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Crypterium Coin Review & Guide 2018

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  4. How to buy Crypterium?
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The most common philosophy that the vast majority of the existing cryptocurrencies, ICOs, and various crypto related companies share is revolutionizing current institutions which are gradually getting more and more corrupt and want to take advantage from common people. When it comes to revolutionary ideas the Crypterium platform and the Crypterium cryptocurrency are not exceptions from that category.

Since the cryptocurrency economy is constantly growing day after day, it’s important to widen the capacity of payment infrastructure to reflect this growth. Crypterium is a far-sighted project that seeks to solve this future problem by developing the crypterium platform. The platform is based on the Ethereum blockchain and smart contracts for safety and transparency in its operations. Among other services, Crypterium offers instant crypto payments, cryptocurrency exchange services, in-built marketing and loyalty services and an API service that can be linked to other third-party programs.

Crypterium is focusing on the future of human life and is offering new payments of cryptocurrencies and low-interest rates. Cryperium started out as an ICO during which it has managed to raise $3,364,763, gained 68,125 purchasers and now has CRPT tokens that are worth $51,656,963 (according to the current exchange rates). As the Crypterium ICO is over and now the Crypterium coin exists as an independent cryptocurrency, in this article we will target Crypterium crypto and try to get a better understanding of it.

What is Crypterium?

Crypterium (CRPT) wants to bring a unique experience to their users with transactions that can be done instantly, without any fuss and bring its magic everywhere around the globe. Plus, the commission is even lower than 0.5% of each transaction you make, which is incredibly advantageous! Gleb Markov, the CEO, and Co-founder of Crypterium has worked as the Head of Development Department of Payment System at Svyaznoy Bank. Crypterium uses a technology of a blockchain based cred system, which gives them the opportunity to create a full banking structure/experience as well as interest interactions based on the blockchain.

The application of Crypterium can save people from wasting a lot of time. Regardless whether we’re talking about spending the time to count the money or spending time putting your bank code, with Crypterium you can simply swing your phone by BOS and you have paid for your goods. The technology is very safe and user-friendly and it fulfills the need of buying goods just with a swipe of your phone. Crypterium is based on the Ethereum blockchain.

Crypterium is based in Estonia and has a multinational team that mainly consists of entrepreneurs who have experience in tech-related industries. The goal of the co-founder and CCO Vladimir Gorbunov is solving issues with simple, rational and productive solutions. Also, the company has a large group of advisors with relevant experiences.

Crypterium Coin interesting features

  • Crypterium’s provides their users with a complete banking service that includes the best ideas from the entire community of the crypto banking enthusiasts.
  • Unlike actual banks, Crypterium provides an instant processing engine that will work on both IOS and Android devices
  • Crypterium is following closely behind the features of an actual bank, maybe becoming the first bank in the cryptocurrency era.

Crypterium wants to give its users privileges such as:

  • No need for waiting for the issue of the card.
  • An unlimited volume of transactions.
  • No need for exchanging currencies.
  • Instant payments.
  • Ability to integrate with outside payment wallets as well as service.
  • Cashbacks.
  • Programs for loyal users.
  • Payments without any contracts.

Crypterium Coin

As the company has mentioned previously, it is supposed to distribute Crypterium tokens to the Ethereum wallets of all participants of the ICO. The distribution is going to be according to the purchase agreement and the Ethereum based smart contract. Also, it promised to put up the public our chase agreement shortly after the ICO. The minimum amount of CRPT tokens that people could purchase during the token sale used to be 75 CRPT tokens, but the company is likely to stop setting any sorts of limits as overcoming boundaries is one of the initial missions of Crypterium coin.

CRPT appears to be a utility token. The purpose of creating Crypterium coin is to make it the core of the transactions that are made on Crypterium platform. On Crypertium banking there cannot be any payments without the CRPT tokens that are regulated through smart contracts. The reason behind this is stimulating the holders of CRPT coin to use Crypterium on daily basis and to be more attractive to potential users.

  • Crypterium coin will be listed in various exchange platforms in the near future, which will support Crypterium’s expansion.
  • Crypterium’s CRPT tokens are ERC20 compatible and are based on the Ethereum platform. This factor gives some advantages to the tokens, as they are eligible to store in various wallets that support Ethereum (this is discussed more in details down below).
  • The total supply of the CRPT tokens is 300 million. 70% of the tokens are distributed to the community, the 15% for marketing and loyalty programs, 9% for the team, 3% for the advisers, and 3% for the marketing campaign team.

