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Free Ethereum Guide 2018

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  1. Can you still get free Ethereum in 2018?
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Free Ethreum 2018

It is a well-established fact that everyone loves free gifts independent of their current financial status. The idea that you can get what you would normally have to pay a lot of money for almost free or through performing some certain simple basics actions is in itself, something that will surely grab the attention of anyone.

With the turn of events, the cryptocurrency trading industry has been increasingly experiencing a lot of hype. A lot of people now want to get involved with trading crypto.

To make it easy for more people to get on the cryptocurrency bandwagon, there are different services offering free Ethereum or registered members of their services. These free Cryptocurrencies are usually issued upon completion of a certain set task on the website or apps owner.

Majorly, these tasks mostly involve the playing of games or testing out and performing some certain services. Some providers even go as far as letting their participants mine cryptocurrency using their mobile devices or desktop through their website.

With Ethereum being the second most traded cryptocurrency in terms of daily trading volume and general usage; there are a lot of free methods of getting ETH online. Just like other known methods such as playing games or mining using a website, Ethereum free token can also be earned via similar approaches.

Nevertheless, it should be noted that some free Ethereum giving services are scammers who will go along way into wasting your time and to stealing your funds. You, therefore, need to be very careful.

Can you still get free Ethereum in 2018?

The short answer to this question is yes. Although it is very important that you know that this free Ethereum will not just appear in your account without having to perform some sort of action. These actions are usually as simple as filling a form or clicking a simple button. Some website might just require that you just signup and input your Ethereum address and get free ethereum for your action, while some will require you to perform some sort of normal transaction of their website after which you get Ethereum as an added bonus.

Since you now know you will have to put in a little amount of energy in order to get free Ethereum, you will surely not be discouraged when you are asked to perform a task in return for some free ether. The low intensity and the minimal amount of work required in return for the Ethereum you get are just what makes the process fun and almost free.

Once you start understanding the fact that any of these top cryptocurrencies, which includes Ethereum is well on par with any other FIAT currency such as USD, EUR or GBP, you won’t fall for fake promises of free cryptocurrency tokens.

Three years ago where there were several ETH airdrops taking place but now, it has become relatively difficult to get free cryptocurrency, but it is still very achievable for those actively searching for it. Previously, you just needed to submit your wallet address and consequently land yourself free Ethereum or Bitcoin without having to take part in any task absolutely.

Ways to Get Free Ethereum in 2018

As a result of the reduction in the amount of free cryptocurrency giving services, other methods of getting free Ethereum have been developed. These approaches all have one thing in common; you need to perform a task before you are given Ethereum in return. So technically speaking it is not a free gift. The only good news is that the Ethereum reward you will be getting does not equate with the intensity of work you will be doing.

This means you get to do what you normally will do for free, such as surfing the internet or subscribing to services and consequently get paid for these tasks using Ethereum. You also get to gamble or play games without actually staking any real cash and in return get awarded Ethereum upon winning.

Overly, just because it is 2018 and crypto is no longer down spoken does not mean you cannot get free Ethereum.

The various ways to get free Ethereum include;

  • Ethereum faucets

A faucet is an easy way for new users to acquaint themselves with a cryptocurrency. Here, coins are being given out to users in a timely manner. In most cases, the free tokens are usually given once per day to each wallet or IP address. Most faucets require you to complete a captcha to determine if you are a bot or a real human. Additionally, you normally won’t have to do anything else than to submit your Ethereum wallet address and wait for deposit.

