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Gilgamesh is a social platform powered by Ethereum and blockchain which has been made to empower information sharing. The system moves the way readers, critics, and creators impart and interface with each other. By utilizing Gilgamesh, clients can learn in a secure environment that supports far-reaching learning and training. They want to enable the human race to become thoughtful and information-centric. On the Gilgamesh platform, users earn GIL tokens, which they can spend on in-application merchandise and enterprises, or vote on the governance of the platform

Due to not reaching to the soft cap, Gilgamesh refunded all participants successfully. Visit their site to learn more.

The ICO Team

Mahdi Pedram

CEO, founder and software architect

He has over ten years of experience in software development and front edge technologies. He pursued a software engineer course in computer science at Sheikh Bahaei between 2003 and 2008. In addition, he has skills in other numerous fields such as AJAX, JavaScript, and HTML 5 among others.

Atefe Mosayebi

Software engineer &project manager

She has a passion in developing great software and applying technology to improve humanity. Additionally, she has a strong foundation in computer science, data structure, and a lot more.

Ali Rasekh

Director of operations and security manager

Director of operations and security manager, Ali Rasekh He has been a major technician in cybersecurity and technology. In addition, he has been a leader in numerous international projects for consulting firms. Rasekh is a qualified multi-security personnel with different certifications. He holds both the Certified Ethical Hacker and Certified Information System Security.

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Yes, definitely there are numerous books online where you can access Gilgamesh for your queries.

Apparently, Gilgamesh has elevated significantly economically. We can, however, not disclose the exact figure.

This is a social network that concentrates on self-governing knowledge. It is powered by IPFS, Ethereum smart contract, and other Blockchain technologies to create a safe and fair ecosystem for readers.