Daedalus Wallet Review: Is It the Best for Cardano?

/Daedalus Wallet Review: Is It the Best for Cardano?

Daedalus wants its users to have full control over their coins. Find out if they succeed.

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Daedalus Wallet Review: Is It the Best for Cardano? 2018-06-19T08:32:18+00:00
Daedalus Wallet Review: Is It the Best for Cardano?

Daedalus Review

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  3. Is Daedalus safe?
  4. How to use Daedalus?

Daedalus is a multi-platform cryptocurrency wallet that is specifically meant for the Cardano ADA cryptocurrency. It was established by the Cardano network to provide the highest level protocols in the crypto industry. Daedalus ranked top for being the first wallet to support the world’s most advanced cryptocurrency, Cardano. Daedalus is amazing as it lets the clients manage their wallet innovatively by implementing the most high-tech technology features. This includes controlling how funds are organized and recovering funds.

What is Daedalus?

Daedalus wallet is a web-based wallet with numerous features. Daedalus supports only Cardano (ADA). It can allow the user to store data such as private keys and many more. Online wallets or rather web-based wallets such as Daedalus is easy to use where it provides users with an instant access to their funds. Daedalus as an online wallet comes with numerous benefits to the users. This includes convenience, protection, and instant services. The Blockchain based platform, Cardano foundation, the Daedalus wallet publishers are based in Switzerland. The company is making an effort to change the cryptocurrency design and development scheme. It became operational in September 2015.

Daedalus wallet Encryption

Daedalus wallet is safe as it has numerous security alert functions. Since the Daedalus wallet is an HD wallet, users are set to derive keys in a deterministic way from a general seed. As a result, the encryption level is high where this method enables generation of a specific and initial key. It additionally contains three structures that are usually kept in root areas.

  • Users are solely responsible for the security integrity and confidentiality of information.
  • If the account is hacked or used by a fellow without the actual users’ authority, the user cannot complain, thus he is held accountable.
  • It is the user’s responsibility to ensure that that confidential information such as password and keys are kept safely.

Daedalus Fees

The transaction fee with Daedalus is quite different where it revolves around a certain formula. This includes a simple calculation to get the final required fee. For instance, a special constant ADA figure, currently 0.155381, is added together with a 0.000043946 ADA/byte and then multiplied by the size of the transaction in bytes. This, therefore, adds up to 0.1641702 ADA which the total transaction fee required.

Special Features, Can I Trust Daedalus?

  • Daedalus wallet has encrypted special keys and advanced passwords. This enables strong security levels thus one is safe from dangerous security threats like malware.
  • Users can export a paper certificate. As a result, the user can have a maximum security.
  • Daedalus wallet has an ability to hold a directly built ADA redemption. Besides that, it can also support both the encrypted and unencrypted redemption certificates.
  • With Daedalus wallet, there is an assurance monitoring in regards to configurable transactions. As a result, users are guaranteed of safety in case the transaction processes are irreversible.


  • Cardano Blockchain, Haskell, means highly secure Blockchain. As stated, this implies that the wallet is secure and reliable when it comes to the transaction. Due to the highly innovative peer-reviewed research, Cardano wallet technology is made safer. It includes formal verification codes as well as an easy extensibility as a result of an encrusted structural design.
  • Daedalus wallet platform has numerous online platforms that can be a source of information. For instance, the Cardano hub and the Daedalus wallet website where there are all information and resources about Daedalus cryptocurrency wallet. This has enabled great customer support where it is easy to contact the platform for queries. In addition, additional platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, YouTube, and chat are also available for an effective bonding with clients.
  • Another frequently asked question asked is, is Daedalus legit? The level of trust by the community towards Daedalus wallet is varying. There have been numerous complaints from various clients that claiming it is a scam. This has been mostly experienced with the web-based wallet applications where reports have proven numerous instances of shady services.

How to use Daedalus?

  • Using the Daedalus wallet is simple where it only requires a simple installation. Once installed, the application automatically opens thus the user can start using the Cardano ecosystem. The user can, therefore, send and receive ADA cryptocurrency as preferred.
  • Daedalus wallet allows the user a chance to access the history of the entire transaction made in the process including the previous processes.

Using Daedalus for storing coins

To begin storing your funds, follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Download and run the installer for the wallet

The wallet installer is available for both the Windows and macOS versions. The system that you choose depends solely on personal preference. Once installed, run the installer and install the wallet at your preferred location.

  1. Create a wallet

Upon running the installed program, you will see a synchronization window after which the main dashboard will appear. Click on the ‘+’ sign to create a new personal wallet. Then, enter a wallet name and password (two times for verification) of your choice. After that, you will be required to enter a recovery phrase (you must keep it secret and safe).

  1. Sending your Cardano ADA coins to the wallet

After your wallet is successfully created, click on the receive button inside your wallet. The wallet address will be displayed to you as a QR code which can be scanned and as a string of letters. You can scan (QR code) or copy this address, and use it to send Cardano ADA to your wallet.

Review Summary

To conclude, as a multi-platform cryptocurrency wallet, Daedalus ensures that private keys are strictly under client control. This is done by making sure nothing is sent to or store outside of a clients’ access device. Daedalus cryptocurrency wallet is an HD wallet thus the security level is highly guaranteed. In addition, it has a platform where clients are able to back up or recover funds. Daedalus allows one to manage any number of wallets as well as letting you control your funds. There is much focus to enable simple and developed workflow with Daedalus. This is set to be met by implementing the UI framework. This framework enables users to build small plug inns that are usable into the whole platform.

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