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Discover the best free VPN for Dubai

Despite being one of the most developed countries in the world, Dubai continues to maintain strict regulations on telecom and internet services. The strict media regulation has led to the need of having a VPN on board in order to access entertainment contents banned in UAE.

In this article, we shall discuss Free VPN for Dubai and the need behind having one. You can find hundreds of VPN’s available to bypass the online restrictions in Dubai; yet, picking up the right one shall save you a headache from disappointments.

A good VPN service provider must help the consumers make use of their VPN services, and we shall list out VPN services offering favorable features and free VPN services, their advantages, among other aspects.

The Best Free VPNs for Dubai

Some of the best free VPN for Dubai that will let you seamlessly access different geo-restricted content while at the same time shielding your privacy include:


The British Virgin Islands-based Express VPN is known for providing excellent server speeds and up to 99.9% of uptime guarantee to their customers. The impeccable professionalism offered by Express VPN is the reason that makes them rank the best among other VPN service providers in Dubai.

ExpressVPN provides excellent speed and impregnable security encryption features without any free trial options. For a free trial, you must subscribe to one of their monthly or yearly plans. The monthly subscription plan starts from US$12.95 supported with a thirty-day money back guarantee. If you are planning for long-term use, then make sure to grab the new unlimited usage offer that includes three months of free trial for $ 6.67 per month.

  • 30-day money back guarantee.
  • Reliable 256-bit encryption.
  • Free apps for everyone.
  • Three device connectivity.


The Canadian based TunnelBear features among the most popular VPN service provider in the world, and they have already made their mark in Dubai too. The best thing about TunnelBear is its affordable pricing.

For instance, they offer Free Dubai VPN service for up to 500 MB of data every month. Furthermore, their monthly plans are affordable with unlimited plans starting from US$ 9.99 per month. The free services shall be the best option to choose for people who have fewer internet activities. The premium services from TunnelBear are excellent and affordable for people living in Dubai as it offers unlimited monthly services for enjoying seamless services.

  • Unlimited bandwidth and speed.
  • Easy to install and user-friendly interface.
  • Compatibility with every other operating system.
  • VPN extension for browsers.


WindScribe, the Canadian based VPN provider, has the most robust encryption levels when compared to other VPN service providers in Dubai. Additionally, they don’t keep identifying logs. Because of this unique feature, nobody can identify your IP or your name, while using their VPN services.

WindScribe offers Free VPN Dubai services on their basic plans with a limited 10GB bandwidth per month upon registering for their service via your email and confirming the email address. The premium version is even better and affordable, as it lets you stay protected and unlock more than fifty-two countries and one hundred cities at the same time.

In the premium plan, you can opt for monthly or annual billing. Monthly bill will cost your $9 per month while the yearly invoice will cost you only $4.08 per month with a whopping discount of 55%.

  • Strong encryption protocols.
  • 1000+ high-speed servers.
  • Multi-platform compatibility.
  • Unblocks Netflix.
  • Unlimited simultaneous connections.
  • No logs.
  • Allow P2P.


While looking out for the Best free VPN for Dubai, you can also consider CyberGhost, the Romanian based VPN service, as it has 30 days buyback guarantee, which is not available with most of the other VPN service providers in Dubai. Also, they provide faster connections to all their premium users.

Every premium subscription from CyberGhost has its unique features. Any long-term subscription like the six and twelve months plan is more affordable than the monthly ones. The six-month plan will cost you $7.99, which is very much economical than the $12.99 per month plan. They do have a free trial period for new users, which exists for seven continuous days, and the user can access from any platforms.

  • Buyback guarantee.
  • 256-bit AES encryption.
  • More than 1,000 servers located over 30 countries.
  • Unlock US Netflix.
  • Multiple payment options.

The Malaysian based lets their customer’s access internet anonymously even with a free trial pack. Users can enjoy the free trial pack by registering with the official website of, without submitting any credit card details.

The free package has 2 GB of data transfer and can be accessed with one connection from three servers. This type of credit card free registration makes the Best VPN for Dubai free. Additionally, their random discounts on premium subscription are an eye-catcher. They have a refund policy applicable for 14 days with a limit of 500MB, and if the usage crosses over the limit, you are not eligible for a refund.

The VPN offers three different pricing plan, Free, Plus and Premium. The Premium plan with unlimited data will cost you $9.99/month for an annual plan and $13.32/month for a six-month plan. Plus plan comes with two options. For 6 month plan, it will cost you $6.65/month, and for the annual plan, you have to $4.99/month with a cap of 25GB data.

  • Compatibility with all operating system.
  • Professional online support.
  • 256-bit AES encryption.
  • 14 days money back guarantee.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • No log register policy.

Why using Free VPN for Dubai is not recommended

Although accessing the internet through free Dubai VPN is a great option, it does have some significant drawbacks, which one must consider before using it. For example, certain VPN service providers offer free trials just to let the consumers have a hands-on experience with the service, yet they shall not be providing one hundred percent free VPN service. You shall make use of those free trials and open up the banned websites and use them as per your need, but at the end of the day, your identity shall not remain anonymous, and might even get tracked by the Telecom services in Dubai. It is highly recommended to opt for a premium service that has the much-needed security upgrades to avoid identity exposures.

Why you need a good VPN for Dubai

A good VPN shall not only let you access the internet at your convenience and freedom. Having a VPN service is a must in Dubai, as there are strict rules and regulations created by the Telecom Regulatory Board blocking VoIP and social media sites such as Viber, Skype, WhatsApp, and many internet sites. With VPN services in Dubai, you can easily bypass the rules and make use of a safe and secure browsing experience right from your desk.


With much being said about Free VPN for Dubai, the premium services and the need to have one, you need to choose the service provider based on your options. For example, if you are under a tight budget, then go for the VPN’s that have a budget-friendly premium package. Likewise, make sure to get a premium subscription that can go easy with your priorities, and the ones that can fulfill your daily internet needs.

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