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ConnectJob Coin Guide & Review 2018

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ConnectJob Coin Analysis

The fact that technology has dramatically improved the human life is not as surprising anymore as it used to be in the past. In the meantime, the innovative startups, ICOs, and various tech-oriented companies keep surprising people with their creativity and the ability to apply technology to all kinds of aspects of life to solve different problems. Finding jobs from newspaper announcements is left in the past a long time ago.

Later on, companies that help people find jobs have appeared and started to make money from something as simple as connecting job seekers with employers. After the invention of the blockchain, the elimination of third parties has become quite common and the job market is not an exception in this case. ConnectJob, which has started out as an ICO, is aiming to eliminate the need of the third party presence in the job industry and give the power to the two parties that eventually interact with one another.

Within the frames of this article, we will take a good look at what is ConnectJob about, ConnectJob coin aka CJT, how to buy ConnectJob cryptocurrency, ConnectJob price and so on.

What is ConnectJob?

ConnectJob is a multi-featured decentralized platform that connects employers with job seekers. Similar to Uber, the ConnectJob platform will allow its members exchange value without the need for a third party. ConnectJob’s developers create a broad range of services around this disruptive technology. Many people believe that, essentially, the platform will transform the global labor market becoming the go-to platform for employers, employees, and users built on top of the Ethereum blockchain network. ConnectJob also provides various daily needs to its users and this is done by people who are referred to as “Jobbers” within this platform. The users get services that are provided in their areas accordingly.

These services are invoiced with either the ConnectJob tokens aka CJT or fiat currencies such as USD, EUR and so on. The services are invoiced at an hourly rate, which makes the services unique as well as predetermined at the same time. This is the fundament of the ConnectJob’s aim, which is connected to people who need certain types of services with those people who are willing to provide those services. By offering the flexible workforce and by giving freedom through decentralization, ConnectJob is different from its competitors.

ConnectJob has its application built with smart contracts and escrow accounts to improve the security of the transactions. Connectjob employs the blockchain’s public registry for rewarding users with bonuses, gifts, and other benefits determined by the amount of user-accumulated CJT tokens.  ConnectJob moves forward with the “Power to the people” kind of philosophy and is aiming to reinvent and revolutionize the job market.

ConnectJob Team

The company is based in Gibraltar and has a professional team from all over the world. The CEO of the company – Yoni Assouline is a specialist in marketing. The co-founder Jonathan Gueron is the CTO of the company and is mainly taking care of the blockchain and tech departments. Gueron has previous experience in this sphere with companies such as iAdvize. Other members of the team include people who specialize in ICO operations, web development, banking and so on.

The ConnectJob coin (CJT)

The ConnectJob crypto that is known as CJT can be used in different ways depending on how a user wants to implement it. For instance, from the perspective of a user CJT can be used for buying, using and holding. The payments can be done through CJT but it is important to take into account the fact that ConnectJob withdraws fees for the payment.

If a user needs fewer jobs and has many tokens then he or she will get a surplus of CJT tokens. This way the user can use CJT for payments instead of fiat currency and will receive a 10 % discount on various services.

From the point of view of a jobber, CJT can be the currency in which they get their salary. The total amount of received CJTs corresponds to how much the user has spent minus the fees that have been retained from ConnectJob’s side.

The jobbers can benefit from CJTs if the price of the token appreciates, they can take advantage from discounts and a number of other features which are going to be offered by the ConnectJob platform in the near future.

The token can be obtained in two ways – either during the token sale or after the token sale when the users want to exchange fiat currency or different cryptocurrencies for the CJT token. Fiat currencies can be exchanged to CJTs through exchange platforms that list CJT (for example Polniex, Kraken, and others) or it can be exchanged through the official app of ConnectJob.

ConnectJob price growth

At the time of the ICO, 1 ETH was equal to 2,400 CJT. The total supply of the tokens is 300 million out of which 195 million, which is the 65 % of the total supply has been sold at the time of the ICO. The 20% of the total supply of the ConnectJob cryptocurrency is held in reserve by ConnectJob.

The 15% of the total supply is distributed to the stakeholders aka the team members, the advisors of the ICO, the community and so on. The ICO had a hard cap of $ 37 million. ConnectJob has also organized a pre-ICO during which the participants had a 20 % discount. The bonus system has been quite active throughout the ICO as well.