  • Online “free” Ethereum miners

Under this scenario, you are allowed to mine free Ethereum token using third party resources. You perform the mining operations through the use of a mobile app or a website. Upon registration, you are to asked to click on some certain buttons to start mining Ethereum free tokens. Upon starting your mining operation, you are not allowed to close the website or shut down the application, doing so will terminate your mining and no reward will be given. Examples of online free Ethereum miners include; and

  • Completing surveys

By now you must have seen a lot of adverts online asking you to get paid for completing a certain survey. This survey is usually based on general topics that almost everyone can relate to, and are usually being controlled by large cooperation looking to serve their customers better. This concept has been incorporated in cryptocurrency; as a result, instead of getting paid in fiat currency for every survey completed, you can now easily get paid through Ethereum giveaways. The survey usually doesn’t take more than few minutes in most cases, the ether rewarded can, therefore, be generally perceived as free ETH. Examples include;, and

  • Playing games

To get free Ethereum in 2018, playing games online is one of the most common was of getting free Ether. Most of this games are quite similar to what you will find in online casinos such as; slots, card games, scratch and win etc. If you happen to win upon playing any of these games, you are then rewarded with ETH free of charge. Some example of websites allowing users to play for free Ethereum in 2018 includes; Ore-Mine, coinbucks.

  • Affiliate programs

Affiliate programs are means of compensations given to people for marketing of particular products or services to new users. Upon being able to attract new customers to a service, you get rewards based on an already fixed percentage rate set by the website. Some cryptocurrency wallets and exchange, for example, LUNO, offers a fixed amount of free Etherum upon referring a user who buys or sell a fixed amount of Etherum. The free Ethereum is usually given to both you and the user referred. Another example of affiliate programs includes;

Top sites for earning free ether

As we have discussed above, we have a lot of ways and method to getting free Ethereum tokens, but out of these methods and websites providing the opportunity to earn free ETH, some selected few of this website stand out greatly from the rest.

Example of the Ethereum faucet website online includes;


The faucet makes use of GWEI for its measurement, a GWEI is a form of Ether denomination and it is used to denote fractional ether’s ninth power. Upon signing up you are entitled to getting 500 GWEI. With the current setting on the site, you get about 1220 GWEI for 24 hours of mining and with the withdrawal limit set to a very high rate of about 2.5 million GWEI, it would take you about 5 years based on the current calculation on the website. As a result, so far there hasn’t been any report available online of anyone withdrawing from them so far.


This is another Ethereum faucet on the list. This particular faucet is well known for making payment to it users and with much more achievable withdrawal limits. The faucet pays rewards to it users every five minutes, which includes 25% of the garnered by those whom you referred. The best way to actually cash out quickly with this service is to make sure you have as many users you have referred to the system as possible. This way you might not need to even mine to start getting free Ethereum tokens.

  • website seems to be well organized and professional. The faucet allows a minimum withdrawal limit of 0.01ETH and a low maximum of just 0.003 ETH. The website has payout sections that show the number of people getting a payout on a daily basis with an added option to upgrade your account type. This upgrade will allow you to earn more from the Faucet.


This is a survey and CPA offering website that allows you to earn based on actions performed by you. In this case, you are given some set of available offers that you can select and make your payment from. Once you decide the offer of your choice based on the country you have selected, you get to make money off people who complete the offers through your unique links. With coinbucks, you earning is dependent on the price tag placed on the offer. Since it is a cost per action network, you get paid ones various actions have been completed through your links. Payment is usually made on a weekly basis, and there are over 3500 offers to select from.

  • Speedy ETH

This is a new faucet that allows you to claim ETH in the form of GWEI for every 1minute. With this faucet, you are entitled to 23 Gwei every minute with an additional 70 GWEI upon visiting two shorten links. The faucet is part of the network of faucets and your free Ethereum are paid directly into your Faucehub. There has been payment proof from the user of this service.


So far we have established the fact that you cannot get free Ethereum at least not in a tangle amount without putting in some required amount of work in return. In order to increase your chances of making more money, you can easily combine several methods of earning free ETH tokens in 2018.

To learn more about Ethereum and how to mine Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies, feel free to check our website. Here you are sure to find in-depth answers to any of your cryptocurrency related questions. We do hope you enjoyed this article, thanks for reading.

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