Covesting Trading

Covesting ICO aims to help investors from different parts of the world, in the process of getting knowledge along with benefits from cryptocurrency market. The company aims to accomplish its goals through peer-to-peer asset management. The idea behind P2P asset management is the process of sharing investment strategies with random people, without any participation of traditional financial institutions. The idea of Peer-to-Peer asset management is created by Covesting ICO.

The ICO Team

Dmitrij Pruglo

CEO, Founder

Pruglo has a degree in International Business from the Karel de Grote Hogeschool. He worked with number of companies such as SEB, Saxo Bank, and Wisdom Bay Holding

Tim Voronin

COO, Co-Founder

Voronin has graduated from Saint Petersburg State Univeristy of Finance and Economics, with a major in Applied Science. He worked with companies like AGRO Traders LLP, Orion Securities UAB FMI, and Saxo Bank

Dinis Guarda


Guarda has a masters degree in New Media from the London South Bank University. He worked with companies like, Saxo Bank, Greenlight Digital, 90:10 Group – Ninety10 Group, HumanIQ, INSEEC, he has been a guest lecturer at the Copenhagen Business School. He is the CEO and founder of companies like ZTUDIUM, and LifeSciTech

Kurt Carlsson


Carlsson has a very rich experience in finance, technology and business. He has been the Executive Director of Saxo Bank. Currently, he is the CEO and Founder of Ubrique by Carlsson

Sergey Sevantsyan

Chief Technology Officer

Sevantsyan has graduated from Yerevan State University, with a major in Informatics and Applied Mathematics. After graduating he has started a startup with his wife known as Internet Service Provider. Later he has worked with companies such as YOTA, Alcatel – Lucent, Hemmersbach GmbH and Nokia

Market Research

Potential/Use Cases


Capitalization Potential



Coin Supply/Purpose

Compatible Wallets & Exchanges

Rules, Laws, Tax & Regulations


Enabling people to use copy-trading service of Covesting ICO.


Rewarded with 18% success fees that will be coming from the profits generated by your subscribers.