The price of ConnectJob crypto at the time of the ICO was 0.28 USD. As of June 2018, the average price for CJT tokens is 0.06 USD. Currently, those people who have made investments in CJT are not doing very well as the Return on Investment aka ROI is about – 78.57 %, which is not a number typical for profitable investments. Anyhow, ConnectJob is new and has some time to recover. All we have to do is to wait and see how CJT token matures in terms of price growth and how well it manages to build its own market capitalization.

ConnectJob ICO

The ConnectJob pre-ICO has started on the 1st of December, 2018 and has finished on the 11th of February, 2018. Very soon after the end of the pre-ICO, on the 12th of February, 2018, has started the ConnectJob ICO. The ICO has ended on the 30th of April, 2018. All in all, ConnectJob has managed to raise a total of $ 10,437,623, meanwhile, it had a hard cap of $ 12,000,000 and a soft cap of $ 7,000,000. At the time of the ICO, the widely accepted currency has been Ethereum (ETH).

How to buy ConnectJob CJT?

In order to buy ConnectJob tokens, you have to be aware of the several steps you have to take, which are crucial for the safe and sound purchase of these tokens. First and the most important step in the process is getting a safe cryptocurrency wallet that supports CJT. As CJT is an ERC20 type of token, it is not very hard to find a compatible ConnectJob wallet as there is a wide range of cryptocurrency wallets, which support ERC20 types of tokens.

ConnectJob Wallets

Here are some of the most common ERC20 compatible wallets, which also support CJT.

MyEtherWalletMyEtherWallet >>

MyEtherWallet also referred to as MEW is a very well-known wallet that supports a very wide variety of ERC20 tokens. As a client-side tool, MEW gives its users a full control over their coins and private keys. Please note, that despite all the conveniences that come with MyEtherWallet, when it comes to the security, MEW is not the best. The tokens are stored online, which increases the risks of possible thefts, malware, and hacks. Recently, there has been an accident when the hackers have managed to steal the funds of some users of MEW. Therefore, if you need to store large sums of tokens on your wallet you better look for options other than MyEtherWallet.


Ledger Nano S >>

Ledger Nano S is very well-known hardware cryptocurrency wallet that supports a wide range of ERC20 tokens. This wallet is often known as one of the safest options for various tokens such as CJT. Please note, that Ledger a cold storage (offline) hardware wallet, which means that you need to buy the device beforehand. Ledger comes in form of a USB and is very easy to use. The nice design of the wallet and the conveniences that come with it make the wallet not only one of the safest options but also one of the easiest to use options.

Once you choose a safe and a good wallet it is the right time for you to start thinking about the actual purchase of CJT.

ConnectJob Exchanges

CJT is one of the rare tokens that can be bought both with fiat currencies and with cryptocurrencies. Some of the exchange platform that list CJT are Bancor, YoBit, and Stocks.Exchange.

Bancor Network >>Bancor

Bancor is an exchange platform designed for cryptocurrency trade, which is completely free from the involvement of any sort of third parties. The company has started out as a successful ICO back in 2017. As a former ICO, it has its own token that is known as BNT. Bancor tries to support the trade of various ERC20 tokens such as ConnectJob cryptocurrency. On Bancor you can buy CJT only with BNT.

YoBit >>Yobit

YoBit has entered the cryptocurrency exchange market back in 2015 and was initiated by a group of Russian developers. Initially, the exchange platform targeted the Russian customers, however, nowadays it has expanded and now serves users from other countries such as the US, the UK, China, and Germany. YoBit lists around 500 altcoins, one of which appears to be the ConnectJob token. On YoBit you can buy CJT with BTC, ETH, DOGE, WAVES, as well as fiat currencies such as RUB, and USD.

Stocks.Exchange >>Stocks Exchange

Stocks.Exchange gives an opportunity to different companies to trade their assets for a wide range of cryptocurrencies. On Stocks.Exchanges you can buy CJT with BTC or ETH.

Once you successfully purchase your CJT coins it is very important to store them safely on the wallet that you have initially created. Some cryptocurrency exchange platforms offer online wallets. However, please note that no matter how reputable the exchange platform is it is not very safe to store the crypto funds on the integrated crypto wallet. For this reason, you simply need to put in the public address of your cryptocurrency wallet and your funds will be sent to the given wallet.

To Conclude

All in all, ConnectJob is an interesting initiative that is trying to make itself recognized around the world at this point. Even though CJT token has a very volatile price (like the vast majority of other cryptocurrencies) its creative and innovative nature may push t forward. We hope you found this ConnectJob review guide helpful.

Please make sure to check out our website for more interesting and comprehensive content. Thank you for your read and we hope to see you soon.

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