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Gladius is an impressive project that offers protection against cyber attacks. Learn more.

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Gladius Coin Review & Guide 2018

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  1. What is Gladius?
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  4. Gladius ICO
  5. Gladius Potential problems
  6. Future of Gladius

What is Gladius?

Gladius coin (GLA) is a decentralized platform built on Ethereum blockchain, offering their clients DDoS protection by renting out their unused bandwidth. What that means is that DDoS attacks (or Distributed Denial of Service Attacks, which are network attacks used by people to overload another network with useless date, thereby disabling their whole system) can be reduced or eliminated by this project, and people would have a financial incentive to use the Gladius platform as well. Gladius considers DDoS attacks a major problem. Within one year there was a reported loss of $150 billion because of DDoS attacks worldwide. Meanwhile, companies spend around $5,000 per month on getting DDOS protection to help them with deflecting the attacks.

Gladius has created fault tolerant, inexpensive pools designed according to the customers’ needs. The project is founded and managed by Max Niebylski, the CEO and Founder of Gladius, Alex Godwin, co-founder and chief technology officer, and Marcelo McAndrew, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Gladius. Max, who studied and finished computer science at University of Maryland College Park, has worked as a Computer Software Engineer at the National Institute of Health, and as a Software Engineer at Rotunda and Bloomberg LP. With the help of his colleagues and Co-Founders, this project has come to life.

The problems Gladius aim to solve

The business environment requires businesses to increase their online presence. The potential results of that increased online presence are better performance and positioning. At the same time, this business need has led to increased numbers of cyber-attacks. A recent Nexus report indicates a 380% year-on-year increase in cyber-attacks when comparing Q1 2017 and Q1 2016. This threat creates a market need to develop technology that can combat these unpredicted, potentially catastrophic attacks.

Every website and company try to get as good as they can at having an online presence and influence. With the demand for a bigger presence, cyber-attacks of many forms have emerged. The number of attacks keeps increasing year after year, which makes the Gladius platform very useful both in the present and in the future. Besides protection, Gladius offers a way to earn money as well by using the platform, by renting unused computer space and bandwidth. Renting such space and bandwidth makes use of the “dead” space, utilizing what is unusable at this moment. The user can decide the terms of usage of his renting space/bandwidth.

Any company that wishes to protect themselves from a DDoS attack can use the Gladius platform. In addition to that use, there are two more – desktop customers can earn money on renting out their unused space, and there network groups which allow for browsing the marketplace to find a suitable solution that is within budget.

Having the opportunity to rent out unused space provides a return on otherwise “dead” space. The user can decide select specific settings to configure various parameters such as time of day that they wish to rent. Thus, the advantage here for the investor is that either they can use the service, or provide someone else the opportunity while still earning a return.

Gladius interesting features

  • It allows its users to connect with the protection pools for the sake of security and the acceleration of their content.
  • Users can buy the protection against DDoS attacks with GLA token while earning them by renting out their unused computing power and bandwidth.
  • It has a competitive advantage regarding cutting out the middleman for the DDoS protection.

Gladius Potential problems

Gladius, as a project, has and could have quite a few issues along their path. First off, they set themselves apart by the great vision and good competitive advantage but need to build the infrastructure and gather users. Also, their DDoS protection against big attacks is yet to be proven. They need to keep up with the roadmap, or people will be discouraged. That won’t be a small task. Also, as of this moment, their token is listed on only one exchange, which is quite insignificant, and their volume is meager. This indicates how many people are currently interested in the token.

The other, hypothetical part of the equation is: Could another big player in the DDoS protection department move into the crypto space and make a blockchain utility token that does pretty much the same thing, but have much more traction due to popularity and past reliability?

The answer is: Yes. They do have a first-mover advantage, but until they prove themselves and make themselves known, they have no way of making an impact.

Also, much of the token pool (40%) is not available for purchase. That is explained in their token economics, but is it the right path to take with so many competitors in the ICO investment department? That’s yet to be seen since it might drive off some of the investors and users as the price of GLA tokens could be manipulated easier. This is not such a big problem, but some people might perceive it as such, which would not be right from the start of the company.

