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List of Crypto Affiliate Programs 2018

A complete guide for Bitcoin affiliate programs

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In case you are looking forward to becoming a crypto or bitcoin affiliate, then you have certainly taken an intelligent step forward. This is primarily because affiliate programs are currently in their infant stage. With the passage of time, more and more cryptocurrency enthusiasts will gather together for affiliate programs.

So perhaps, you could make a mark of your own and make a good deal of profit before these programs start blowing up in popularity. This is the prime reason why we have compiled this crypto affiliate programs 2018 guide for you, so as to help you in taking wiser decisions.

What is a Crypto affiliate program?

The concept of cryptocurrency affiliate programs is quite simple. It follows a ‘cost per action’ scheme in which an affiliate gets a reward whenever a user that you have invited completes an action on the website. For instance, you may receive an award whenever a user accepts your invitation and gets registered on the website. Similar actions on which rewards are set also include downloading the smartphone application, buying services on the website, and making transactions on the websites. According to the ‘cost per action’ scheme, you will receive an award per user for a specific action.

In comparison to the ‘cost per action’ scheme, the revenue share offers work in a different way. These offers are suitable for people who are looking for a consistent flow of income over a longer period of time regardless of the amount. In most of the bitcoin affiliate programs, for instance, the weight of reward on each particular action varies. For instance, you may get a higher reward in case a user deposits a high amount of funds in his trading account. Other actions in this category include betting on a casino or making a successful trade. For the sake of understanding this scheme, let us take the example of which offers a referral commission of 10%. This means that whenever a person referred by you creates a campaign as an advertiser, you will receive a 10% commission of the deposited funds. Similarly, if a publisher referred by you earns a certain amount of BTC, you will receive 10% of that amount. However, this 10% commission is not cut from the funds of the referred users.

Before starting with a crypto affiliate program, conduct some research on the internet. However, instead of following paid affiliate websites, consider doing research via honest and neutral websites/blogs. For your ease, we have compiled a list of the best crypto affiliate programs 2018 below.

Best Crypto affiliate programs in 2018 >>

CEX.IO was established in the year 2013. While it was the first provider of cloud mining, it has today become a vast crypto exchange with various different functions. Moreover, the reputation level of Cex Io is quite high as it carries the trust of more than half a million users.

It is one of the few exchanges that offer a high commission rate of 30% on transactions to its affiliate users. Moreover, the commission via a single referral can be earned throughout the lifetime.

It allows daily withdrawal of the funds with no minimum limit for the payouts. However, the rewards can only be claimed after 30 days.

The reputation of its affiliate program is reasonably good. After all, it offers a very generously paying affiliate program as compared to its competitors.

PaxfulPaxful >>

Paxful is a marketplace that uses p2p trade (buying and selling) of Bitcoins. It is quite similar to LocalBitcoins with regard to the way it works.

It offers a commission rate of 2% on the purchase that which your referred user makes, and the commission funds arrive straight into the Paxful bitcoin wallet. However, the commission can only be earned for up to one year.

As far as the payout frequency goes, Paxful offers immediate withdrawals with no minimum amount of earning for the payout.

As far as its reputation goes, it does not really offer the most profitable affiliate programs as compared to the other bigger exchanges out there. Hence, it is suitable for those who are looking for some spare earnings while already having alternative earning sources that are far more profitable.

CoinbaseCoinbase >>

Coinbase is one of the most popular bitcoin trading platforms out there, with millions of users making transactions every month. Hence, it could certainly be a profitable source for you in case you’ve got more than a few referrals making regular transactions on the platform.

With every transaction (buying or selling) worth $100 Bitcoins from your referral, you will receive Bitcoins worth of $10. It’s quite a fair deal but you certainly won’t be making high profits in case you do not have a consistent flow of active referrals. This is because the commission can only be earned once per customer.

On the brighter side, it allows daily payouts with no minimum limit of earnings for a withdrawal.

As far as the reputation goes, Coinbase is one of the most well-known and highly used bitcoin trading platforms. Hence, you may never (or rarely) face any sort of glitches on the platform. Nevertheless, their affiliate program is certainly not a profitable one. Though, it is suitable for making some spare earnings.

