ICOs That Offer Free Tokens This Year

/ICOs That Offer Free Tokens This Year

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2018 ICOs That Offer Free Tokens

Initial Coin Offerings are a popular method start-ups use to raise funds for their projects. 2017 saw more than $2billion raised for various projects. 2018 seems to have picked up the same trend.

However, with tightening regulations, some ICOs today give you free tokens just for signing up! Check out this list and get your tokens from ICOs free!

List of 2018 ICO free tokens

Sphere ICO

Sphere is aiming at creating a social network platform that is fully decentralized. The goal of the team behind the ICO is to help integrate privacy, transparency, and security in social networks.

There is a belief that the established social networks utilize data from the public freely when that should not be the case. Sphere, through its ICO token SAT (Social Activity Token), hopes to change that.

It aims at ensuring the public benefit from all the data they generate in social networks.

How do you get in 2018 FREE ICO tokens? Sphere:

  • Sign up for the SAT wallet pre-sale token.
  • Signing up for Sphere gets you 50 free ICO tokens worth $5.
  • The initial sign up will earn you 50 tokens.
  • When you refer someone else, and they sign up, you get the additional 50 free ICO coins.

To sign now and GET free SAT token, click on this link.

UniversalCoin ICO

UniversalCoin is a cryptocurrency that aims at reducing economic inequalities through an experimental wealth creation platform. This is being done through their initial coin offering that is giving free tokens to the public.

  • TThe developers say that they would like to find out whether there is a possibility of generating wealth through a decentralized digital currency distribution.
  • To join the UniversalCoin ICO is free. What’s more appealing is that you get free tokens for signing up.

How do you get the free ICO token?

  • UNV tokens are given out freely to the public by the ICO team.
  • Starting January 15, 2018, you have a chance to get the tokens up to 40 times before the end of the ICO.
  • You can claim you free token every Monday, between 00:00-01:00 UTC and 12:00-13:00 UTC.
  • Just visit the official UniversalCoin page and navigate to get the UNV tokens.
  • The public is free to participate as many times as they wish.

To get UniversalCoin free ICO now, click on this link.

Minerva (OWL) ICO

  • Free giveaway of 3,000 OWL tokens

Minerva is a smart money cryptocurrency start-up that aims to be the first in the world to offer reverse merchant processor.

The crypto wants to create an environment where businesses are incentivized to adopt the use of cryptocurrency and smart contracts. To do this, the platform pays business transaction fees.

The token coin for Minerva is OWL. The crypto wants to accelerate its ICO sale and therefore is giving away 3000 Minerva (OWL) tokens free when you sign up.

How do you get free ICO tokens with Minerva?

  • Just sign up for an account. The company will give you 3,000Minerva (OWL) if you are the lucky winner.

Check out this link to sign up and get 3,000 Minerva (OWL) ICO tokens free.

Rutheneum ICO

The ICO that gives you 50 free tokens when you sign up

The Rutheneum crypto is a community whose main aim is to provide the public and businesses access to alternative financial services. The cryptocurrency seeks to enable an ecosystem where transactions are secure, user-friendly and easily accessible.

Ruthenium’s target is to become the leading currency in the provision of payment services that are fast and without any downtime.

  • The ICO started on 1st December 2017 and ended on 31st December 2017.
  • However, the public continues to receive free ICO tokens until 15th February 2018.

If you need to get free ICO tokens in the dynamic Start-up, follow this link.


The WCX ICO began last October. The platform seeks to transform the digital currency exchange landscape by providing services at the lowest possible fee. The company opened its platform to the public towards the end of 2017. The WCX exchange aims at bringing lasting solutions to problems affecting exchanges.

  • When you sign up for WCX, you get 50 WCX free ICO tokens and a referral bonus.
  • To sign up, register with your email address and set a password.
  • Once you set up an account, you can then earn 50 free WCX tokens or tokens worth $10.
  • An individual with the WCX token will be entitled to receive 20% revenue share equivalent to their share of WCX tokens.

To register via email and get the 50 WCX free tokens on offer, CLICK here.

Silvarcoin ICO

The SilvarCoin cryptocurrency aims at becoming a worldwide cryptocurrency payment system. The company is hoping to create an environment where businesses will be able to freely accept and utilize cryptocurrencies as payment methods for their business transactions. It also aims to help reduce the effect of crypto volatility for merchants by providing a platform for them to change cryptocurrency into fiat whenever they feel and in real time.

  • Silvarcoin is one of the companies giving FREE ICO tokens 2018.
  • To get the 100 SilvarCoin ICO token free, sign up at the official website.
  • Use your email to get an account.
  • You will get a sign-up bonus of 10 ICO tokens for every referral linked to your account.

If you want to go to SilvarCoin now and sign up for free ICO tokens, use this link.

Refereum ICO

Refereum is an open source blockchain-based crypto start-up that is designed to remove the middlemen from gaming. The aim is to enable a direct reward system for the influencers and gamers alike. The cryptocurrency will leverage blockchain technology to connect game developers and influencers which will result in low marketing costs and see an increase in returns for all.

To strengthen public engagement, the platform will offer prizes in cash for the gaming milestones like highest scores and grand prizes.

The coin offering will start on 12th February 2018.

You can earn up to 500 points and get free tokens by signing up, watching videos, playing online, buying or sharing games.

How to get free points and tokens?

  • Sign up at the Refereum website
  • Register on the site with either Twitch or Discord- get 110 points
  • Once registered, you can click on the share button and get 275 more points.
  • You can also download a free game to get 200 points
  • Navigate to your account to link your ETH address to receive tokens from the Refereum team

If you want more, refer as many people as possible. Click here to get 500 points.

ICO 2018 free token conclusion

Initial coin offerings are a great way to fund a project. If a project is run well, there is always the potential for it to give back huge ROI to the early investors. However, as you invest, it is important to find out all you can about an ICO before you commit your funds.

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