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Hotspot Shield VPN for Apple TV

If you use Apple TV to stream movies and TV shows, you may have heard about Hotspot Shield. The VPN, which is a product of AnchorFree Company, has been in the market since 2008 when it was released for macOS and Windows operating systems. In 2011, the service was expanded to support iOS too.

Like other VPNs, Hotspot Shield protects online users’ information from access or tracking by third parties. With the VPN, you can bypass censorships and enjoy content by using Hotspot Shield Apple TV Servers located in other regions outside your country.

Thus, Hotspot Shield for Apple TV lets you avoid the frustration of being limited to movies and TV shows that are found only in your local region.

Should you use Hotspot Shield for Apple TV?

When you are using Apple TV, the essential things you look for are speed and safety. Generally, the VPN you choose to use needs to be able to meet the following parameters:

Safety and Privacy

A VPN should effectively hide your IP address as well as physical location. It’s essential that the VPN does not log any of your browsing activity. Hotspot Shield VPN Apple TV ensures that there isn’t a record of any websites you have visited or apps you are using.

Furthermore, all your data is encrypted between the device you are using and the VPN server. This way, hackers cannot intercept or exploit your personal information.

 Download speed

One of the defining features of a premier VPN service is excellent streaming speed. Apple TV Hotspot Shield VPN has in the past been rated one of the fastest VPN services currently available in the market, hitting almost 100 Mbps download speeds in some locations.

The VPN comes with unlimited bandwidth, enabling users to access all content they desire from any device and location.

Server location and numbers

Generally, the more servers and locations a VPN can give you access to, the better it is. Hotspot Shield Apple TV allows users to access over 2,500 servers in the 25 countries the vendor is available in. These figures are among the most impressive in the VPN industry.

User interface + compatibility

VPN users prefer VPNs that are super easy to use. That’s one of the strengths of Hotspot shield. All you need to do is sign up and install, then connect to the software. It’s one of the VPNs designed for the easiest user experience.

Hotspot Shield Apple TV important features

Hotspot Shield is engineered to provide military grade security. The VPN boasts 256-bit encryption that ensures that no one has access to your data, even while using public Wi-Fi hotspots. To avert all security vulnerabilities, Hotspot Shield has a Kill Switch protection.

The Kill Switch keeps your information safe in case your VPN connection gets lost. The Kill Switch promptly halts all data from being transferred to the internet until the VPN connection is reestablished.

The last thing you want is for information to leak from your computer without your knowledge. It’s the reason that using Apple TV with Hotspot Shield is such a necessity.

Hotspot Shield Apple TV Servers

There are certain VPNs on the market with servers that do not allow customers to use Apple TV.

Fortunately, this is not the case with Hotspot Shield. Once you subscribe to the premium service, you have unlimited access to all the 2,500 servers spread out in the various countries Hotspot Shield is available in.

The VPN allows torrenting and is one of the fastest in terms of speed, with download speeds reaching almost 100 Mbps based on location.

Apple TV with Hotspot Shield – prices and plans

To get the best out of Hotspot Shield, it’s best to subscribe to a premium plan. The premium option provides, among other benefits:

  • 5-device support
  • Unlimited data
  • Unlimited access to a wide variety of sites
  • Dedicated customer support
  • Ad-free browsing
  • Access to all virtual location

The premium subscription is available in four plans. Users of the monthly subscription pay $12.99 per month, while those who opt for the 6-month plan pay $8.99 per month. The yearly subscription costs $5.99 per month, whereas the unlimited offer goes for $119.99.

So, should you use Hotspot Shield for Apple TV?

With Hotspot Shield VPN, it is possible to enjoy everything that your Apple TV has to offer. But more importantly, you get to browse the internet without the fear of your personal information being accessed by third parties.

Add this to the fact that Hotspot Shield provides incredible browsing speeds, and it’s easy to see why the VPN qualifies as a worthy service for lovers of Apple TV.

And thanks to the 7-day free trial for customers who sign up for premium service, you can test the VPN to see whether it works for you. If seven days seem inadequate, you can always opt for the 30-day money back guarantee.

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