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Crypto Capital Review

Crypto Capital Review

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  1. What is Crypto Capital?
  2. How does Crypto Capital work?
  3. Crypto Capital Verification
  4. Crypto Capital Fees
  5. Is Crypto Capital safe?
  6. Exchanges that accept Crypto Capital

Since the evolution of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, a need to have systems in place that allow the trading of cryptocurrencies rose. This brought about the rapid development and growth of crypto trading exchanges. But, as much as crypto exchanges benefit crypto traders, they have some limitations.

What is Crypto Capital?

Crypto capital can be referred to as flat banking that lets users deposit and withdraw fiat funds to any cryptocurrency exchange across the globe. With Cryptocapital, users are allowed credit their coffers in the currency they prefer such as USD, CNY, JPY, and EUR. Additionally, users are allowed to transfer their digital currencies like Litecoin, Dash, Ethereum, and Bitcoin through certified exchange platforms.

Crypto Capital was established to bridge the gap between legacy fiat banking and the world of cryptocurrencies. It is a licensed financial institution created to cater to the cryptocurrency economy. Founded in 2013 and headquartered in Panama, the fiat banking platform was created to support legitimate crypto blockchains.

As per the reviews available online, crypto capital works as it is advertised. The majority of users says that transferring funds amid numerous exchanges and their Crypto capital account was immediate. However, others claim that they experience some deferrals when transferring funds to the platform for the first time.

How does Cryptocapital work?

You are required to register for crypto capital and ensure that you complete the KYC/AML verification for you to deposit money. After that, you can buy and transfer cryptocurrencies within any exchange.

  • To begin exchanging your currencies using cryptocurrency, visit the registration page and fill the form
  • Login in using your username and password that you received in your email and you are ready to go.
  • Fiat currency funding:

You can transfer any currency to your account by going to the deposit page and follow the instructions. All fiat currencies are handled through the crypto capital. Getting an account is a fast process that will allow you have numerous fiat currencies in one account. Bear in mind that each account has a unique IBAN number that can be used in other cryptocurrency-related business without verifying the process again.

  • Countries that Crypto Capital supports

Cryptocapital is based in Panama, and the platform is supported in various countries such as USA, Japan, Europe, Canada and many more.

  • Limitations of crypto capital

With crypto capital, you can now deposit numerous fiat currencies into the platform and then transfer them to any currency of your choice. Additionally, they have collaborated with the major companies in the crypto industry such as, Bitfinex, BTCC and many others. There are some limitations to consider. The platform allows you to purchase a minimum of 0.01 of any cryptocurrency and a maximum of 10. It as well comes with various accounts with comes with different limits. Most cases, the upgrades will take a long procedure, but successive purchase with verified accounts is fast. The accounts include:

  • Basic: a user is allowed to purchase up to $500 worth of cryptocurrency in one day. The purchasing amount should not exceed $2000 in one month.
  • Verified: verified account users are allowed to buy up to $10000 worth of cryptocurrency in one day and up to the maximum of $10000 in one month.
  • Verified plus and corporate: users of verified plus or corporate accounts have no limitations on the what they can purchase or sale.

CryptoCapital Verification

Before you can buy and sell cryptocurrency, or make fiat deposits or withdrawals on Crypto Capital, your account has to be verified. There are two types of accounts you can open on Crypto Capital and those are either personal or corporate.

  • Crypto capital offers fiat bank account to companies and allows you to develop your crypto related business on a global level. Additionally, you will be offered with direct access to exchanges and payment process, letting you send and receive payments across the world.

When you register for an account, you should choose the account you want to create, fill the required details and send. You will receive an email with your application. You’ll then be required to sign the application and email it back along with the verification documents.

Personal accounts verification documents include the following:

  • A passport or an ID copy.
  • A proof of address (utility bill, bank statement, or credit card statement). The proof of address should not be more than three months old.

Corporate accounts verification documents:

  • A copy of an ID card or passport of directors, authorized signatory or beneficial owners.
  • Proof of residence of directors authorized signatories and beneficial owners that are not more than three months old (a utility bill will do).
  • Either the registration document or the company or a certificate of incorporation.
  • The company’s Memorandum and Articles of Association.
  • Notes from board meetings or an attorney authorized to open the bank account.