The Gladius coin

The Gladius token has a fixed supply, which means that it is not minable. No tokens will be created after the initial “Token Creation”. Tokens will be usable on the network system (which is launched before the token public sale) immediately.

The Max Sale Issuance of Gladius tokens is 34,000,000 GLA, and the Max Token Issuance is 48,200,000 GLA.

  • 10% of Gladius tokens belong to the founders.
  • 10% belong to the advisory, community, and marketing teams.
  • 20% is for operational costs, such as bounty programs, day-to-day costs, and more.
  • The rest of the token pool has been distributed during the Public Sale (ICO).

The token is an ERC20 token, thus can be stored in ERC20 wallets like MyEtherWallet, Trust, Parity, Mist or Metamask (to name a few)

What is the purpose of the GLA coin?

Gladius base their model around decentralization through their Gladius token (GLA). The way they would do business is:

  • People can rent their bandwidth and unused space in exchange for GLA tokens.
  • They can purchase DDoS protection with GLA tokens.
  • They can use GLA tokens for accessing (buying) computing power or bandwidth to improve user experience and speed of their websites.
  • GLA tokens could be traded back and forth for other cryptocurrencies on exchanges.

Gladius ICO

Gladius launched their ICO on 24th of November, 2017, and finished it by the end of the year 2017 on the 29th of December, but reaching the goal two days earlier. One GLA token sold for $1.25, with first-in bonuses/discounts for up to 20%. (first 24 hours were netting early investors 20% more, and then first-week investors 5% more, second week 3%, third week 1% more, and last week people were buying it at $1.25 price).

Gladius was extremely well covered in the media, hitting close to 500,000 visits in November. Their ICO was talked about a lot on Facebook as well as Youtube. It was very well rated on the ICO review websites as well.

The ICO reached a hard cap, selling $14,681,250 worth of GLA in dollar value, which is 117% of the $12,500,000 that they have asked for in actuality, according to the website.

So far, in comparison to the USD and ETH value sold, for each $1 of investment, you would get back 60 or 64 cents depending on if you are investing with one or the other, while you would make 1 dollar and 26 cents if you staked your Bitcoin money.

Future of Gladius

Gladius, as an idea, has seen significant approval from the community. The cutting-the-middle-man competitive edge, renting out unused space and bandwidth, as well as accelerating the access to the websites by decreasing the “server” distance from the customer, all while decentralizing it with smart contracts, has created a very high demand for the project. With a well-rounded team of experienced advisors and young and innovative creators, this project has a bright future, but only if they meet their deadlines and reach the goals expected of the community, and set up by the team itself. Further listings on exchanges or proof of usage will propel them high up with the other auspicious coins and tokens, but so far, being only listed on the IDEX exchange, with $20,000 volume a day, ranks Gladius as the least traded, and less wanted coin.

On the market side of the news, Bitcoin continues the bear versus bull side, while altcoins tank price wise as a consequence. Even so, if the team makes the infrastructure that is intended, the project will thrive, regardless of the more speculative nature of the crypto market (because this token has a great use not only in the crypto market but also in general). So far, we will have to see how they progress and keep their goals and how the market responds to it.

How to buy Gladius coin (GLA)

Gladius coin (GLA) is available on the IDEX exchange, where people can buy GLA using Ethereum. GLA is currently traded at $0.74 or 0.00106 ETH.

  • IDEX is an exchange that trades ERC-20 tokens only.
  • An option to deposit ETH will appear once an account is made with the exchange.
  • This acts like a regular Ethereum transaction. Once that is done, You are ready to trade!

Since Gladius is an ERC20 coin, once the token is acquired, you can transfer it to any ERC-20 compliant wallet, like MyEtherWallet, Trezor, Parity, Mist or Metamask (to name a few). The process of transfer is the same as the process of sending Ethereum that was done previously.

Final note

Gladius might be the next titan in the cyber-attack protection business, with their innovative model and ideas. It is now up to the team to prove whether they can do what was promised, or not. As of right now, it’s just another one in the sea of tokens that do not serve a greater purpose, however, I think we will hear a lot about this coin.

Thanks for reading! Hope you had an interesting read, meanwhile, don’t miss our next articles!

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