LiveCoin logoLivecoin >>

Livecoin is one of the most trusted cryptocurrency exchanges that are operating worldwide, and are popular for trading both bitcoins and various altcoin against fiat currencies. It was formed in London, the UK in the year 2013.

It offers commissions based on three different schemes with varying rates of reward over a varied timeframe. The scheme with a permanent time frame offers a reward of 10% of each order placed by a referral. The 6 months scheme offer 20% off every order, while the 1-month scheme offers a 50% commission of each order. Do note that after the commission time period ends for a referral, there won’t be any rewards associated with your account.

Having various different withdrawal methods with no minimum payout limit and daily payouts, Livecoin’s affiliate program is certainly one of the most flexible ones out there.

On top of that, Livecoin’s good reputation in the bitcoin community makes its referral program stand out as one of the most reliable programs in the market.

LocalMoneroLocalMonero >>

Quite similar to Local Bitcoins, Local Monero is a cryptocurrency exchange which is primarily dedicated to the trade of Monero. It allows users to get linked to buyers/sellers and get their fiat currencies exchange into Monero through a simple interface.

In order to earn some commission in its affiliate program, you must have at least 2 referrals, one buyer, and one seller, registered on the exchange. You will earn 20% in commission whenever one trade of 100 XMR is conducted between the two referrals.

As far as the payouts go, they are made daily with no minimum limit for withdrawal. Nevertheless, Local Monero’s affiliate program is just good enough for making some spare funds as it unlikely that you will have a constantly increasing number of both buyers and sellers as a referral.

Moreover, the reputation of Local Monero in the market is just acceptable. It isn’t too good, nor is it bad. It might be useful to notice that users do experience glitches on the platform at times.

LocalbitcoinsLocalbitcoins >>

Local Bitcoins is a popular internet platform which allows users to buy/sell Bitcoin in exchange for fiat currencies directly. It has quite a simple interface for beginner users and is quite similar to the way Paxful works.

The commission that it offers equals around 20% of the trading fee that each referral pays. Since the trading fee is set at 1% of the total amount that is traded, the commission would roughly equal 0.2% of the total amount.

The period for which the commission is earned is up to one year, starting from the time of the referral’s registration on the website.

Local Bitcoins allow daily withdrawals (daily payout frequency) with no minimum earnings for the payout.

Local Bitcoins has quite a good reputation in the Bitcoin market out there. Since it is available in almost all countries of the world, it experiences a huge number of interactions from users throughout the world. However, as you might have noticed, its affiliate program is not very profitable unless you have an increasing number of referrals who make big transactions on a regular basis.

BitlioBitlio >>

Bitlio is a digital cryptocurrency exchange which operates in more than 40 countries all over the globe. While it was designed with the sole purpose of providing an affordable place for buying/selling, it does not certainly land up to that mark.

As far as its referral program goes, it follows a distinct scheme. Users are paid commissions based on the number of referrals they have on the platform. Firstly, for each referral on Bitlio, if the user buys at least 0.5 BTC via Bitlio, you will receive up to $15 in commission. This, however, depends on the number of referrals that you have on the platform. For 1-10 referrals, you make a commission of $5 per referral. For having 11-25 referrals, you earn a commission of $10 per referral. For 26+ referrals, you earn $15 for every referral.

There is no minimum payout limit, and the frequency of payouts allow a daily withdrawal. However, the reputation of Bitlio in the market is not up to the mark. According to many users, it could very well be a well-organized scam taking in small chunks of user funds at a time to make big profits.

BinanceBinance >>

Having a low trading fee, Binance is one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges out there. Moreover, since it operates worldwide, it has a constantly increasing number of interactions by users per day. This makes it a sweet spot to earn some commission via its affiliate program.

The commission rate that Binance affiliate program offers is currently set at 50% of the trading fee that which your referral pays for a trade. So for instance, if your referral trades 10000 Litecoins on the platform, he/she would pay 5 Litecoins in trading fee (0.05%). As a result, you will earn 2.5 Litecoins (50% of the trading fee) in commission.