All the documents should be certified by a bank officer, public notary, accountant or lawyer. All certifications have to contain a date stamp, name, address, and telephone number of the individual who has certified the documents.

When everything is ready, the verification process is complete and the account is approved you will receive an email that will provide a link to the bank account. As you go to the link, the page will ask you to enter the password and the authorization code.

The entire verification process and account approval will take 2-5 business days. The verification process may be long, but you only do it once.

  • Special features of Cryptocapital

Crypto capital has numerous features for both investors and traders. Crypto capital is responsible for handling all the KYC/AML requirements, and this implies that you will only get verified once. Once you pass the verification process, you will interact with numerous exchange without identifying yourself again. Another feature of the crypto capital is that a single crypto account will be used in many exchanges.

Crypto Capital Fees

Crypto Capital has varying charges for personal accounts holders and corporate accounts holders. All the fees involved include:

  • Account signing up is free
  • Account Annual renewal is free
  • Transferring currencies between crypto capital accounts is free
  • Any funds transferred from non-crypto capital accounts are charged $10 and $20 for the cash that exceeds $20000
  • When transferring funds externally, you will be charged $10 for amounts that is below $10000, $20 for the amounts that exceeds $10000, $25 for the amount exceeding $25000, $45 for the amount exceeding $40000, $55 for the amount that goes beyond $50000, $85 for the amounts exceeding $100000, $125 for the amount that exceeds $200000 and $175 for the amount that goes beyond $450000.
  • For the express transfers, you will be charged $45
  • For any recall request, you will be charged $75

Is crypto capital safe

Cryptocapital is one of the most secure platforms when it comes to the exchange and transfer of different cryptocurrencies. The following facts have allowed them to create a strong reputation amongst their competitors.

  • Community trust

Cryptocapital has gained the community trust through its mixed reputation within the cryptocurrency community. However, the company strives to respond to the negative complaints and offer better services.

  • Security

Cryptocapital has created a robust system that stores its users’ funds in offline cold storage. However, they don’t disclose any extra information on where or how the company undertakes the process. The system is designed to provide two-factor authentication to make sure that your account is protected.

  • Customer support

Typically, crypto capital is well-recognized for its improved client support that is not available in the majority of other cryptocurrency exchanges. It provides its client support via email, and also through the extensive FAQ segment. While some complaints can be retrieved online about crypto capital customer support, some tests reveal that the company is responsive and take their time to answer back to critics.

Exchanges that accept Cryptocapital

Currently, crypto capital is incorporated with numerous well-regarded exchanges such as, EXmo, BTCC, and Bitfinex. >>

This is one of the most famous cryptocurrency exchanges that is integrated with Cryptocapital. One of the reasons making it more popular is that it comes with user-friendly websites that offer the account holders the easiness to use interface, making it perfect for novices. Additionally, it offers a multi-level account platform that can be customized and suitable for cryptocurrency novices and institutional traders. fees include a 3.5% and a $0.25 or £0.20 charges for the credit card deposit to the account of the user. Additionally, they will charge a 7% service fee that is counted in the price of the cryptocurrency that is offered on the exchange.

Exmo >>

This is a UK based cryptocurrency exchange platform. Exmo has a simple and intuitively easy to use website. The exchange platform does not have any additional features apart from the most necessary ones. Additionally, there is an exchange tab that makes the process of exchanging the currency simple. The charges in Exmo vary, based on the type of deposit you make, with a range of 1-8%, fixed fees or percentage and a fixed summation.

Bitfinex >>

This is one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges. It is based in Hong Kong. It plays a vital role in expediting the US dollar trading cryptocurrencies. Bitfinex is well-known for its capability to leverage trading of up to 3.3 times and a related margin financing market for lenders. Additionally, it offers exclusive hypothetical tokens that can be used to bet. At lower volumes, Bitfinex will charge you 0.1% fee on every bank wire deposit you make, with a minimum price of $20.

To Sum it Up

This cryptocurrency platform has experienced tremendous results over the last few months. With hundreds of account holders, crypto capital us ever active on 24/7 basis, with many good traders and novice learning each day. Some of the pros and cons of this platform include:


  • Easy to use.
  • Decent fees.
  • You can do your transactions any time you want.
  • Offers a wide range of currencies to trade with.


  • Slow moving.
  • The market is not regulated.
  • Still initial.

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