Darico is an ecosystem that simplifies access to crypto investments. Darico concept is to consolidate Bitcoin with gold to make a new asset that incorporates the best of the physical and computerized universes, and can counterbalance each of their shortcomings. DRC is an asset-backed digital currency that provides users with simplified access to cryptocurrency portfolios. Darico equips (DRC) holders a set of tools for accessing trustworthy information sources. By solving disadvantages inherent in the traditional economic model, Darico Coin will gain acceptance, value, and liquidity becoming a coveted instrument for portfolio diversification.

The ICO Team

Mojtaba Asadian


An enigmatic entrepreneur, author, and inventor. Highly experienced in Wealth Management and International Investments. Former CEO and founder of Central Perk LLC, Blackhawk Capital Ltd, and Alpha and Beta Group

Solanje Basseterre

Project Manager

An avid proponent of virtual teams and freelancing. Solanje is competent in Project and Business Management. Since 2009, she has successfully managed over 500 employees in 150 project

Ihor Pidruchny

Blockchain Architect

Ihor is a Blockchain, Smart Contracts, and Logistics expert. Previously, worked at VARcrypt and Applicature on ICO support, blockchain and cryptocurrency development. Active in Darico Ecosystem’s project

Market Research


Business Model

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Capitalization Potential



Coin Supply/Purpose

Compatible Wallets & Exchanges

Rules, Laws, Tax & Regulations

Trading Rumors


Darico coin is a gold-backed cryptocurrency asset. As such, its value is guaranteed by tangible assets that help ensure faster liquidity, less volatility, and imbues confidence in the investor community.

Darico’s team includes some highly talented blockchain developers, consultant, and architect with excellent background and first-rate experience. At Darico, we are confident in the power of blockchain technology, and asset-backed digital assets.

Darico managed to onboard several other exchanges and they are still negotiating some others, but regrettably, it is not possible to disclose these details until after the token sale.