However, there are some terms that must be noted. According to these, the referral program could be ended anytime and the authority will have full control over it. Moreover, there is no limit on the number of referrals that you can invite.

As far as the payouts go, Binance allows daily withdrawal of the commission funds with no minimum limit for payouts.

CryptopiaCryptopia >>

Cryptopia is one of the major cryptocurrency trading platforms that offer a highly accessible way of exchanging cryptocurrencies, getting linked with mining pools, and support for Bitcoins and various altcoins.

According to the cryptopia referral system, users get awarded a commission set at 10% of the referral’s trading fee whenever the referral makes a trade. Moreover, there is no minimum daily limit for payouts and it allows daily withdrawals.

The referral program cryptopia however, is quite vague. This is because sufficient information regarding this program is not provided on its website. All in all, the reputation of cryptopia is just decent enough. For some spare earnings, it might be a good affiliate program to try out. However, it is not recommended for making any long-term profits.

BitpandaBitpanda >>

Bitpanda is a highly accessible bitcoin trading platform which allows its users to trade (buy/sell) bitcoins via a credit card or a PayPal account all over Europe. However, you must note that this trading platform is region specific.

The commission for every trade worth of a $100 that a referral makes is 2.50 €. This referral program features instant payouts with no minimum limit for the withdrawal. However, this referral commission can be earned only once per referral. So technically, you must have a large number of referrals willing to trade at least $100 on the platform in case you want to make some reasonable profit.

As far as the reputation goes, Bitpanda is one of the few popular bitcoin trading exchanges operating in Europe. Since it only operates over a specified region, it is quite reliable and the customer support is highly active/professional.

HitBTC logoHitbtc >>

HitBTC is one of the most advanced and popular cryptocurrency trading exchanges that is dedicated to Litecoin, ZCash, Ardor, DigitalNote, Monero, Ethereum, and Bitcoin.

According to the website, the HitBTC referral program allows users to earn as much as 75% of the trading fee that a referral pays. However, the details of this program are left vague and the factors that determine the exact amount of commission are not specified on the website.

It does have a limit of withdrawal, which is 0.01 BTC. In order to withdraw about 0.05 BTC at a time, a user can always request a manual approval. However, more than 0.1 BTC cannot be taken out at a time.

The HitBTC referral program certainly does not have a reputation as good as the exchange itself. Users claim to have experienced a number of glitches with vague descriptions as to how the commission is earned.

CoinmamaCoinmama >>

Coinmama is a bitcoin trading platform that aims to make bitcoins accessible to all, by allowing purchases via a credit card.

Coinmama allows users to make long-term commissions, by allowing 15% in commission on all the purchases that a referral makes. A user will earn $1.5 in BTC whenever a referral would spend $100 on the platform. While there is no time limit for the commissions to be earned, the payout follows a monthly system with no minimum earnings for the payout.

Nevertheless, since Coinmama allows users to earn a long-term commission without a fixed time limit, it is quite suitable for those who have a lot of active referrals and want to make some reasonable profit. Moreover, it has a good reputation in the bitcoin community out there. This makes it a sweet spot for profit seekers.

QuadrigaCX LogoQuadrigaCX >>

QuadrigaCX is a website that is based in Canada and it offers a platform for the exchange of various cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin.

As far as their referral program goes, it offers a 10% of the trading fees to users whenever any of their referral pays on the platform. However, in order to be eligible for the referral program, one must agree on a set of terms and conditions. These include a single user account and no self-referral.

As far as the payouts go, they come out in the form of BTC. Moreover, there is no limit for the withdrawal and it allows daily payouts.

The reputation of QuadrigaCX is quite good, however, one must note that US users are not allowed to function on this platform.

Trezor Hardware WalletTrezor >>

Trezor is a hardware wallet designed for cryptocurrencies and was launched in August 2014. Being the first ever bitcoin hardware wallet, Trezor has had the opportunity to develop itself into an unmatchable giant in all these years.

It allows up to 10% in commission for every sale that a referral makes. In general, a user will get paid $10 for every $100 that the referral spends. While this does sound like a good deal, there are limits with the payout frequency and the minimum earnings for the payout.

