live because, if it was a successful sale and people will continue to buy the token, the market capitalization can definitely rise by a lot.

Let’s take for example the NXT ICO which I’m sure you’ve heard of. They went for $42mil and got a total funding of $27mil.

Investors can see some profit from an ICO if it’s successful and its coin starts having value. The market capitalization of the coin is determined by how many people purchase the coin and how many trades it/use it.

Market Research

The demand for the product ICOs want to develop is high, because we live in a technological era and people love innovative ideas. People search for new opportunities every day and most of the new ICOs get a lot of funding from the very first day.

They can reach any market, except the ones where people have strict regulations about cryptocurrency (it’s illegal). Therefore, ICOs can reach countries worldwide and get to any group of people, so students, programmers and even people without a blockchain knowledge background can invest in ICOs

The competition is average, as every idea is unique and innovative. So there aren’t any similar existing companies or ICOs providing a similar or even the same product. These ICOs usually sell like crazy.

ICO revenues and potential can be high, but it depends on the idea behind the ICO and if people like it and would invest in it. ICOs can definitely be threatened by competitors or better ICOs if they’re idea doesn’t sound good enough for the investors.

Compatible Wallets & Exchanges

– The ICOs, once accepted after the token sale, will be listed on any exchange.

– You can store the tokens either on digital wallets which you download online or the wallet of the

ICO (if they have one).

– The currencies are usually USD and EUR but they can also be in other cryptocurrencies such as BTC.

– Any convenient currencies can be used and the most usual ones are USD and EUR. During a token

sale, people can buy the companies’ tokens in order to fund it and profit afterward.

The easiest way to buy the ERC20 token is on etherdelta by following the next steps :

  1. You have to create a new account, so go for “Select account” in the top right corner
  2. Select “New Account”
  3. A pop-up will appear with your public and private key.

NOTE: Save your private key somewhere safe, if someone knows it, they have access to your funds.

After these steps, buying an ERC20 token is as easy as filling in the sum you want to buy and clicking “buy”.

ICO Partnerships

Although there are some ICOs that succeeded without partners, for most ICOs, partners are crucial. They invest a huge amount of money in the ICO’s idea, share infrastructure and provide their own users and community in order to efficiently promote the ICO, thus giving it a huge chance of sky-rocketing.

Partners also boost up the trustworthiness of an ICO and make more and more people invest in it and share the same idea.

ICO Whitepaper

– A white paper is an informational document, issued by an organization or non-profit organization, to promote or feature the highlights of a solution, product, or service.

-White papers are sales and marketing documents, used to tempt or convince potential clients to learn more about a product before buying its services, technology or strategy.

-White papers are designed to be utilized as a marketing device before a sale, and not as a user manual or other specialized document created to offer help to the user in the wake of making a buy.

-Everything related to an ICO (its ideas, timelines, roadmaps etc.) can be found on the ICO’s whitepaper in conformity to the legislation. More information such as customers’ thoughts or information about the company can either be found here or on the ICO’s official website.

ICO Coin Supply/Purpose

– The coins are usually supplied in huge numbers, billions of them so the fundraisers will not run out of them and disappoint their customers.

– The supply is steady and will not grow, the coins that were initially supplied will not be changed and if all of them are sold, the tokensale will end.

– Coins can be transferred to exchange websites such as coinbase or any other sites.

– The coin supply can be stored in any virtual wallet and they can be transferred to an exchange website

– The only token that requires mining is Bitcoin so no, the tokens aren’t pre-mined but rather pre-created.

– The hard cap and soft cap are both set by the organization.

– The user always has full control over the token and the organization takes no responsibility for what happens with the token.

– The sale is usually limited to the organizations’ maximum funds. Once an organization sets the number of funds they want to get and they reach that number, the token sale ends immediately.

– Most ICOs have the same models, different coin supplies, and completely different purposes.

Potential/Use Cases

ICO products and applications are special and innovative because:

– They represent a huge step in our digital world.

– One day, money will be completely eliminated and we will all trade in cryptocurrencies.

– The technology is safe, user-friendly and fulfills the need for innovation.

– A blockchain represents the thing that keeps the ICO together, working smoothly. Without it, the ICO would be a chaos.

– The ICO applications are very practical and although they are time-consuming, users can make a huge profit thanks to them.

– ICOs, if successful, can turn into an actual currency and therefore have a great application for buyers.

– The technology is definitely ripe as a non-blockchain application could never fulfill the same features as an ICO, which is better and easier to use.

Rules, Laws, Tax & Regulations

Countries have different ways to deal with how they regulate cryptocurrencies. This can rely on the idea of the cryptocurrency itself.

There are two primary sorts of cryptocurrencies from an administrative perspective – utility tokens and asset-backed tokens. Utility tokens may have value since they enable the holder to trade the token for a good service later on, for example, Bitcoin. Asset-backed tokens may have value in light of the fact that there is an underlying asset which the holder of the token can ascribe value to. In numerous countries, it is unclear whether utility tokens require regulation, yet it is more probable that asset-backed tokens are regulated in most countries.

Therefore, ICOs are legal in most countries. However, there are some countries which have clear legislation about them such as North Korea, China and the majority of Asia

Trading Rumors

Are you curious what the experts are saying? It’s vital you be. We know the top trading rumors, what’s going to work and what’s going down. We know whether there are any trading insights, what investors go for and what they do.

We know all the news and updates that could possibly be relevant to ICO investors and we know everything there is to know about what investors, traders, and experts say about new or on-going ICOs.

Read our page daily so you can get insider advice from the best ICOs that have recently appeared, tips and many other interesting things, exclusive on our website!


If you are tired of hearing misleading information and reading things that don’t help you in anyway whatsoever, trust us when we say that we’ve been there and that’s why we’ve created this amazingly helpful website. If you are a crypto-currency enthusiast and you are searching for every bit of exciting news about the best ICOs on the market, you’re in the right place. Here, you’ll always have the freshest news.

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