Gladius Security

A decentralized blockchain platform offering clients DDoS protection through a feverless node to connect bandwidth. In turn the platform not only provides security from DDoS, but also expedited content delivery. Gladius ICO considers DDoS attacks a major problem. Within one year there was a loss of $150 billion because of DDoS attacks, meanwhile companes spend around $5,000 per month for getting a protection from the attacks. Gladius ICO has created fault tolerant, inexpensive pools designed according to the customers’ needs.

The ICO Team

Max Niebylski

CEO, Founder

Niebylski has a degree in Computer Science from the University of Maryland College Park. He has worked as a Computer Software Engineer at National Institutes of Health, and as a Software Engineer at Rotunda and Bloomberg LP

Alex Godwin


Godwin is a student at the University of Maryland College Park and expects to graduate in 2020. Along with his studies and the Gladius ICO he works as a Software Developer at the University of Maryland, Terrapin Works

Marcelo McAndrew

CoFounder, COO

McAndrew is a student at the University of Maryland College Park, majoring in Computer Science and expects to graduate in 2020. He has worked at Karavan Carpool as a Software Developer and as a Mobile Developer at Digital Infuzion

Ruben Stranders

Al Advisor

Stranders has a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Southampton. He is the co-founder and the director of FireServiceRota. He is the owner of Vergelijk je Wijk, and

Kondar Seweryn

Web Developer

Seweryn has a master’s degree from the AGH University of Science and Technology. He is the founder of CracSoft and has more than 10 years of experience in programming

Market Research

Potential/Use Cases


Capitalization Potential




Coin Supply/Purpose

Compatible Wallets & Exchanges


The company has reached its goal of $12.5 million and the ICO is over.

Gladius ICO is not a scam.

Blockchain technology is capable of fighting the DDoS. Read above and find out