The payout is set on a monthly schedule, and the minimum earnings for a withdrawal are 0.1 BTC with no time limit for earning the commissions.

The reputation of Trezor is excellent in the bitcoin community. This is because it was the first bitcoin hardware wallet ever to be designed. Ever since then, it has been expanding.

ChangellyChangelly >>

Changelly is a highly reputed platform designed for users to exchanging cryptocurrencies among each other. It also allows trading of cryptocurrencies against fiat currencies. However, for trading against fiat currencies, exchanges like Coinbase are far more reliable.

Perhaps, Changelly offers one of the most generous affiliate programs out there. It offers a commission of as much as 50% of the trading fee for every transaction that is carried out by a referral.

Moreover, there is no fixed time limit for the commission rate to be earned. Simply put, you earn it every single time your referral makes a transaction.

As far as the payout limit and frequency goes, there is no information available on its website. Nevertheless, even if some payout limitations do exist, it still sounds like a fair deal that can be used to make some good spare profits.

VirWox LogoVirWox >>

VirWox is a platform that allows its users to make bitcoin purchases through SLL, which is the currency that is dedicated to the game: second life.

It offers a commission of as much as 20% per sale, for all the commissions that get paid to VirWox via the referral users. Moreover, these commissions do not have a fixed time limit and can be earned through a lifetime.

The payout frequency is set at a monthly schedule, while the minimum payout earnings vary based on the methods that you choose to withdraw your funds.

As far as the reputation of VirWox goes, it is not very well known about the global cryptocurrency community. However, considering the general affiliate program, it could be worth a try.

Ledger WalletLedger >>

Ledger is a cryptocurrency hardware wallet using which you can store your bitcoins under tight security, without the need of an internet. Ledger has various models available in the market.

The affiliate program of Ledger offers up to 15% of the total sale amount which does not include the shipping and VAT. This makes it quite a reasonable bitcoin affiliate program. In other words, a one-time commission of $15 is earned whenever a customer spends $100.

Moreover, the payouts are set on a monthly schedule with a minimum limit of 0.1 BTC for a payout.

As far as the reputation of Ledger goes, it is highly reputed. No wonder, because of the fact that it one of the big giants in the world of cryptocurrency wallets. Nevertheless, its affiliate program is not as profitable. Though it is tested and is good for accumulating some spare funds.

KeepKEy LogoKeepKey >>

KeepKey is the most advanced Bitcoin wallet that has hit the market as of yet. A lot of research and innovation has been put into this hardware wallet so as to make it bigger and much better in design as compared to Ledger and Trezor. This, however, also increases its price.

As far as its affiliate program goes, it offers a one-time 10% off sale cost as commission. So for instance, if a product is priced at $250, you will receive $25 for it. Moreover, upon referring other affiliates to the platform, users can also earn as much as 5% of their earnings. This makes up a generous affiliate program.

However, their payout terms and conditions are vague and not clear at all, with no indications given on the website.

The reputation of KeeKey is not very clear as of yet. This is because it is quite new, as compared to other established hardware wallet companies. Nevertheless, their generous bitcoin affiliate program makes it worth a try.

BitLoxBitLox >>

The Bitlox hardware wallet which is primarily designed for Bitcoins is also considered as Rolls Royce among the other bitcoin wallets. This is because it is highly elegant in terms of its usage and design, with plenty of high-end features.

As far as its affiliate program is concerned, no specific information is provided on its website. Even though the website does specify that an affiliate program exists, no indication regarding the commission rate or payout terms is given. This makes up a vague and a certainly unreliable referral/affiliate program.

The reputation of BitLox, is quite good, however. This is because it offers plenty of high-end features that are previously unseen in major Bitcoin wallets.


Crypto affiliate programs are a great way to make some nice profit. In order to make some serious profit via affiliate programs, a user will need to have an ever-increasing number of referrals making regular transactions. Nevertheless, for as long as you are wishing to spare some funds for yourself, bitcoin affiliate programs are good to go.

We hope to have provided you valuable information regarding bitcoins and cryptocurrency affiliate programs that are most popularly used and talked of. In order to learn more about cryptocurrencies and hottest cryptocurrency trends, feel free to check out the other sections of our website!

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