Free Bitcoin: How to Get Free BTC?

/Free Bitcoin: How to Get Free BTC?

The best things in life are free - find out how to get Bitcoins for free.

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Free Bitcoin: How to Get Free BTC?

Get Free Bitcoin Guide.

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When bitcoin was launched in 2009, few people understood how the digital currency worked. Many people still consider bitcoin a mystery today. You cannot touch it, you cannot see it yet, its value has risen at a much higher rate than any currency in the world. Discover how to get free bitcoins in seven different ways.

Bitcoin Faucets

A bitcoin faucet is any website that offers you free bitcoins in exchange for completing simple tasks on their website. Technically, they are not giving you bitcoin for free. They simply pay you very little amounts of bitcoins when you do the following tasks on their website:

  • Play an online game.
  • Click on adverts
  • Complete a short survey
  • Give up your email address

Can you trust Bitcoin faucets?

The term ‘bitcoin faucet’ was coined by the first person to offer bitcoins for free-Gavin Anderson. He founded a website called ‘The Bitcoin Foundation’ in 2010 and offered 5 bitcoins to create awareness about the then new industry. Nowadays, there are still legitimate websites that offer free bitcoins. But unlike Gavin’s foundation, they pay you much less than 5 coins.


  • No need to create an account.
  • The tasks given are easy
  • You get to own bitcoins.


  • Most bitcoin faucets are scams.
  • They pay you too little so that you keep going back to their website.

Complete Surveys for Bitcoins

Several websites (e.g. Coin Bucks, BitcoinGet) reward visitors BTC free of charge when they complete a survey. Similar to bitcoin faucets, these sites pay you very low fractions of bitcoin. They then put a threshold of how much bitcoins you can withdraw.  For legitimate websites like, the threshold can be achieved after several weeks. For the majority scams, they put a threshold that you would never achieve.

Two Different Ways the Websites work

  • Complete a typical online survey
  • Enter captcha on web-pages that refresh after every few minutes.


  • The surveys are easy to complete.
  • They accept members worldwide.


  • The sites put unreasonable payout thresholds.
  • Time wasting.

Micro jobs

Micro-job websites work in a similar manner as bitcoin faucets. You give out your bitcoin address and complete consuming tasks in exchange for some bitcoins. Five years ago, micro jobs offered a legitimate way to earn bitcoins. Today, few micro-job websites can be trusted.

Reasons not to trust Many Micro Job Websites

  • Most scam websites offer tasks you can’t compete-the surveys end mid-way or the offers you are asked to sign up for don’t work.
  • Offer insignificant amounts of bitcoins-some offer you the lowest fraction of a bitcoin an hour and still place a high withdrawal limit.
  • The average payout for these micro-job companies is 10,000 satoshis. This amount is the equivalent of $0.05, which you receive after doing tasks for days or weeks.


  • A good way to earn your first set of bitcoins.
  • Can be an addictive hobby for some.


  • Too little pay for so much work.

Play Online Games for Free Bitcoins

You can get free bitcoins by playing simple mobile games (e.g. Blockchain game, Bitcoin popper) on your smartphone. Some games ask you to play online. These games are easy to play.

  • Download the mobile game from apps stores or visit the specific website.
  • Install the game and give out your public address.
  • Play the game-usually you play a game where you stack blocks on top of each other.
  • When you stack a minimum amount of stacks (known as a blockchain like bitcoin’s public ledger), you are awarded a few fractions of bitcoin.

Most games that pay you to play their game have graphic designs related to the bitcoin network. It’s either you are stacking blocks together or clicking popups to identify a bitcoin.


  • They are a legitimate way to earn free bitcoins.
  • Playing the games can be fun.


  • The pay is equivalent to just a fraction of the US dollar.
  • The minimum payout is too high.
  • The game apps are filled with annoying adverts. is an established website that pays people to read books on their website. Anyone can join, read a book and get free BTC as the reward. Here is how the website works.

  • Visit
  • Select any book that interests you.
  • Log into an online located in the book you chose to read.
  • The book will start making a countdown.
  • Read the book.
  • Claim your reward when the countdown reaches 0.
  • Read many more books to reach the required threshold.
  • Payment is done on Mondays and you must have a coinbase email address.


  • You learn and earn.
  • There is a wide variety of books to choose from.


  • The pay is too low.
  • The site contains many adverts.

Get-paid.Com is a website that pays in bitcoins when you complete tasks on their website. is similar to most bitcoin faucet. However, the company is established and has been paying for ten years. To learn how to get a bitcoin for free on this website, visit their site and complete any of the following tasks.

  • Watch videos.
  • Transcribe short videos.
  • Complete short surveys.
  • Watch adverts.

The company pays out in bitcoins or in real currency through PayPal.


  • is an established business that has been paying people since 2008.
  • Their tasks are short and easy to complete.
  • They are many ways to earn on the website.


  • You cannot make any significant amount of bitcoins in the long run.

Affiliation Programs

An affiliate program is an agreement where you accept to market someone else’s business. You are paid every time someone you referred to the business signs up for a service or purchases an item through a link you provided. Affiliates programs are legitimate how to get bitcoins for free systems.

Here is how you can get free bitcoin through a popular bitcoin affiliate program.

  • Join an affiliate program such as coinbase affiliate program or
  • Get an affiliate link that you will use to promote either business.
  • Place the link on your website or social media pages.
  • People to use the company’s services by clicking on your link.
  • Get Paid.


  • Affiliate programs pay high pays 20% of every transaction fee made on the exchange platform by people you referred.
  • Pay is done on a daily basis.
  • Coinbase gives you frequent reports about your affiliates.


  • You invest lots of time and money.

Important Points on How to get Bitcoin for Free

  • While you can earn bitcoins by using any of the above 7 platforms; you don’t get the coins completely free.
  • Most platforms that promise to give you BTC free are not worth spending your time.
  • The best way to get bitcoins is through the affiliate program.
  • You have to put in a lot of effort to get any bitcoin free of charge.

The Conclusion

Whether you earn a fraction of a bitcoin or you get a complete bitcoin, trying out some of the above methods allows you to become a cryptocurrency owner. However, someone with the aim to earn huge amounts of bitcoins without paying will need to make a great effort. Keep in mind that earing any kind of money – digital or fiat is not easy, and you ought to make some effort to get the reward.

Thank you for reading, welcome to the world of bitcoins. Visit our website regularly and learn how to get bitcoins free of charge as new methods are introduced.

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