Crypterium ICO

Crypterium ICO stated on October 31, 2017, and finished on January 6, 2018. The hard cap of the ICO was $49 million (14,500 BTC with the exchange rates of the time) and the soft cap – which was reached within 5 hours, was $3 million (500 BTC with the exchange rates of the time). At the time of the ICO 1 CRPT token was worth 0.0001 BTC and as mentioned above, the minimum limit of buying tokens during the ICO used to be 75 CRPT. The accepted currencies were BTC, ETH, and fiat money. The bonuses varied from 3% to 15%.

Crypterium price growth

As of January 22, 2018, Crypterium coin market cap was $0, meanwhile price of Crypterium coin was $2.0379, then on January 23, 2018, the price of the token rose up to $2.71603, which is so far the highest price that CRPT tokens have reached to. Later, on February 19, 2018, the price of the toke fell as low as $0.265389. As of March 7, 2018, the price of the token is around $0.4973 and the market cap currently is around $33,827,787. The highest market cap for Crypterium coin was $40,186,754 was on March 6, 2018.

The company characterizes itself as a futuristic one and sees itself as the answer to questions such as “What is the future going to be like?” We never know what is coming next but if the company is has a true opinion about itself then we may expect some drastic Crypterium price growth.

BREAKING NEWS: Crypterium and HitBTC – the New “Dream Team”

AHitBTCpril 10th, 2018The crypto bank known as Crypterium, announced that it has teamed up with the HitBTC cryptocurrency exchange platform. As a result, the Crypterium tokens recognized as CRPT will be available on HitBTC from now on. The company hopes that this integration will result in the reduction of price volatility, increase the safety of the customers, increase the transaction speed and make the interface easier to use.

The news has been confirmed by the financial director and the co-founder of Crypterium – Austin Kimm. Kimm has twitted about this: “We’re very pleased to have teamed up with the HitBTC exchange to make our tokens available to all.”

How to buy Crypterium?

In order to buy Crypterium coins, first, you need to get a good crypto wallet that supports CRPT token. Crypterium offers CrypteriumWallet that is a digital smart contract wallet. Also, as mentioned above, Crypterium is an ERC20 token, therefore it is good to use with ERC20 compatible wallets. Such wallets are, for example, MyEtherCoin and even safe options such as Ledger Nano S support Crypterium and surely the number of compatible wallets will go up during the time.

As a crypto user, it is very important to understand the difference between hot and cold storage wallets. For instance, MyEtherCoin is a hot wallet, because the coins are stored online. This is very convenient and handy, however, when it comes to safety it is not the best. Even reputable wallets can become victims of online malware and hacks. This is why it is not recommended to store large sums of cryptocurrencies on hot wallets. If you care about safety a lot, then cold storage wallets are a good option for you. Wallets like Ledger Nano S store the cryptocurrencies on a hardware and they are fully offline. This is how they are protected from cyber-attacks. However, Ledger Nano S, just like many other hardware wallets are not free and need to be charged as a device.

  • After getting your wallet and setting it up you should choose an exchange platform to buy the tokens from.
  • As the Crypteruim is a relatively a new coin it is not very common, however, there are a few exchange platforms that already sell CPRT tokens.
  • The cryptocurrency exchange platform known as CoinFalconThis platform gives its users a very wide variety of token that includes even new coins such as Crypterium.
  • Small exchange platforms such as Idex and ForkDelta are also known for supporting Crypterium. In Crypterium whitepaper it is mentioned that the tokens are going to appear on exchange platforms such as Kraken, PoloniexBitfinex too.

Here are the steps that you need to take for buying Crypterium:

  1. Open a Crypterium wallet (ERC20 compatible wallets).
  2. Buy a crypto coin that you can later convert into CRPT. In this example, we will use bitcoins (learn how to buy Bitcoins here).
  3. Deposit your bitcoins on an exchange platform that you prefer (and that supports CRPT tokens).
  4. Exchange bitcoins with CRPT.
  5. Store the purchased coins in your wallet. This is one of the most crucial steps that you need to be very careful about.

To Sum Up

Crypterium is an interesting company and the Crypterium coin plays a very crucial role in the overall idea behind it. We hope this article helped you to get a better understanding of this coin. Make sure to check out our website more often and keep up with the constantly changing crypto world. Thank you, until next time!

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